Monday, June 13, 2005

The Whole New Level of English Language

I felt so underrated with the level of English Language that I talk to the so-called original native speakers here. I mean-what?! All of more than 20 years of English language learning actually goes into the longkang? The intonation, slang, accent, expression whatever you call it are totally different. It is better that you pretend you have not learnt any English as sometimes you will feel very insulted people having to ask you to repeat each and every conversation that you have made. I read from somewhere that your lower jaw will have to stand still, the lips would have to make minimum movements and the voice must be deep each time you speak. I'm not sure how true are those but I'm still strugling to try to balance them all each time I speak.
Here is a list of phrases which I could think of for the moment which has brought a whole new level to me:
To greet- "Hiya!" or " Are you alright?" and not the normal "Hi" or "Hello"
To thank- "Cheers" and not normal " Thank you" (seldomly used- I mean what? You have to 'toss them a beer' every time you wish to express gratitude?
5.30 pm=Half five
Great British Pound (£)- quid

Other phrases for those naughty out there:
Testicles=bollocks ( a vulgar word also)
F**k= shag
Girl's panties=knickers

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