Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The United States of of Americophilic Malaysian TV stations

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Malaysian TV stations and the Americans.I am also not a TV critic expert nor involved in the broadcasting industry. This post is just purely my observation and my humble opinion. If you feel offended by this post, please kindly press the red cross button at the right topmost of your screen. Thank you.

I must admit that I'm not actually qualified to comment on Malaysian TV stations as I have been missing them for almost a year now. But I DO get to see some sneak peak of TV programmes and promos from ntv7's so-called broadband 'Live 24 hours news' which is actually repeats after repeats of recording and recording of studio programmes such as MySiasat and MyTimeOut.

Yes, I know after independence we should stand on our own feet and have our own identity but the UK would be indeed very embarassed that its former colony does not even have any British influence in, for example the TV stations. Yeah...yeah..the British Council teaching British English-so what? IMHO, ntv7's is the most Americophilic Malaysia TV station.Yeah..yeah..I know-USA is the No.1 superpower in the world, so everything also has to follow them lar? It is like ntv7 is the official franchisee of CBS or NBC.

Here are some tell-tale signs:
1. Cloneism of its logo and TV jingle
First, changing after changing their logo, they finally came out with a clone of's logo. TV Smith has done this comparison before. I wonder how much do they pay the American TV station to clone their logo or do they do it illegally. And then their jingle. I feel ne ne ne neh! With so many music composers and prominent advertising companies in Malaysia, not even one can come out with an original jingle? And don't get me started on TM's jingle which is Keane's Everbody's Changing. I'm not saying to not take what is good (meritocracy)and music has no borders, but can't we come out with our OWN jingles?

Looks familiar too you? Image is copyrighted to its original owners.

2. The TV station portrays Malaysians as reality TV freaks,scarily all from US of A.
Pioneering from Survivor, then to Fear Factor , then not enough, we produced our own reality series borrowed from American's concept. The only 'Britishness' of reality TV shows is Malaysian Idol so far and I heard that they are bringing Big Brother to here. I wonder how our concept of Big Brother would be as the British's one is all about nakedness, sex and more sex 24/7 non-stop. The British themselves here seemed unfazed by it and think Gareth Gates are so 'out' and Will Young is just surviving literally on desperate housewives and his gay fans as he is gay himself.
P.S. Can you imagine that I have a friend who still uses Gareth Gates It Could Happen to Anyone of Us (is that the correct name?) as his dialtone? Urghh....

3. The way the presenters talk like Americans.
Just feel so irked by the way they speak. You know, Yankee style. Just try listening to its TV promos.And remember how the pronunciation changed from 'a' from 'er' to 'aer'? Or did they specially employ someone from US just to read that out? Any Americans listening to them will feel just like home. Can we not have a world English accent if not Queen E's English accent?

and last but not least,
4. MNN,MNN,MNN-your head lar!
My (which is the domain and short form for Malaysia)is easily the most frequently abused word in Malaysia.It all started with a Chinese radio station having it as its name, and then followed by MyKad, MyKid etc... keng chau (great)ar...trying to be a CNN wannabe covering 'live' catastrophic disasters, rubbles falling from churches, heavy storms etc. It is like they are HOPING for all that to happen in Malaysia. And you know what is the most amusing thing? Their so-called 'live' coverage was actually a standing newscaster who seems to be a fresh graduate from university just elaborating from what the anchor has said. And other outdoor coverages seemed to be always the launching of something, which of course was only due to the TV station having exclusive coverage for that ($$$). The overall broadband news content is hopeless for overseas people to know what is happening in Malaysia. I remembered there was one day, the whole news was for self-praise, promoting their exclusive rights to screen the Confederations Cup on terrestrial TV.
P.S.It seems that the Chinese newscasters seldom pronounce it as MNN but say it out in its full name as 'My News Netwhorl.'

If you have to outsource English TV programmes because the lack of local production, America is not the single source. There are other English speaking countries in the world that you could source TV programmes from.

Verdict: All things foreign are not necessarily good and all things local are not necessarily bad.

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