Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I decide to boycott 'War of the Worlds'

What's up with this Tom Cruise huh? Is he overly-scared that his latest flick, 'War of the Worlds' is going to be another summer blockbuster movie flop? Then, why is he trying to 'hard-sell' his movie so intensely indirectly lately? These are the publicity conspiracy evidence which I have worked out:
1. First, he confessed his love to Katie Holmes, whom he tried to devirginise at that time.
2. Then, he jumped on a couch on Oprah's show, professing his deep love again.
3. Next, he proposed to Katie under the Eiffel Tower-wow-so romantic hah!
4. Then, people squirt water at him at Leicester Square and he acted so cooly and calmly saying that 'He worked hard for people and he doesn't deserve that.'
5. The latest came out this picture of him kissing Steven Spielberg to please and regain support of his gay fans.

What is so great about that movie, btw? First,it will be dominised by Tom's face most of the time, then they throw in a small little cute kid, Dakota Fanning as her sweet. Then aliens attack. Father protects daughter. World goes chaos. People die. La-di-da. The end.

The publicity stint was so beautifully planned-'one stone kills two birds.' Now everyone wants to see BOTH Batman Begins and War of the Worlds. I may have broken my vow not to patronise any heavily-publicised summer blockbuster movies (e.g. Star Wars) by going to Batman Begins tonight, but I will definitely give War of the Worlds a miss. Bye-bye Tom, try harder next time!

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