Thursday, June 30, 2005

Top 10 Hollywood Movie Ideas Inspired by Malaysian Affairs

Will blog about this topic later when i'm free...gotta work now...keep your fingers crossed...
As promised here it is:
10. Why Can't We Hold Hands?
A heart-warming story about a heterosexual couple caught holding hands in public and was issued a fine. They had to survive the ordeal and their love finally withstand it. To spice up things or to exaggerate it, the couple was locked up for 'indecent behaviour' like kissing on the cheek. The ending?...They live happily ever after lar...

9. My Big Fat Space Programme
It will be about a space mission where 2 astronauts were sent to outer space to try to cook some local cuisines and some rabbit reproductive scientific mission. Rabbits got laid every now and then after consuming a local root and multiplied by ten fold. The chaotic condition was worsened by kas-kas or poppy seeds, used to cook a curry dish, were flying all over the spaceship. The astronauts finally bloated up when they overeat the sacrificed rabbit meat. They finally returned to earth to receive a prestigious award of 'The Greatest Weight Gain in Space.'

8. The Mile High Club; extended and extreme version
Improvisation from a leaked Paris Hilton-typed artsy film, named 'The Indecent Behaviour of A Steward', now it will involve more roles, such as the stewardess, the pilot and passengers; in various locations of the airplane besides the toilet.

7. The Terminal Job
Not to be confused with the lovey-dovey The Terminal and action-packed The Italian Job, the film will feature an international crime syndicate which operates specifically in an international airport, which includes a multi-national and multi-racial casts. Crime includes insiders job of laptop thefts and barcode-confusing techniques.


6. Gomez Must Leave
Again, not to be confused with Romeo Must Die, the storyline will be about an executive who was offered a high position in an international organisation, but was forced to resign his position in his home country because he 'knew too much' .

5. CSMU Ukane-The Movie
This will be a spin-off of the normal CSI series, where a prestigious institution in Eastern Europe was drastically dropped of the list of a league, and too spice it up, an aspiring doctor murders his parents in that institution. A CSI-like team was sent there to investigate whether there is a conspiracy link between the sudden derecognisation and the brutal murder.

4. I Want It
A combinational story about a serial rapist who targets multi-national and multi-racial victims of women and young children. His normal modus operandi: spying them at posh hotels and taking them for a ride in various shopping centres. The movie will feature a evil-cult ceremonial burning of a victim in a manhole. He was later caught after 50 rapes and 4 murders and one of the testimonial of his will include 'sending his victims to heaven' as a reason for murdering them.

3. The Millionaire Cop
The title is self-explanatory by itself. Based on a true story, the storyline will include how the cop 'worked hard under the table' in order to be a millionaire. In real life, he even has a few books published advocating normal people on how to become instant millionaires.

2. The Soosai Code a.k.a Dead Man Alive
A slick criminal cum symbologist who commits crime and leaving symbols for the authorities to decipher. Storyline will also include how he faked his own death with the assistance of high-ranking officals and even medical doctors.

and finally,

1. Semuanya OK! (Everthing's Fine)
The title of the story will be based on the most famous quote of the year. The name of the film will be in a foreign language in order to maintain the authenticity of the storyline. The story will be about a self-obsessed, narcissictic warlord, who proudly self-declare his ruling land as the 'most developed state on Earth.' Beginning with a lavish celebration to celebrate the declaration, the movie will be mainly set in a 'paradise village' while being surrounded by an urban slum and a desert, which was formerly a lush green jungle. Swimming pools will also be thrown in the props.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Science update No.2-Narcissistic personality disorder

Here are the diagnostic criteria for those having the disorder:

A narcissistic personality disorder as defined by the DSM (see DSM cautionary statement) is characterized by an all-pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration or adulation and lack of empathy, usually beginning by early adulthood and present in various contexts. Five (or more) of the following criteria are considered necessary for the clinical diagnosis to be met:

1. Feels grandiose and self-important (e.g., exaggerates accomplishments, talents, skills, contacts, and personality traits to the point of lying, demands to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements);
2. Is obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence, unequalled brilliance (the cerebral narcissist), bodily beauty or sexual performance (the somatic narcissist), or ideal, everlasting, all-conquering love or passion;
3. Firmly convinced that they are unique and, being special, can only be understood by, should only be treated by, or associate with, other special or unique, or high-status people (or institutions);
4. Requires excessive admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation — or, failing that, wishes to be feared and to be notorious (narcissistic supply);
5. Feels entitled. Demands automatic and full compliance with their unreasonable expectations for special and favorable priority treatment.
6. Is "interpersonally exploitative", i.e., uses others to achieve their own ends;
7. Devoid of empathy. Is unable or unwilling to identify with, acknowledge, or accept the feelings, needs, preferences, priorities, and choices of others;
8. Constantly envious of others and seeks to hurt or destroy the objects of their frustration. Suffers from persecutory (paranoid) delusions stemming from a belief that others are envious of them and are likely to act similarly;
9. Behaves arrogantly and haughtily. Feels superior, omnipotent, omniscient, invincible, immune, "above the law", and omnipresent (magical thinking). Rages when frustrated, contradicted, or confronted by people they consider inferior to themselves and unworthy.

Examples? Check out this topic in Screenshots-
Should we allow Khir Toyo to cheat on facts?
, and a teeenager who aspired to be a doctor who killed his parents.

I Can Spy on Where You Live

Thanks to Google Earth, you can download the software for free to search virtually all locations on earth. Here was some location search I did for my hometown:

and the place I'm currently living in which those who do not know me have to guess:

Noticed the difference in the green areas between my hometown and here? I shed a silent tear for my hometown for the so-called 'sacrifice of the Mother Nature to develop Malaysia into a first world country'.

I decide to boycott 'War of the Worlds'

What's up with this Tom Cruise huh? Is he overly-scared that his latest flick, 'War of the Worlds' is going to be another summer blockbuster movie flop? Then, why is he trying to 'hard-sell' his movie so intensely indirectly lately? These are the publicity conspiracy evidence which I have worked out:
1. First, he confessed his love to Katie Holmes, whom he tried to devirginise at that time.
2. Then, he jumped on a couch on Oprah's show, professing his deep love again.
3. Next, he proposed to Katie under the Eiffel Tower-wow-so romantic hah!
4. Then, people squirt water at him at Leicester Square and he acted so cooly and calmly saying that 'He worked hard for people and he doesn't deserve that.'
5. The latest came out this picture of him kissing Steven Spielberg to please and regain support of his gay fans.

What is so great about that movie, btw? First,it will be dominised by Tom's face most of the time, then they throw in a small little cute kid, Dakota Fanning as her sweet. Then aliens attack. Father protects daughter. World goes chaos. People die. La-di-da. The end.

The publicity stint was so beautifully planned-'one stone kills two birds.' Now everyone wants to see BOTH Batman Begins and War of the Worlds. I may have broken my vow not to patronise any heavily-publicised summer blockbuster movies (e.g. Star Wars) by going to Batman Begins tonight, but I will definitely give War of the Worlds a miss. Bye-bye Tom, try harder next time!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Going for the movies tonight

Continuing my tradition of going for the movies almost every week (it was quite a hiatus a bit since Mr and Mrs Smith), I'll be going for Batman Begins tonight which was supposedly to be watched last week already (I don't like 'stale' movies; preferred it to be 'served fresh from the oven') but what the hell...labmates asking me..go hafto give face a bit lar. Kung Fu Hustle was also just showing here and there were great reviews of this film in the papers but my colleagues are unfazed by it. One even also critised 'Si Mian Mai Fu' for being boring. Sigh-just becuase it is not their language, they should not pre-emptively condemn a movie!

An new form of admiration of the sun

Well, since it's officially summer now, I would like to blog about the people's admiration and fascination of the sun. Well, who bothers about the sun if you live in a country like Malaysia getting 24/7 sun and if the sun there is really the scorching hot type?

The sun is actually quite amazing thing..can't really think of any other term to decribe it a planet?-no, is it a mass?-yes..a burning flaming angry mass. All our energy resources actually originate from the sun. People in ancient times worship the sun as Amon-Re.

Well, during the summer, you will get more sunshine than any other seasons of the year.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Malaysia-A Nation of Doctors?

I'm surprised! No or fewer complaints of perfect As students failing to secure a place for medicine in local public universities? Do we have to thank the pseudo-meritocracy system which is practised now? Check out these figures:

It makes me think back perhaps I was too overly-ambitious or the Chinese say 'You don't have that big head, don't wear that big hat' for applying for medicine with just merely few As back 5 years ago; and still persistantly (well, not persistant as I told myself to move on with life) during the first year of my undergraduate studies, which I almost did this.

I believe the coverage on medical education in Malaysia has not been given that much of emphasis compared to any parts of the world. Our society still could not give up the portrayal of a doctor as 'profession with a halo on the head and could earn big bucks.' That's probably my own perception as I had that too when I applied for medicine as explained earlier. Many bright students think that their much effort and brains would go to waste if they do not join the medical profession, moreover to improve their quality of life. The quality of life could be health of their personal acquantaince or financial gains. Oh...come on...who would not be influenced by the good looks, fame and fortune of those medical series like 'Scrubs', 'ER', 'Chicago Hope', 'Healing Hands'...etc...I too was influenced by that.

With so much emphasis on the medical education and believing that all the doctors which serve us are heavily loaded with brains, we could well be the healthiest nation in the world in this 'nation of doctors'. Instead, we are still one of the most obesed nations in the world, and we ranked number one in the world when it comes to diabetes as the cause of kidney failure by the US Renal Data Registry.

I empathise with those students with a Biology background scoring perfect or less than perfect results who opted to choose doctor as a profession. Or perhaps their choice was not to be a doctor but to have some profession which can continue the expansion of their intellectual capabilities, continung their legacy. Or some at the same time wants to sincerely help to improve the quality of life (health) of mankind. But in my personal opinion, being a doctor is not just the only option out there (but frankly, it is a hard fact that it seemed to be for those scoring perfect results and interested in the bioscience field).

I hope that our public universities could have open days transparently (seemed impossible) to see what other courses options are there if those who are interested in the bioscience field. Many so-called 'career talks' organised by private universities in education expos mainly focused on the medicine and biotechnology.

Continuing my nomadic life...

I'll be on the move today to shift things to my new house, well not actually owned by me but rented one lar...siao meh (are you mad?) to own a house here. Not too little and not too much of stuff to move but wouldn't it be nice to have someone over here to help to move my things, or to own a car here to just chuck everything at once?...But anyway, the new place is just across the street at the back of where I'm currently staying now. Will keep updated of the movee and perhaps post some pictures here.

Malaysia's dope food?

Wonder why our Mamak's Nasi Kandar is so tasty? For those who do not know what Nasi Kandar is (yes-there's people out there who do not know, e.g. the model housemate I was staying in Damansara) check it out here. According to smart ass Mohamad Said Yusof, hordes of young Malaysians lining up to eat Nasi Kandar in the wee hours of the morning to get their daily dope dosage. It was reported in the BBC news

A Malaysian MP has accused the country's Indian Muslim restaurateurs of lacing their food with habit-forming herbs.

Mohamad Said Yusof told parliament patrons of what are known as Mamak restaurants had been fooled into thinking the food was simply tasty.

But in reality they had become addicts, he said.

Earlier this year Malaysia announced plans to send its most popular Indian Muslim dishes into orbit.

Most saw it as a patriotic if eccentric gesture. Now, though, some suspect that it may truly be space food.

Opium injection

Mr Mohamad, an MP in Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi's party, says the food is laced with opium poppy seeds - known as kas kas in Malay, and used legally by chefs around the world.

He told parliament that it had become the norm for young Malaysians to hang out in Mamak restaurants into the small hours of the morning.

He believes they and many others have become addicted to the food and he called for kas kas to be banned.

However, Mr Mohamad stopped short of demanding that offending restaurant owners be locked up under Malaysia's Internal Security Act.

That is normally the first cry of any government supporter who spots even the smallest potential threat to national security.

The controversial law allows suspects to be locked away indefinitely without charge or trial. And in Malaysia, most would agree that few things threaten the country's well-being as much as tampering with its favourite food.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday the 24th-The Happiest Day of the Year?

From this news:
Cheer up for year's happiest day

Good weather and holiday prospects put us on a high on 24 June
Ignore the rain, hail and thunder - Friday, 24 June is the happiest day of the year, according to one professor.
Dr Cliff Arnall, of the University of Cardiff, said the combination of good weather and the prospect of time off means Britain will be on a high.

The seasonal disorders specialist has devised a formula which measures good mood using increased outdoor activity, high energy levels and more sunlight.

He used a similar method to work out 24 January was the most depressing day.

The equation Dr Arnall devised to find the happiest day, in work commissioned by ice cream maker Walls, was O + (N x S) + Cpm/T + He.

Within that, O stands for being outdoors and outdoor activity, N for nature, S for social interaction, Cpm for childhood summers and positive memories, T for temperature and He for holidays and looking forward to time off.

Dr Arnall said: "Happiness is associated with many things in life and can be triggered by a variety of events.

No joy for Henman but it's all smiles for Andrew Murray

"Whether it's a sunny day, a childhood memory, or something as effortless as eating a delicious ice cream, I wanted my formula to prove the key to happiness can really be that simple."

Other factors which helped 24 June towards becoming the happiest day were the Wimbledon championships adding a sense of national pride, and the fact that it has fallen on the Friday this year.

But with storms hitting most parts of Britain and both Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski out of the All England Championships, will Dr Arnall's equation still compute?

"The issue about the weather specific to this formula is the temperature, which is still reasonably high," he said.

"This will pass - you do get summer storms and skin is waterproof.

"Andrew Murray has come completely out of nowhere at Wimbledon and the way that he plays compared to Tim Henman, that coolness - he seems very professional and collected.

"I think the endless hopes, the optimism, that we have still remain."

I don't think so...It was quite sunny yesterday, but today, like a woman's mood, it was raining and there were reported storms all over Europe
And summer is meant to be a season for joy, partying, travelling, sex, boozing and more; but who knows you may end up like this when attending an annual music festival in UK, called the Glastonbury Festival, a.k.a. The Mud-Bath Festival

and this

Blooger's Block

Haven't thought up much to write about in my blog moreover the internet connection in my house has been terminated as I'm moving to a new place (yes-again for the fourth time now!) next week.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Congratulations-you have the brains of William's

Prince William graduates from University of St Andrews

If you don't have the looks of a prince, then you may have the brains of him. Prince William (or William Wales)graduated with Second Class Upper in Geography at St. Andrews University in Scotland. What a funny name. Do royal families really have last names/surnames? Imagine calling myself Howsy Malaysia or Howsy Ipoh. How great would that be.

Updated: His real name is William Arthur Philip Louis according to here

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Latest Updates on Science

To inculcate your interest in science, I will, from time to time have an update on what's hot and what's not in the science field, particularly in the bioscience area. so, for the first update here are three news belonging to the same category:sex. Yep! Sounds interesting? Read further....

Sex News 1: Faking it: how a brain scan can demonstrate whether a woman's orgasm is the real thing


Dutch researchers persuaded 13 couples to have sex while either the man or the woman had their head encased in a PET brain scanner at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. The women were also asked to fake an orgasm so images could be compared with the real thing.

I guess next time if we guys need to know whether our partner's or FB's yelling "Awww......yea....awww.....yea...ooohh....yes oh yes....." is pure or fakery, we need to buy a portable brain scan. Hmmm...I smell some great business idea for me already...

Just how do I make this portable-sized? Suggestions, anyone?

Sex News 2: Artsy adult films make better swimmers

...Looking at pornographic images of men and women together can increase the quality of a man's sperm, a new study suggests.

Pornography involving a woman alone or multiple women doesn't have the same effect.

Evolutionary biologist Professor Leigh Simmons of the University of Western Australia says the effect is based on an evolutionary process observed in animals known as sperm competition.

This occurs when semen quality increases according to the perceived risk of another male fertilising a female.

"Males ejaculate more sperm, or sperm of better quality, when the risk of sperm competition [the probability that a female will mate with more than one male] is high," Simmons writes in the journal Biology Letters today.

Simmons says his research now shows that just looking at an image of another man in action is enough to register as a case of sperm competition, causing a compensatory adjustment in the viewer's semen.

"Our data show that image content can have an impact on men's semen quality," he says.

"We show that ... human males viewing images depicting sperm competition had a higher percentage of motile [efficiently moving] sperm in their ejaculates."

Taddies swims faster when master watches '2 guys and a girl' porn

Now the pasar malam VCD peddlers could throw this news to the enforcement officers when caught distributing 'arty films' by saying " We are supporting the government's 70 million population campaign. Is that so wrong?"
So guys, no more kinky one-on one les action now, revert to your normal 'Too many cooks make a nice broth' type.

To be fair to the ladies, here is a piece of news dedicated to them:

Sex News 3: Genes help women over 45 conceive

Scientists have identified a genetic profile that appears to enable women over 45 to conceive naturally.

A team from Israel's Hadassah University Hospital believe the discovery could help improve fertility treatment for older women.

They told a major European fertility conference how eight Ashkenazi Jewish women who had babies naturally later in life all shared the special genes.

The researchers believe the genes might help slow ageing of the ovaries.

Fair enough! Now ladies have a reason to be a career women and get married later by just get yourself a gene therapy like a botox injection. Sniff! Sniff! I smell another money-making opportunity there for me...

"Can I have the 'fertility injection'..plurseeeeee....."

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Scary...very scary indeed...

Continue my regular 'research into Malaysian local news' in order to obtain that PhD qualification, I picked up some scary news regarding the security of our public institutions and places in the hands of people in authority.

Hospitals Ordered To Tighten Security After Baby's Disappearance
SUNGAI PETANI, June 21 (Bernama) -- All hospitals in Kedah have been told to step up security, especially in maternity wards, following the disappearance of a newborn boy at the Sungai Petani Hospital on Sunday.

State Health, Community Development and Unity Committee chairman Datuk V. Saravanan said the measure was taken to avoid a similar incident.

"We can improve the situation by tightening security like allowing only the parents of a newborn into the ward while others have to obtain written permission from the hospital authorities," he told a media conference after visiting the missing baby's family at Taman Sri Tanjung, Sungai Layar, here Tuesday.

The 3.6kg baby, born at 8.32am on Sunday, was found missing at 2.20pm the same day after he was bathed by a nurse.

Scary huh? I advice all future mothers or curent ones to get your hands on one of these things right now for the safety of your precious...

To brighten up things a bit, here's a joke which I came across from

After Susan gave birth to a baby, her doctor stood solemnly at her bedside.
"I have something I must tell you about your baby."

Alarmed, Susan demanded: "What's wrong?"

"Your baby is a hermaphrodite."

"What's that?"

"It means your baby has both male and female parts."

"Oh my Gosh that's wonderful!" Susan exclaimed. "You mean it has a penis and a brain?"

Pilferage at KLIA: Thefts carried out with disruptions ruse
Breakdowns of the baggage handling system at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) are believed to be linked to the pilferage by security personnel.
The Malay Mail learnt that the three Malaysia Airports Berhad personnel who were detained in connection with pilfering at the baggage handling area, had disrupted the system as a diversion while they escaped with the loot.

The three suspects, who are also auxilliary policemen, are said to have used bar-coded stickers to ‘confuse’ the system which resulted in a pile-up of baggage along the conveyor belt.

And while baggage handlers would rush to sort out the pile-up, the culprits would walk away with their loot, unnoticed.

This was revealed to police over the weekend when one of the suspects led investigators to the baggage handling area to demonstrate how the pilfering was carried out.

A source told The Malay Mail that the suspect, under heavy guard, spent several hours at the baggage handling area on the ground floor of the main terminal, explaining the gang’s modus operandi.

It is learnt that one of the suspects, ‘armed’ with several bar-code stickers, would target a bag and after the bag passed through the third scanner, the suspect would attach a second bar-code sticker on the item. The initial bar-code sticker would have been put on the bag upon check-in.

The false bar-code would ‘confuse’ the system’s scanner, resulting in a pile-up along the conveyer belt. This is when the gang would strike.

They would take the bag they had targeted out of the area or would simply force it open and take out the valuables before anyone notices.

The source said the suspects would have to work quickly as the place would be swarmed by baggage handlers and security personnel trying to fix the jam.

He said although the baggage handling area is equipped with more than 100 close-circuit TV cameras (CCTV), the suspects knew the ‘blind-spots’.

“There had been disruptions at the baggage handling area when the three suspects were on duty,” the source said.

“No one suspected anything on those occasions. Now, it is very clear.”

Sepang police chief Superintendent Zahedi Ayod said police would apply for an extension of the remand order on the three suspects.

To date, there have been no new arrests or seizures.

Last week, three MAB security personnel were detained after police found several stolen items at their homes.

Police began investigations after a Hong Kong tourist lodged a report claiming that his laptop was missing from his bag when he arrived at his country.

He also found a set of keys attached to a road-tax disc in his bag which he handed over to Malaysia Airlines.

Looks like I need to be extra careful with my luggage when I come back in September and I will have to get my teddy bears one of these to protect them from some airport security perverts from harming my precious...

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Ushering the Summer Solstice

21st June is the official first day of summer and it is also termed as the 'Year's Longest Day', i.e. you get like just 5 hours of darkness and the rest of it is daylight! Here are just some of the ideas of ushering the new year...oopss...the summer solstice frenzy:
1. Wearing shorts or bermudas
It is a must to wear this. Just some sign of sunlight, people here will turn frenzy and start dumping their long pants and long skirts (or even anything underneath below) and let some fresh air pass through their crotch area. It is just a sign of 'coming of the season'; nothing wrong with it. Will look like a flasher with a lab coat on though.

2. Wearing sleveless shirts/singlets
Yep! Even to work, in the lab, nobody bothers.

3. Wearing a pair of sandals
Not so good idea though as wearing a pair of sandals in the lab is a no-no as for the fear that 'you will spill something corrosive like concentrated acids and alkaline which will cause your foot to be on flames' kinda thing.

I'm wondering why are they showing the hand instead of the feet.

So, overall, I will figure myself to be doing something like this to usher in the auspicious day...

Although I would prefer to wear something like this as it is more related to work...

I am also picturing myself laying on the grass enjoying the bright sunshine (that's what people do here when they see the sun) and hoping for some miraculuos RESULTS...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

MMC Withdraws Recognition Of Ukrainan Medical Undergraduate Programmes (2) aka Crimean Wars as the papers name it

CRIMEAN WAR 2005: 'Don't give lame excuses'

Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu went ballistic today and accused the Malaysian Medical Council of trying to stop Indians from becoming doctors.

For once, I have to agree with you Semi Value, for actually confirming my speculation that the MMC's decision could be another lame excuse of NEP's to 'increase the number of bumi professionals' in the sense of depriving the growth of professionals from other races. First, they limit the number of intakes of non-bumi students in public unis. Then thinking of those not getting a place could go to somewhere relatively cheaper, they derecognise those foreign unis. This is another example of our 'Brain Drain' programme. A personal advice to all CSMU students. Go practice somewhere else and earn better bucks upon graduation. The government does not appreciate you. Majulah perubatan untuk negara.

Of filling forms and red tape

I was reading the online press this morning and found two commons things: filling in forms and red-tape beureaucacy in our Malaysian government (not that it is a new thing):

Trainee ‘didn’t seek leave’ (from The Star)
An excerpt from it:
....Nooraini and her parents insisted that they had requested for leave from camp officials but were told that the camp needed the go-ahead from the department first.
“I had the rashes about a month after I reported for duty in March.
“When the rashes became worse, I was told that the camp had to get permission from the department and they also asked for a medical certificate.
“I was informed that I can go home on May 20, which is about a week earlier than the rest of my fellow trainees.
“The camp officials also said they would inform the department about my request. But nothing came out of it until I completed my three-month training on May 28,” she said in an interview at her home here yesterday.
Nooraini said her uncle had also called the department but later told her that it was difficult to get anyone to confirm her request.


Strict Conditions For Addicts To Get Free Syringes, Condoms (from Bernama)
...First, they must come voluntarily and fill up a form in which they must state their agreement to follow the Health Ministry's programme.Then, they must go for a medical examination to see whether they suffer from diseases, such as Hepatitis C, or are HIV carriers.
....To carry out the programme, we will identify 10 centres and will work on a snowball effect, which means they must have a network -- they will bring their friends and the friends will bring theirs....

In the first story, her trainer might be probably blind not to see her rashes. If they are not blind, they must have lose their sense of touch. I mean, do they really have to grant her leave from the camp until all her skin falled off? You see some girl having rashes, you send her to seek medical attention, you help her to apply for the leave and send her home ASAP!!! Not to ask her filling in forms again (her rashes may even caused her not to be able to lift up a pen then), writing stupid letter, melalui who and who lar, signatures beside lar, must know the correct name of the head of this department and that department lar, and then for the fear of the loss of the letter in the post due to some dishonest Pos Malaysia postmen.

In the second story, do you seriously think that those drug addicts would actually turn up voluntarily to ask for free needles and condoms? Ok, if they have the courage, then how do they be sure that the authorities would not nap them on spot as these needles and condoms may be just baits. Ok, if they issue a promise not to nap them (it would be stupid for them not to do so as like burglar turning up at your house and you giving them freebies instead?), would they actually know how to fill in the forms and would they really want to be tested for HIV, Hep B and other diseases and then wait for at least a week to come back and get their results? Most of them are illiterate and some may not be able to write. Ooopss....not true also as it was reported that a high proportion of the addicts are umemployed undergraduates from the FELDA settlement. What about if they are diagnosed with those diseases? Ask them to use more condoms during sex? Will they provide free counselling and therapy for them? Start them on anti-retroviral therapy? What about the cost then? Who is going to pay for that?

You want to give freebies, you give sincerely, without any red tape and hassle. You stop the root of the problem. Would you want to fill in a form to taste a cup of 'Instantmix' coffee? All this hassle for a free needle and condom. All I smell is Terumo and Durex smiling all their way to the banks and our taxpayer's money gone to waste.

Friday, June 17, 2005

MMC Withdraws Recognition Of Ukrainan Medical Undergraduate Programmes

Quoted from BERNAMA

PUTRAJAYA, June 16 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) has withdrawn recognition of the medical undergraduate programme offered by Ukraine's Crimea State Medical University (CSMU) to any students registered and admitted into academic year one after Dec 31, 2005.

MMC president Datuk Dr Mohd Ismail Merican said MMC also decided at its June 14 meeting not to recognise similar programmes offered by 10 other universities in Ukraine.

The MMC was concerned about the quality of medical training or education in Ukraine in producing safe and competent doctors to meet Malaysia's needs, he told a media conference Thursday.

The decision would not affect the current 1,119 medical undergraduates enrolled in various academic years in CSMU as the de-recognition would only apply to those admitted and registered after Dec 31, 2005, said Dr Mohd Ismail who is Director-General of Health.

Those pursuing the pre-medical foundation course would be eligible only if they were admitted and registered into the first academic year before Dec 31 this year.

"In other words, any CSMU undergraduates admitted and registered for academic year one and onwards before Dec 31, 2005 are eligible to register with the MMC upon their graduation.

"Those who register after Dec 31 must sit and pass the Medical Qualifying Examination stipulated under the Medical Act 1971 to be eligible for registration (with the MMC)," he said.

The CSMU was the first institution to be granted recognition by the MMC effective Aug 7, 2001. As of last month, 1,366 students are studying in CSMU -- 1,119 in various academic years and 247 others taking the pre-medical course.

Dr Mohd Ismail said that following numerous complaints, the authorities visited CSMU in October 2003 to verify them as well as the other 10 Ukrainian universities for the purpose of granting recognition.

They found some of the Malaysian students admitted into the medical undergraduate course were school drop-outs with very poor secondary school results.

The students were allowed to pursue the programme after passing the pre-medical foundation courses conducted by the Ukrainian universities.

"Their secondary school qualifications were never taken into consideration. Even arts stream secondary school drop-outs were allowed to pursue such courses," Dr Mohd Ismail said.

He said a study conducted on CSMU graduates working in the Health Ministry, and the feedback gleaned from their supervisors, revealed that the graduates' usage of English medical jargons was limited as they were more fluent and familiar with technical jargons in Ukrainian or Russian.

"Their jargons, being alien to our medical fraternity, may jeopardise the safety of our patients and well-being," he said.

The ability of the Ukrainian universities to provide teaching in English was doubtful as the number of English-speaking lecturers and facilities were insufficient to meet the demand from the sudden increase in the number of Malaysian students.

Dr Mohd Ismail said during the authorities' first visit in 2001, there were only 53 Malaysian students in CSMU, and the number jumped to 900 in 2003.

"The drastic increase in the number of student intake may inevitably compromise the quality of medical education," he said, attributing the spike to purely business considerations.

Not that the announcement bothers me much. It is more affecting the future of my friend who co-incidentally intends to go there this year, around September. And also a friend currently in Russia whose future may be uncertain as the institution may fall in the 'high risk' list to be dropped of by MMC. Only affecting those after 31st December 2005? So what? What about the current students there now? Do you think those Ah Gongs Ah Mas will give a damn whether the doctors from Ukraine enrol themselves before or after the dateline? OK, let's say the doctors who enrol before the dateline came back to practice their medicine in our beloved land, the Ah Gongs Ah Mas will be too fast to make conclusions that they are 'rejects' or 'kopi-o doctors'; not recognised by MMC. So, all practising doctor will have to put up signs like 'MBBS( Ukraine; enrolled before 31st December 2005-so don't worry Ah Gongs, Ah Mas, I'm still a good doctor) on their glass panels to regain the confidence in them?

This is another example of 'Kerana nila setitik, susu sebelanga rosak.' Thanks to the NEP's policy of mediocrity and absence of meritocracy , the increment of the enrolment of the 'nilas' was seen as a reason 'to increase the amount of professional in the country.' This is indeed very depriving for more deserving and enthusiastic students who had no choice but to choose Ukraine/Russia as the cost is cheaper there. Where could they go now if they still insist and cry a river still wanting to do Medicine?

MMC complained that those Russian/Ukraine's curriculum lacked English medical jargon as Latin is the main medium of instruction. Part of it may be true but what about Indon medical universities then? Their medium of instruction is Bahasa Indonesia, which is equally lack of English jargons? So why the double standard? OK, so one's is Mat Salleh's language and the other is our saudara's language, eh?

I wish all my aspiring doctor friends all the best and hope that they will see light at the end of the tunnel.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Where the hell is Malaysia?

O.K. I think it's time I mention something about my lab. There are 9 postgraduates (3 leaving soon ) and 3 postdocs under my supervisor currently. Then, occassionally there are some students coming in for attachment/training. And just recently a French girl (she's hot!) ; let's call her FG. Just today we were having lunch at the coffee area as usual and then a 1st year PG student (PGS) bought some pineapples (cut ones lar-from Marks and Spenser, imported from Costa Rica) and here was the conversation:
FG: Wow, what's that (in slow mode-she's not that fluent in English).
PGS: That's pineapple. Pineapple, you know?
FG: (looked blur). Er....
PGS: I think it is called anannas in French (or something like that lar)...
PGS: Oohh....(seems to know now)
Me: (With pride) Oh, we call that nanas in Malay too.
PGS: (Pretending to be interested). Oh, OK.
FG: Oh, Malay-what language? Where?
Me: Oh, I'm from Malaysia, you know. We speak Malay. (and of course others too)
FG: (looked blur again and silence)
PD (Postdoc): Malaysia-you know-south of Thailand?
FG: (still looked blur)Where is it in the map?
Me: OK. Here's China (trying to visualise a map using my hands), and here's Thailand and Malaysia's south of Thailand-a peninsula, and here's Singapore. I think it is called Malasie in French.
FG: Oohh...Malasie (pronounced just as the word Malas-and sie (die in Chinese)-haha-is she insulting someone that if u r malas, u die?)
Me: Yes.
FG: What other languages u speak?
Me: Malay, English and Chinese.
FG: Wow, 3 languages ( I know, I know, hidung kembang now)
PD: What Chinese dialects do you speak? My mum ( her mum is Malaysian Chinese; she is celup one lar, but celup that kind 99% Mat Salleh and 1% Chinese lar) speaks Mandarin and Hok...? Hokkien?
Me: I speak Mandarin and Cantonese.
PG: My mum speaks English!

Verdict of the story: Nobody gives a damn where is Malaysia even though we have the 2nd tallest building in the world, our 'proud' heavily protected-power-window-not-functioning Malaysian car, and not to mention those Datukship records-swimming sea lar, climbing mountain lar etc... Thailand they know, Singapore they know. But Malaysia-hmpphhh...bye lar. It is also true that their travel wish list or 10 places to go before I die kind-of thing will definitely include Thailand's exotic beaches, Singapore ethnic modern city but skip Tanah tumpahnya darahku.

Malaysia boleh!!!

Monday, June 13, 2005

The Whole New Level of English Language

I felt so underrated with the level of English Language that I talk to the so-called original native speakers here. I mean-what?! All of more than 20 years of English language learning actually goes into the longkang? The intonation, slang, accent, expression whatever you call it are totally different. It is better that you pretend you have not learnt any English as sometimes you will feel very insulted people having to ask you to repeat each and every conversation that you have made. I read from somewhere that your lower jaw will have to stand still, the lips would have to make minimum movements and the voice must be deep each time you speak. I'm not sure how true are those but I'm still strugling to try to balance them all each time I speak.
Here is a list of phrases which I could think of for the moment which has brought a whole new level to me:
To greet- "Hiya!" or " Are you alright?" and not the normal "Hi" or "Hello"
To thank- "Cheers" and not normal " Thank you" (seldomly used- I mean what? You have to 'toss them a beer' every time you wish to express gratitude?
5.30 pm=Half five
Great British Pound (£)- quid

Other phrases for those naughty out there:
Testicles=bollocks ( a vulgar word also)
F**k= shag
Girl's panties=knickers

The Great Movie Post

A collection of movies I've seen for the past 2 years
Disclaimer: The following images are credited to their rightful owners and I do not own them.If the reader has disputes over the copyrights of the images, I will be more than willing to take them down.
28/10 Kill Bill Vol 1

4/11 Mystic River; went with a friend who complained it was a boring movie but finally it won quite a number of Oscars, just as I predicted

11/11 Matrix Revolutions

18/11 The Singing Detective; believe it or not...the whole cinema I was the only one seeing it!!!

25/11 Love Actually-the cinema was so packed and all were in couples!!!

2/12 Intermission -an Irish dark comedy movie and Spun

9/12 Timeline

16/12 Touching the Void- a reenacted documentary about two mountain climbers and their dramatic story

23/12 LOTR3: The Return of the King
30/12 Cold Mountain
6/1/04 Stuck on you
13/1 Lost in translation & The Last Samurai
20/1 The Girl with Pearl Earring
27/1 Human Stain
3/2 Big Fish
10/2 Something's Gotta Give
17/2 Cheaper by the Dozen
24/2 Dickie Roberts Former Child Star
2/3 Along Came Polly & House of Sand and Fog
9/3 21 Grams
12/3 Starsky and Hutch
27/3 Scooby Doo 2 : Monsters Unleashed
6/4 Monster
13/4 50 First Dates
14/4 Shaun of the Dead
20/4 Girl Next Door
27/4 Kill Bill Vol. 2
4/5 Our House
11/5 Van Helsing
15/5 Troy
1/6 Harry Potter 3
22/6 Mean Girls
26/6 Around World 80 Days
9/7 Farenheit 9/11
15/7 Spiderman 2
27/7 Before 2
31/7 Garfield
6/8 13 Going on 30
10/8 I, Robot & Ananconda & Puteri Gunung Ledang
21/9 Anchorman
28/9 Wimbledon
5/10 Sky Captain
9/10 Shark Tale
11/10 Inside I'm Dancing
19/10 White Chicks
26/10 Alfie
2/11 Finding Neverland
5/11 I Heart Huckabees
7/11 The Incredibles & Bridget Jones Dairy
23/11 Manchurian Candidate
30/11 The Forgotten
7/12 Christmas with The Kranks
14/12 Garden State
21/12 Lemony Snicket's Series Of Unfortunate Events
7/1/05 White Noise
11/1 National Treasure & The Aviator
18/1 Closer
23/1 Racing Stripes
25/1 Million Dollar Baby & Ray
1/2 Meet The Fockers
11/2 Sideways
18/2 In Good Company
22/2 Are We There Yet?
25/2 Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
6/3 Hitch
8/3 Robots
29/3 Miss Congeniality
12/4 Sahara
19/4 The Interpreter
28/4 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
9/6 Mr & Mrs Smith

So, what's next?

Recap: A Chronology of Events from August 2003-Now (1)

As it is almost approaching 2 years since I stepped my foot here, I would like to do a quick recap of what has happened throughout these 2 years...

August 2003
Confirmed that I will be leaving for UK for good.
Had my mock graduation as the actual one is going to held in October.
Frenzy treats for my friends-those in secondary and universities ones; spent quite a fortune on that!

September 2003
Finally left for UK and it was the first time I've ever stepped in a foreign land after 22 years (of course Singapore not included lar..) Like a frog for the first time ever exposed out of the coconut husk, everthing was like heaven to earth but the rest is history now...
First day itself, because of some jinx or what, some unhappy things happened to me; the significant ones like leaving my backpack full of important documents in the airport railway station (luckily was found back later) and a falling shelf which damaged my laptop.

October 2003
Leaving my comfort zone means having to be separated from family and friends, the freedom and power of mobility (I sort of like have my own car back then), readily cooked and affordable gastronomic cuisines, restricited favourite pastimes (window shopping, TV shows etc.) and too many others too think of. It was like back to ground zero and trying to adapt to the level of civilization here...

November 2003
Boredom and loniless was (and still is) the main thing creeping in. With shops closing at 5 pm, lack of TV and internet and a half-broken laptop, just couldn't think of much to do. Going to the pub? Catch some football matches? Start dating? Play some sports? Nah...all those doesn't fit me at all. Hmm...what about going for movies? Yes, that I would like very much even though alone and the cinema ticket price each time could afford me a buffet back home. I will post the list of movies that I've keeped tracked on plus some commentaries...

December 2003
Embarked on my first ever trip around UK-first to London, then to Bath, Liverpool and Manchester. Will post more pics of this tour and other tours in my future posts. Also experience my first ever white Christmas/New Year vacation. It was really very historical when it snowed just aorund 2 hours before the stroke of New Year 2004's midnight!

January 2004
Leading a nomadic lifestyle, moved first time to another student's accomodation due to disputes with flatmates; plus the new one has internet connection! It was like finding water in the desert but only restricted water coz the connection has the university's firewal-which means no hanky panky downloading. Also my first ever CNY out of the country, without family and friends. managed to catch a so-called lacklustre CNY performance by the Chinese community here.

February 2004
Due to the attraction and temptation of Britsh TV programmes such as Friends (not so British though), I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (a reality show), Coronation Street, The Office (not sure whether it was showing then), etc etc, I bought myself a black and white 8" TV, which finally was not functioning coz the reception was so poor as I live underground and all I could see was just snow.

March 2004
My first trip out of England, i.e to Edinburgh, Scotland, which was just great! Missed the tour package to the Highlands to see Nessie, the dragon in Loch Ness, promised myself to go back but still haven't done it yet :(

April 2004
A friend from uni came down to London to see his brother (and me-something like 'might-as-well' kind of thing). She was on her backpacking frenzy trip cum interview so just dropped by in England, which according to her is a bit lacklustre compared to other European cities. Hearing that, I vowed myself to tour Europe next Chirstmas and Easter vacation. Managed to kill one Euopean city though, i.e. Dublin besides other UK capitals(Belfast, Cardiff), Lake District and Manchester during my Easter break.

May 2004
Continued my exploration (and admiration?) of my ex-coloner's land, I travelled to York, Sheffield, Hadrian's Wall and Conwy in Wales and found it was all about castles, cathedrals/churches, monuments and musuems but the way their restore and preserve them really gained my admiration.

June 2004
Lokked like I was having fun all the time and no work? You're wrong then. All travels were made during holiday breaks and it is not just partying all the time. This was the crucial month for me as I had to prepare my 9-month transfer report and a scientific poster, which both were impressively well >-)

July 2004
Had my tranfer viva to be qualified as an official PhD student, in which I did impressively well too >-). Moved second time to a private accomodation which has an en-suite bathroom but lack of internet connection which I vowed to get them as soon as I came back (read the next month's activity) for a download frenzy fest. Also had my first birthday out of the country, alone, but had my first indulgence on the take-away culture here.

August 2004
My highly anticipated break back to Malaysia to replenish my taste senses (to gastronomic food) and to cure my miss for my family and friends. Met up with some relatives and friends and had a souvenier-distrbution frenzy for them.

September 2004
The very short one month trip has passed and it was time to bid farewell again; i.e. back to UK. But good news! My lab was moving to a spanky new impressive, state-of-the-art lab. And it meant finally getting my very own cubicle in the office!

October 2004-November 2004
The start of my second year , which saw some progress in my work.Things surpsingly worked out pretty well for me as compared to before. It could be due to the rejuvenation of me with all the gastronomic cuisines I have taken and some (pre-packed) ones which I have taken over here.

The rest to be continued in my next post...

The Overdue Highly Anticipated Blog

Believe it or not! Circa August 2003, I haven't even heard of the word blog until one of my friend (medium computer literate) asked me what is it and I just laughed off saying that it is a term used to block users in a chat room. How stupid was I!!! Then when a controversy involving an influential blogger in Malaysia critising the government (actually it wasn't really his fault but some stupid posters who wrote some stupid remarks on religion), I haven't stop reading blogs ever since. So, bored of just reading other people's blog and it has been almost 2 years since I came over too UK, the setting up my this own blog is highly anticipated and highly overdued. Damn! If I knew what is a blog earlier, I could have set up one the first day I step in this ex-coloner country for others and me to keep track what is happening from day to day in this so-called 'first world' foreign land.