Sunday, July 31, 2005

Don't believe 100% in what you see...

Its caption reads: PROUD MOMENT: Onwuka looking at his scroll at the UPM Saturday while friend Eucharia Igbo, 30, looks on.

Read here for more context.

An interesting excerpt:
KAJANG: It was Universiti Putra Malaysia’s low fees that prompted Nigerian Kevin Odulukwe Onwuka to fly halfway across the globe to pursue his Phd in Economics here.

Ah...those good times...convocations...which I actually missed my undergraduate's one (even though I had a mock one). I wonder I would get that sort of coverage in The Independent or The Times for my convo then. I wonder what the photo caption or article would read. Could it be: 'An ex-colonial Malaysian student was attracted by the x 7 RM-UK exchange rate to fly halfway across the globe to pursue his PhD here.'?

But hey! With all due respect to Onwuka, his scroll huh! Scroll your head!!! That is not a real scroll!!!(Prove me wrong, The Star). Every local public university undergraduate student will know that the 'scroll' is actually a 'threatening letter' stating that you have to return your cloak in a specific time or if not, you will not get your actual scroll. I'm not sure about postgraduate studies, but as an undergraduate before, I had the experience of only getting every 'real things' i.e. the degree scroll in both Malay and English languages, your transcript and every other certs only AFTER the actual convocation. Tips for future local public university graduate: You will be left EMPTY HANDED on your graduation/convocation day. Give yourselves up to 2-3 weeks of cert-hunting. Turn up at right times, i.e. not 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (tea-time and lunch time) and please pray for your lucky stars that the person-in-charge of your certs is not on holiday/pergi seminar/attending workshop.

Not to say that I disagree on having the policy of returning the cloaks after the actual graduation. I know there will be someone out there who has the fetish for graduation cloaks or just want to squeeze every sen's worth out of the high rental fee for the cloak by posing and taking pictures in them around the country or overseas. But I mean, why can't it be returned on the same day itself and get everything you need and get your ass out of there once and for all?

So the next time you see a photo in a newspaper (especially those with smiling faces ones), don't believe 100% of what you see. It might be a directed-posed picture for the serenity of it. I am not an expert in journalism and I do not whether it is permisible to have that going on. I myself experienced some press taking my photos, asked to be posed to be interested/engrossed in something, which I finally did not appear in the final picture because I was squeezed away somehow.

OK, if posing's fine, but choose another caption! Something like 'So and so is happy at his graduation' or something else. Just don't mention the word 'scroll' because it just simply does't exist there.

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