Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Scary...very scary indeed...

Continue my regular 'research into Malaysian local news' in order to obtain that PhD qualification, I picked up some scary news regarding the security of our public institutions and places in the hands of people in authority.

Hospitals Ordered To Tighten Security After Baby's Disappearance
SUNGAI PETANI, June 21 (Bernama) -- All hospitals in Kedah have been told to step up security, especially in maternity wards, following the disappearance of a newborn boy at the Sungai Petani Hospital on Sunday.

State Health, Community Development and Unity Committee chairman Datuk V. Saravanan said the measure was taken to avoid a similar incident.

"We can improve the situation by tightening security like allowing only the parents of a newborn into the ward while others have to obtain written permission from the hospital authorities," he told a media conference after visiting the missing baby's family at Taman Sri Tanjung, Sungai Layar, here Tuesday.

The 3.6kg baby, born at 8.32am on Sunday, was found missing at 2.20pm the same day after he was bathed by a nurse.

Scary huh? I advice all future mothers or curent ones to get your hands on one of these things right now for the safety of your precious...

To brighten up things a bit, here's a joke which I came across from www.alphapatriot.com

After Susan gave birth to a baby, her doctor stood solemnly at her bedside.
"I have something I must tell you about your baby."

Alarmed, Susan demanded: "What's wrong?"

"Your baby is a hermaphrodite."

"What's that?"

"It means your baby has both male and female parts."

"Oh my Gosh that's wonderful!" Susan exclaimed. "You mean it has a penis and a brain?"

Pilferage at KLIA: Thefts carried out with disruptions ruse
Breakdowns of the baggage handling system at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) are believed to be linked to the pilferage by security personnel.
The Malay Mail learnt that the three Malaysia Airports Berhad personnel who were detained in connection with pilfering at the baggage handling area, had disrupted the system as a diversion while they escaped with the loot.

The three suspects, who are also auxilliary policemen, are said to have used bar-coded stickers to ‘confuse’ the system which resulted in a pile-up of baggage along the conveyor belt.

And while baggage handlers would rush to sort out the pile-up, the culprits would walk away with their loot, unnoticed.

This was revealed to police over the weekend when one of the suspects led investigators to the baggage handling area to demonstrate how the pilfering was carried out.

A source told The Malay Mail that the suspect, under heavy guard, spent several hours at the baggage handling area on the ground floor of the main terminal, explaining the gang’s modus operandi.

It is learnt that one of the suspects, ‘armed’ with several bar-code stickers, would target a bag and after the bag passed through the third scanner, the suspect would attach a second bar-code sticker on the item. The initial bar-code sticker would have been put on the bag upon check-in.

The false bar-code would ‘confuse’ the system’s scanner, resulting in a pile-up along the conveyer belt. This is when the gang would strike.

They would take the bag they had targeted out of the area or would simply force it open and take out the valuables before anyone notices.

The source said the suspects would have to work quickly as the place would be swarmed by baggage handlers and security personnel trying to fix the jam.

He said although the baggage handling area is equipped with more than 100 close-circuit TV cameras (CCTV), the suspects knew the ‘blind-spots’.

“There had been disruptions at the baggage handling area when the three suspects were on duty,” the source said.

“No one suspected anything on those occasions. Now, it is very clear.”

Sepang police chief Superintendent Zahedi Ayod said police would apply for an extension of the remand order on the three suspects.

To date, there have been no new arrests or seizures.

Last week, three MAB security personnel were detained after police found several stolen items at their homes.

Police began investigations after a Hong Kong tourist lodged a report claiming that his laptop was missing from his bag when he arrived at his country.

He also found a set of keys attached to a road-tax disc in his bag which he handed over to Malaysia Airlines.

Looks like I need to be extra careful with my luggage when I come back in September and I will have to get my teddy bears one of these to protect them from some airport security perverts from harming my precious...

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