Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ushering the Summer Solstice

21st June is the official first day of summer and it is also termed as the 'Year's Longest Day', i.e. you get like just 5 hours of darkness and the rest of it is daylight! Here are just some of the ideas of ushering the new year...oopss...the summer solstice frenzy:
1. Wearing shorts or bermudas
It is a must to wear this. Just some sign of sunlight, people here will turn frenzy and start dumping their long pants and long skirts (or even anything underneath below) and let some fresh air pass through their crotch area. It is just a sign of 'coming of the season'; nothing wrong with it. Will look like a flasher with a lab coat on though.

2. Wearing sleveless shirts/singlets
Yep! Even to work, in the lab, nobody bothers.

3. Wearing a pair of sandals
Not so good idea though as wearing a pair of sandals in the lab is a no-no as for the fear that 'you will spill something corrosive like concentrated acids and alkaline which will cause your foot to be on flames' kinda thing.

I'm wondering why are they showing the hand instead of the feet.

So, overall, I will figure myself to be doing something like this to usher in the auspicious day...

Although I would prefer to wear something like this as it is more related to work...

I am also picturing myself laying on the grass enjoying the bright sunshine (that's what people do here when they see the sun) and hoping for some miraculuos RESULTS...

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