Monday, July 11, 2005

Top 10 Favourite Malaysian MP Phrases.

It's getting into me now. Label me as a David Letterman wannabe, unpatriotic or an blog whore, here's the latest top 10 list which I could think of at the moment...drumrolls...

10."Tell me the truth"
9. "We'll catch big fish"
8. "Every Malaysian is equal"
7. "Work with me, not for me"

The above 4 has been brought to you by X company, 'Changing is good!'.

and the remaining 6:
6. "We are custodians of quality"
5. "It's an act of God"
4. "Racist! Perkauman! Malaysia has no place for racist like you!"
3. "Duduk! Duduk!" ("Sit! Sit!")
2. "We'll discuss it in cabinet/parliment/We'll set up a committee to study it.../Kita akan kaji"
and finally, the most popular,
1. "Semuanya OK"

Feel free to add on more in the comments if you could think of more.

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