Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Latest Updates on Science

To inculcate your interest in science, I will, from time to time have an update on what's hot and what's not in the science field, particularly in the bioscience area. so, for the first update here are three news belonging to the same category:sex. Yep! Sounds interesting? Read further....

Sex News 1: Faking it: how a brain scan can demonstrate whether a woman's orgasm is the real thing


Dutch researchers persuaded 13 couples to have sex while either the man or the woman had their head encased in a PET brain scanner at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. The women were also asked to fake an orgasm so images could be compared with the real thing.

I guess next time if we guys need to know whether our partner's or FB's yelling "Awww......yea....awww.....yea...ooohh....yes oh yes....." is pure or fakery, we need to buy a portable brain scan. Hmmm...I smell some great business idea for me already...

Just how do I make this portable-sized? Suggestions, anyone?

Sex News 2: Artsy adult films make better swimmers

...Looking at pornographic images of men and women together can increase the quality of a man's sperm, a new study suggests.

Pornography involving a woman alone or multiple women doesn't have the same effect.

Evolutionary biologist Professor Leigh Simmons of the University of Western Australia says the effect is based on an evolutionary process observed in animals known as sperm competition.

This occurs when semen quality increases according to the perceived risk of another male fertilising a female.

"Males ejaculate more sperm, or sperm of better quality, when the risk of sperm competition [the probability that a female will mate with more than one male] is high," Simmons writes in the journal Biology Letters today.

Simmons says his research now shows that just looking at an image of another man in action is enough to register as a case of sperm competition, causing a compensatory adjustment in the viewer's semen.

"Our data show that image content can have an impact on men's semen quality," he says.

"We show that ... human males viewing images depicting sperm competition had a higher percentage of motile [efficiently moving] sperm in their ejaculates."

Taddies swims faster when master watches '2 guys and a girl' porn

Now the pasar malam VCD peddlers could throw this news to the enforcement officers when caught distributing 'arty films' by saying " We are supporting the government's 70 million population campaign. Is that so wrong?"
So guys, no more kinky one-on one les action now, revert to your normal 'Too many cooks make a nice broth' type.

To be fair to the ladies, here is a piece of news dedicated to them:

Sex News 3: Genes help women over 45 conceive

Scientists have identified a genetic profile that appears to enable women over 45 to conceive naturally.

A team from Israel's Hadassah University Hospital believe the discovery could help improve fertility treatment for older women.

They told a major European fertility conference how eight Ashkenazi Jewish women who had babies naturally later in life all shared the special genes.

The researchers believe the genes might help slow ageing of the ovaries.

Fair enough! Now ladies have a reason to be a career women and get married later by just get yourself a gene therapy like a botox injection. Sniff! Sniff! I smell another money-making opportunity there for me...

"Can I have the 'fertility injection'..plurseeeeee....."

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