Saturday, July 23, 2005

I'mr Backr Finarlyr, frrom Glasgowr...

The spelling errors in the title were indeed intended. Well, I had been to a city in Scotland actually, where they have a whole new level of Scottish English accent indeed. The 'r' in every word was given very much emphasis on its pronunciation. Especially when it comes to 'Edinburgh', it will be pronounced as 'Ayredinburrryh' and not 'Edinburke' as normally people would pronounce (or is it just me?).

Well, in this post, I'm not going to blog about the places I had visited. I am not really a fan of travel blogs or travels blogphotos. You know why? People say 'A picture tells a thousand words' but I would say 'Being there, done that' would be more appropriate. You see, most travel blogs will tell you about the place they had visited, i.e. the history of the town, places of interest and then accompanied by photos with them smiling from ear to ear enjoying the place they were visiting with explanation of places the pictures were taken. For me travel blogs are more of self-praise, self-glorification and self-gratification, to make other people not there being jealous, especially when the place was exotic/sacred/you-need-to-pay-lots-of-money-to-get-in or on special occasions such as Christmas,New Year's eve etc. Moreover, if other people reading those blogs aren't familiar with those places as they haven't been there or never heard of before, what's the use of posting up exotic names and elaborating how great fun you have had there?

Nevertheless, I will blog something about the fully-sponsored, all-by-myself, breakfast-provided hotel room (which was a luxury indeed as I had been staying at youth hostels for other trips all this while) which something happened quite in coincidence indeed. I would call it 'Glasgowr: Aye Serries ofr Unforrrtunatre Events':

1. The hotel room was nicely facing the cemetery

Ah...what a nice scenery from my hotel room's window.

Yes, that is a famous cemetery behind a church here nicely discovered by me as I opened the window. It seems that there was a 'David Beckham of the 18th Century' being buried here. He was a handsome labourer-class young bloke who had a scandal with a rich merchant daughter, who according to the tour guide, wrote many juicy steamy highly explicit love letters to his lover but his lover had to poison him with arsenic as the affair was highly opposed.

2. My bed was direcly facing the mirror; oppositte me and the right of me.

Mirror, mirror in front and the right of me, who's the most handsome sensitive+introvert blogger in the world...?
According to Lillian Too, mirrors are bad feng shui for bedrooms for reasons which I haven't researched into yet, but you wouldn't want your reflection in the mirror to have an extra large/long important organ, would you? Even though someone would be very proud of that.

3. You have to dial 666 for emergency.

Hello, this is the Netherworld, how can we help you? Calm down, calm down , we'll send someone with horns to help you out there ASAP.

For those unfamiliar with what 666 universally stands for, check it out here. Of all the numbers, why on earth would they choose such a number. Why couldn't it be 888 instead? Or 333? Or even slightly better version of 666, 444?

4. It was showing Scream on T.V. the first night I was staying there.

Do I look like Jim Carrey to you, huh?
"One of the scariest slasher movies ever made--one of the years best films," quotes one reviewer at its IMDB website. I DON'T THINK SOOOOO.....Well, as a continuation of this series, it was meant to be a scary movie to aggravate the above-mentioned eerie atmosphere already, supposedly turning me into a sweaty and panting beast. But on the other hand, it turned out to be funny! I'm not sure whether it's just me but all scary movies seem funny to me; to the extent that they should be categorised as comedies instead. The acts were just stupid and funny and I'll bet the anyone putting the mask above would be an instant Jim Carrey to me!

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