Thursday, July 28, 2005

LeeMan Snickersamy's A Series of (Same) Unfortunate Events 2

In my previous post about the repeating of unfortunate events in Malaysia, I mentioned about two food poisoning events in a month, happening side by side. And guess what? There was another food poisoning case again yesterday.

70 trainee nurses down with suspected food poisoning

KUANTAN: About 70 trainee nurses here are down with suspected food poisoning after taking dinner at their college canteen.

Twenty-five of them have been warded while the rest were released after getting outpatient treatment.

The trainees were believed to have eaten sambal tumis with rice at the Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital canteen on Tuesday.

They suffered stomach pains while others vomited early yesterday morning.

State health, social welfare and orang asli affairs committee chairman Datuk Ishak Muhammad, who visited them at the hospital, said the state health department had begun investigations on the cause of the incident.

“The condition of the 25 trainee nurses are stable. They will be released after observation,” Ishak said.

“This is the first case of food poisoning involving trainee nurses at the college, and we want to ensure that such incidents do not occur.”

One of the affected trainee nurses Nurhafizah Razali, 20, said she had stomach pains at night and vomited yesterday morning.

“At first, I thought nothing of it. However, I began suffering intense pain after midnight and I decided to tell the others at the college hostel,” she added.

Wow! I'm really really flabbergasted! 3 times in a row? With all due respect to all Third World Countries and underdeveloped countries, it is very understandable if food poisoning happens every second there. But we're talking about Malaysia here. Are we still a Third World Country or what? Or maybe not. Remember-we have the second world's tallest building, our own national car pride, climbing mountains, sailing, blah..blah...But 3 times of food poisoning in a row in just merely a month, involving up to 100 people are just simply unexceptable!!!

Damn! Should have make myself a bet at the local bookmakers here (betting companies; not book publishers, you idiot!) for the number of food poisoning cases in a month in Malaysia, which the odds will be very high. Not that I'm an avid gambler like Osu Sukam, though.

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