Monday, July 11, 2005

Ooohhhh...I'm so scared to go out...

Just woke up this morning and found this news in NST:
Malaysians in UK advised to go out only when necessary

MALAYSIANS studying or vacationing abroad were today cautioned from moving about freely in their daily affairs for their own safety.

Foreign Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said they should go out in groups only when necessary.

There are about 11,000 Malaysians studying in the UK.

More than 50 people were confirmed dead and over 700 injured when three bombs tore through trains on the London underground and a fourth ripped apart a double-decker bus.

Malaysians were also reminded to keep themselves abreast with the current situation. "Do not go out alone or to dangerous spots," said Syed Hamid after presenting excellence service awards to ministry staff here today.

and quite the contrary, Londoners were urged to get back to work and move on with their daily lifes.

My dear beloved Syed Hamid, if everyone heeds your advice, the terrorists win. It was their aim in seeding the sense of fear and psychological trauma to their targets after all and govern our daily lifes. I know that you are concerned that the Muslims will be the target of the locals as claimed by this news: UK Muslims 'feel more vulnerable but the UK authorities had given their reassurance that the community relations are 'reassuringly calm' and encouraged people to report any abuse.

Just went to town last weekend and it was quieter than normal I guess. There was a fire reported in a mosque and a Sikh Temple here earlier. Also noticed a few Muslims (and even one has her body covered from head to toe with black cloth), but there was no tension arising because the citizens here are civilised people. People are leading and moving on with their own life. Moreover, terrorists are coward bastards. They would target crowded and enclosed area and then run and hide for their lifes. I wouldn't expect to see them blowing themselves up in a normal high street.

Frankly speaking, the advice should be directed to our local Malaysians instead. Any general Malaysian public would be more feared and traumatised of our own 'terrorist attacks' such as falling flyover and snatch thieves , any female would be feared of being raped, and any parent would be feared of his/her child(ren) being snatched from a hospital or being bullied and murdered in school.

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