Thursday, June 30, 2005

Top 10 Hollywood Movie Ideas Inspired by Malaysian Affairs

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As promised here it is:
10. Why Can't We Hold Hands?
A heart-warming story about a heterosexual couple caught holding hands in public and was issued a fine. They had to survive the ordeal and their love finally withstand it. To spice up things or to exaggerate it, the couple was locked up for 'indecent behaviour' like kissing on the cheek. The ending?...They live happily ever after lar...

9. My Big Fat Space Programme
It will be about a space mission where 2 astronauts were sent to outer space to try to cook some local cuisines and some rabbit reproductive scientific mission. Rabbits got laid every now and then after consuming a local root and multiplied by ten fold. The chaotic condition was worsened by kas-kas or poppy seeds, used to cook a curry dish, were flying all over the spaceship. The astronauts finally bloated up when they overeat the sacrificed rabbit meat. They finally returned to earth to receive a prestigious award of 'The Greatest Weight Gain in Space.'

8. The Mile High Club; extended and extreme version
Improvisation from a leaked Paris Hilton-typed artsy film, named 'The Indecent Behaviour of A Steward', now it will involve more roles, such as the stewardess, the pilot and passengers; in various locations of the airplane besides the toilet.

7. The Terminal Job
Not to be confused with the lovey-dovey The Terminal and action-packed The Italian Job, the film will feature an international crime syndicate which operates specifically in an international airport, which includes a multi-national and multi-racial casts. Crime includes insiders job of laptop thefts and barcode-confusing techniques.


6. Gomez Must Leave
Again, not to be confused with Romeo Must Die, the storyline will be about an executive who was offered a high position in an international organisation, but was forced to resign his position in his home country because he 'knew too much' .

5. CSMU Ukane-The Movie
This will be a spin-off of the normal CSI series, where a prestigious institution in Eastern Europe was drastically dropped of the list of a league, and too spice it up, an aspiring doctor murders his parents in that institution. A CSI-like team was sent there to investigate whether there is a conspiracy link between the sudden derecognisation and the brutal murder.

4. I Want It
A combinational story about a serial rapist who targets multi-national and multi-racial victims of women and young children. His normal modus operandi: spying them at posh hotels and taking them for a ride in various shopping centres. The movie will feature a evil-cult ceremonial burning of a victim in a manhole. He was later caught after 50 rapes and 4 murders and one of the testimonial of his will include 'sending his victims to heaven' as a reason for murdering them.

3. The Millionaire Cop
The title is self-explanatory by itself. Based on a true story, the storyline will include how the cop 'worked hard under the table' in order to be a millionaire. In real life, he even has a few books published advocating normal people on how to become instant millionaires.

2. The Soosai Code a.k.a Dead Man Alive
A slick criminal cum symbologist who commits crime and leaving symbols for the authorities to decipher. Storyline will also include how he faked his own death with the assistance of high-ranking officals and even medical doctors.

and finally,

1. Semuanya OK! (Everthing's Fine)
The title of the story will be based on the most famous quote of the year. The name of the film will be in a foreign language in order to maintain the authenticity of the storyline. The story will be about a self-obsessed, narcissictic warlord, who proudly self-declare his ruling land as the 'most developed state on Earth.' Beginning with a lavish celebration to celebrate the declaration, the movie will be mainly set in a 'paradise village' while being surrounded by an urban slum and a desert, which was formerly a lush green jungle. Swimming pools will also be thrown in the props.

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