Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Top 10 Spokepersons for Advertising Campaigns in Malaysia

Lame ass! Can't think of anything new isit? Well, scold me, beat me or even boycott me, I ain't gonna stop this Top 10 thingy...so the latest top 10 list that I could think of based on latest current affairs, which is Spokepersons for Advertising Campaigns in Malaysia...drumrolls...

Disclaimer: All the brand names of the individuals and the products are copyrighted to their rightful owners.

10. Rafidah for J&J's Shampoo
(I know this is a lame one already)

9. Khir T. for OK Sauce (Ditanggung halal oleh JAIS)

8. Osu S. for 888.com

7. P.Daddy a.k.a. Ayah P. for Teapot (TM) brand sweetened condensed milk

(sorry for the picture-the best I could find over in the internet)

6. SL Chua for Terumo (TM) and Ansel (TM)

5. Hishammuddin for Tamin Sari(TM) Soya Sauce
(Sorry again for the inavailability of picture-the brand is a contraction of Tamin Sari nevertheless)

4. Khairy J. for NEPReviveIt!
Probably upcoming neprilysin-upregulating drug which could degrades ABeta of the Amyloid Precursor Protein, which its accumulation causes Alzheimer's Disease.

3. MahaLil' for the next host of Malaysian Idol (TM).
As the American Idol's host Ryan Seacrest famous catchphrase is 'Seacrest Out!', now we could have CEOOut! or CEOBye! (not to be confused with CheeBye)

The other two can't really think of them...gotta hit the bed now...really!

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