Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"Eh...aper peluk-peluk...haram ni !" (" hugging's forbidden")...I DON'T THINK SO!

Hope that it's not too late to blog on this as MageP, paultan, and n305er had blogged on this topic earlier.

Yup! The first thing that came on my mind when Kak Dah hugged Tun M was that the government is so hypocritical about saying one thing and doing another. It might be a touching lovey-dovey scene especially on this auspicious Merdeka Day when two loggerheads reconcile, but doing another thing while saying another thing is just not right.

Just as n305er mentioned, didn't that Najib once mentioned that "No hugging please, we're Muslims?"

“This is not a question of young or old people hugging. This is about religion. It is forbidden in the religion,” he stressed.

“Hugging scenes are not suitable. They must sing decent songs, and must act decently,” he said.

and the article mentioned:

One minister who saw the incident said Rafidah hugged Dr Mahathir tightly and then burst into tears.

"She was talking very fast as Dr Mahathir listened attentively. He then patted her on the shoulder and got into his car," said another VIP.

He said the several ministers and deputy ministers who were standing nearby burst into spontaneous applause.

Scientific interpretation:
tightly=close proximity=forbidden in religion=haram!

burst into tears=indecent act=tak boleh!

spontaneous applause=support of the hugging act=hypocrite=saying one thing and doing the another!

So what is left for her to do according to Najib?
They must sing decent songs

Now what song(s) shall Kak Dah sing? Suggestions anyone?

Is it from Bryan Adams
Please forgive me I know not what I do (quarelling with you),
Please forgive me I can't stop lovin' you (fatherly love, I guess),
Don't deny me (my position in the government),
This pain I'm going through (wondering I'll still be a minister),
Please forgive me,
If I need ya like I do ,
Please believe me,
Every word (about AP) I say is true
Please forgive me I can't stop loving you,
Still feels like our best times are together,
Feels like the first touch...(ahem!)

What do JAIS, Mahkamah Syariah, moral polices and religious bodies have to say on this now?

Life is unfair...Happy Merdeka!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Top 10 Reasons Why You (and I) Should Be Proud to Be A Malaysian/Patriotic (Reposted and Refurbished)

Original post on 1st July 2005.

To usher in our 48th National Day on 31st August 2005, and in order to give a positive image and bright side of our beloved Tanah tumpahnya darahku, here are the top 10 reason why you and I should be proud to be a Malaysian...wait a minute, before that the reasons are not that we have our own 'power-window-not-functioning' national car, the tallest (not anymore, should have built a taller one, damn Taiwan!!!) building in the world and conquerers of the English Channel, Antartic, Mount Everest and sea around the world.

10. We are a caring and thrifty society
We keep in touch with each other with the latest news by sending SMS and e-mails about any price increase in petrol. Then, we could queue up and wait for hours at petrol stations to save a few sens of our hard-earned money.

9. We have our ID cards long before a developed nation has
We are very proud of our ID card that we line up as early as 6am to secure a place for the renewal of it. We are also proud to have all sorts of ID cards embedded with biometric chips-for adults, kids, immigrants, students, and all sorts of categories to think of.

8. We are a nation of pure and decent minds
We will not be exposed to any form of sex, violence and horror as our government cared for us very much by eliminating 'poisons of our mind.'

7. We have an all-in-one super natural drug-Ali's Cane
Give way Pfizer and their Viagra! Never mind No. 8, and the increase in rape and incest, we have our own super all-in-one sex drug which has been proven to boost men's libido, penis size, testosterone, semen volume etc etc (whatever you could think of everything's related to men's nether regions).

6. We are a nation of brainy doctors
Never mind the claim that there is a shortage of doctors; we highly regard and give a high social status for the profession of a medical doctor and gave a lot of media coverage on them. And fear no more! We have perfect 4.00 brainy doctors whom we will look up to have zero records of malpractice, late or misdiagnosis. In fact, we will be declared one of the healthiest nation in the world, ala 'Selangor-developed state status.'

5. Malaysia is a good place to invest for the health sector, particularly in the genitourinary (GUM) field and tobacco-related illnesses.
Our official number one ranking in the world for diabetes-complicated kidney failure by the US Renal Data Registry and related to reason no.6, Malaysia will be attractive for drug companies to set up clinical trials and to manafacture and market GUM-related drugs. And thanks to our protective government and their 'Tak Nak' campaign, pharmaceutical companies producing lung cancer drugs will be smiling all the way to the bank if they 'Nak' invest in Malaysia.

4. We will soon be one of the pioneers in ethnic space food and cuisine technology.
Malaysia's space (and future moon) programme. Enough said.

3. We have our own wide coverage of 'criminal celebrities.'
Move over Michael Jackson, Robert Blake, OJ Simpson, Martha Stewart and Robert Downey Jr. We have our own celebrities to cover involved in e-mail defamation, drugs, divorce and wife battery etc.

2. We support the originals.
Never mind that our latest national car models looked like replicas of foreign cars and still using foreign engines and still the fluorishing of bootlegs, we have Ori holograms for optical discs and Meditag for medicine. And the next could be holograms for original Datuks.

and finally,

1. We will always be safe of alien or monstrous creature attacks or extraordinary natural disasters.
Our country will somehow be missing or already vanished from any alien or disaster attacks (but not the haze; sorry), leaving US, particularly New York to be attacked by aliens (hence War of the Worlds) or covered by snow due to global warming (hence The Day After Tomorrow). We will also never see superheroes (Spiderman, Batman, The Incredibles)rescuing us from snatch thieves as we are a safe country.

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan, Malaysia! (and also Happy Death Anniversary to Princess Diana)

oooppsss...did I get the right flag, or should it be this flag instead due to our Americophilic TV station.

Yo...wassup al' da homies, bradas and sistas out there...Appy Indie Pendance Day to de United States of Malaysia. Wear your bling-blings and fly da flag out dude...

Monday, August 29, 2005

Royal Commision for the revamp of our Malaysian education system? "No thanks,"says Kerisman.

Yeah, no need for that. You want to know why? Let me tell you a story here:

At 12 years old, we have UPSR. 'Deserving ones' go into residential schools while the 'commoners' go to normal schools.

At 15 years old, we have PMR. 'Deserving ones' go into MRSMs while the 'commoners' go to normal schools.

At 17 years old, we have SPM. 'Deserving ones' go for matriculation/JPA-sponsored overseas studies while the 'commoners' go for STPM/expensive A levels.

At 20 years old, 'deserving ones' are ALREADY in degree programmes in IPTAs while the 'commoners' are just barely lucky enough to step into IPTAs.

At 23 years old, 'deserving ones' graduated with mediocre results and with the aid of 'rent-seeking' while the 'commoners' graduated by studying day and night.

At 24 years old, 'deserving ones' already are tutors in IPTA, bound to leave to overseas for fully-sponsored postgrad studies soon, while the 'commoners' had to 'beg' for scholarships around the world for postgrad studies.

At 26 years old, 'deserving ones' are already lecturers, bound for rapid promotion and doing 'mickey mouse' research, while the 'commoners' still suffer from a dilemma whether to return or not.

At 30 years old, 'deserving ones' are already head of departments, while the 'commoners' are still on the postdoc 'threadmill.'

At 40 years old, 'deserving ones' are already Professors while the 'commoners' have just only secured a tenure track position in academia overseas.

The list goes on and on as we age...

Just how can we stand tall side by side each other?

And a message to the Kerisman: Chinese are NEITHER afraid of your weapon, nor bombs and missiles. We had suffered inequality, discrimination and injustice in silence for decades ; what are those physical threats to us?

Just consider this: if MCA wields a sword at their assembly and say 'Loong de chuan ren yoong pu siao si/du yi wu er' (The decendants of the dragon will not vanish/invincible)and if the Malays complain, they rebut that the Malays should not fear the sword and the China superpower. Will that be accepted then? You may want to torch the MCA HQ then!

And mind you. The keris was not cheap. Better put it for better uses like buying water tanks.

A symbol of struggle? If Ayah Pin couldn't have his teapot as his symbol of struggle, why should you have the keris? And idolism is forbidden in Islam, why are you 'worshipping' the keris?

The Malaysian Spam

"Dear *insert your e-mail user name here*,
Greetings! My name is Maryam Obocha and I have inherited *insert your favourite amount of US dollar here* but....die in crash....want you to a partner....transfer certain amount of deposit first...."

Sounds familiar...yup..that's the Nigerian scam phising in our e-mails. Guess what? Now we also have our own Malaysian version of the Nigerian scam. Check this screenshot of the e-mail I got:

Jeff Ooi did a coverage on this about 2 months ago on 6th July titled "VoIP via MLM: MCMC will 'wait-and-see'". I wonder what is the latest development on this.

If someone has received the similar e-mail, please leave a comment here. Better still, I would like to hear from those ACTUALLY going to the seminar at the Palace of Golden Horses and tell me more about that.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

"Big Issue mate? Big Issue sir? Big Issue ma'am? Big Issue luv'?"

Pertaining to the running of 'Desiderata's Series of Malaysian Dilemma', a contributer Sabrina Tan , a Malaysian dental student (free-of-bond I guess) in New Zealand, was posed this question
"So where are you going to end up after you graduate? Going home? Stay here?”

So, she made me think too of what should I answer if I was posed the same question by my panel of viva examiners. What will be my answer then?

Should it be:

1. " Oh...I'm definitely going back and be a lecturer and earn 300 pounds' equivalent of monthly salary. No, don't you worry about the can still survive in Malaysia. I should sacrifice and dedicate myself for the education of our young generation." or

2. " Of course I'm not going back. What? You want me to earn a salary of a Big Issue seller? And if you happened to read last two month's Nature article, you may have noticed that we have race-based science policies. Blimey! I'm less 'earthly-princed'! Would I even get a job then?"

Sometimes it is not the money that always matters; it is the X factor in Malaysia. I guess you all know what that X factor is if your colour skin and religion is a bit different.

Leaving your comfort zone to another part of the world makes you view and think of your own country differently. My friends were blaming me for being 'unpatriotic' and 'a traitor' when I try to blog something about politics. They do not know that they are in their comfort zones and do not realise how us living overseas, avidly following Malaysian news daily. And after that shaking our heads reading about negative news and silly actions by our MPs, which will eventually lead back to how our government runs our country. We also pay attention on how will the locals here view us Malaysians when the read headlines like "Malaysians told to pray for rain (to conquer haze)" and "Space gourmet for Malaysian space mission".

p.s. If you happened to click the link on "Big Issue", and related to the title above, Big Issue is a magazine exclusively sold by homeless people or at risk of homelessness, read: people dressed shabbily and equivalent to beggars (no offence to them was intended here). So you will see them at strategic public places in UK here; with a badge, holding the magazines and shouting those greetings in the title above to pester people to buy their magazines. And it costs £1.20 each copy. I myself just bought only once of it. So, if they are hardworking enough, they might earn the salary of a public university lecturer here.

"Students, the theory of sales and marketing could be explained by this..."

"Judge...that man wanted me to eat his bird bird..."

Ok...maybe this news is a bit lame already but I don't know why I have missed it yesterday.
Girl victims drew picture of male sex organ during testimony
Deputy Public Prosecutor Hazril Harun said the sisters made the drawings during testimony in camera here last month when they were asked what the man had forced them to “eat.”

He was submitting at the end of the prosecution case at the trial of a 33-year-old stableman charged with two counts of forcing the girls to perform oral sex on him.

Defence counsel Chua Keng Hock submitted that the younger girl had testified that she was blindfolded and given bird-bird to “eat”.

“She did not actually see what it was.

“Was she given ice-cream? We don't know,” he said, adding that it was mere hearsay and imagination.

and a related case here.

Probably the sketch of the 'male organ'?

And I wonder what 'cream' were they being fed. Could be a white one but definitely not a cold and a very sweet one.

Hmm...whom shall be my bashing target now? Our education system? The censorship policy? Flourishing of pornography?

One thing you may notice that these rape articles didn't even mention the terms like 'paedophile', 'felatio' and 'cunnilingus'. Generalisations of 'sex abuse' and 'oral sex' are not good enough. But then we are not even supposed to report these 'sensuous' cases, remember? MPs were saying that there were too many negative reports and 'spicy' news in our papers. And also about Astro having too many programmes like this.

I remembered once when I was in Form 6, a female classmate was asking another male classmate what is 'oral sex'. Imagine that! 18-year olds didn't even had the slightest knowledge of that, then what about 5-6 years olds like them?

I hate comparing us to other countries, but our crackdown on religious cults and celebrity e-mail defamation seemed to be more efficient than the crackdown on paedophiles like these.

Another task for readers out there: Astro no-sex policy, National Biotech Policy, Tongkat Ali, aphrodisiac, rape, incest. Kindly make sentences out of these words to explain the double-standard in our government's policy. Thank you.

Friday, August 26, 2005

"How to use the F word, Men love a wet pussy and Jack pokes fanny's ass..."

You have been warned: The following images contain profanities. Please view with own discretion.
Dun understand Engrish? I say in Benglish gambak-gambak here got hamsap/lucah one after u view ur mata sakit, dun go and sue me ok.

I never knew that the t-shirts with 'hidden' profanities and vulgar words has hit the shores of Malaysia till I browsed this article in Berita Harian on 'Naughty T-shirts'.
Just look that these t-shirts. Bet that they are from Petaling Street (not to be confused with Project Petaling Street©)

Pictures from Berita Harian.

I've got myself a few t-shirts from here of the same kind also. Check out this picture.

So if you see anyone wearing these t-shirts out there, it could be The Sensintrovert here.

Any more profanity ideas from you all? Kindly suggest in the comments section.

Polite notice to Latuk Loktor Ho© wannabes out there: Please do not copy the designs of these t-shirts here. If you insist, please put a small footnote below the t-shirt saying "". Cheers.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Can you go without a wrist watch for even one day?

Went out today and feeling blurred and sleep deprived, I forgot to wear my wrist watch with me. So, I was wondering: Could you go without a wrist watch for even one day? This question does not apply to those not previously wearing wrist watches. Please kindly leave a comment....plurseee....I don't look stern and scary to you, do I?

Is my blog turning into a rotten sleazy slutty good-for-nothing porn/recreational site?

OK...maybe just one quick update...I monitor on who had visited me one you know...not for interrogation or something but just out of guess what when I checked my Sitemeter records:

OMFGBBQ???!!!!! People are searching for 'Meenachi Bogel Having Sex in Bukit Mertajam' and 'MawiFc latest news' was directed to my site??? Just because I have some phrases of 'sex', 'Bukit Mertajam' and 'Mawi' doesn't mean my blog is a porn site!

To the porn-searcher out there: Hey, Macha Tambi-you want to find Tamil girls naked go somewhere else lar...go and click my blog for what? My blog very decent and interesting one. All sex news are scientifically based one. Paham?????!!!!

To the MawiFc searcher out there: Hey, saudara/saudari-Kalo nak cari Mawi, pi teruslah ke Takyah lah pigi 'search-search' lagi kat Yahoo ke atau Ini blog yang canggih tahu-penuh dengan maklumat dan pengetahuan, bukan sekadar Mawi je...Paham????!!!!! And BTW, wait for his album in November?, wait for him being manipulated as politic propagandas, give him 3 or 4 years and he'll be SOOO.... out past his shelf-life already. So move on with your life, OK. Semuanya OK!

Sorry-I've been busy this whole week

To all my beloved readers/fans/stalkers out there, sorry I've been and will be busy this whole week-so any updates on this blog or posting comments to other blogs out there will be unlikely. Cheers and have a productive week ahead.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

"I have a blog like Jeff Ooi's© / Kenny Sia's©. Period. Now show me the money and give me the job I want"

Just read The Star's Education Section on the employable skills and graduate job hunting thingy. Among the empoyable skills are:

Picture from The Star.Click on pic for larger version.

Hmm...I was just thinking...those skills are just what every decent blogger has! So that makes them the best employees out there. Check out what I mean:

Click on pic for larger version.

So, next time when you apply for a job, just put 'I have a blog and it is www. *so and so*; feel free to visit' in your resume and in the interview, you could say something like this post title above.

And btw, Craig David rulezzzzzzzzz*......!!!!go get his latest album 'The Story Goes...'Current hit: All the way. P.S. He has the best-kept goatee in the world.
*This blogger receives no payment from Warner Music for this promotion.

Move over Demi Moore-Malaysia has our own version of toy-boy marriages!

Don't get me wrong. I love Malaysia. Indeed even more now. She is now on par with other developed countries in the world, you know; more and more towards our Vision 2020 to be a fully developed state. Indeed, we now have our very first (to my knowledge) version of toyboy marriage reported just today. Read here for more context.
An excerpt from it:
Cinta tidak mengenal usia

BUKIT MERTAJAM 20 Ogos - Pepatah ada berkata, cinta tidak mengenal usia.

Itulah yang berlaku kepada pasangan Mohd. Riduan Husaini, 27, yang melangsungkan perkahwinan dengan seorang nenek, Hasnah Abdullah, 47, hari ini.

Janda anak lima itu hasil perkahwinannya terdahulu, kini mempunyai seorang cucu berusia 10 bulan.

Sungguhpun usia kedua-duanya berbeza 20 tahun, namun itu bukan penghalang untuk pasangan berkenaan meniti hari-hari bahagia selepas diijabkabulkan.

Aww...such a happy family. The Sensintrovert wishes 'Selamat Pengantin Baru'(Congratulations on your wedding) and 'Semoga bahagia sampai anak cucu..oopss..should be anak cucu selain yang umur 10 bulan tu...'(May happiness be with you from generations to generations).

In case you happen to search for 'Demi Moore' or 'toyboy marriages' but was directed to hear and saw WTF all in wot language????, the article is titled 'Love is age-blind'. It briefly mentioned that the groom is 27 years old and the grandmother-bride,is 47. The bride was actually a spinster and has 5 children from her previous marriage. She just became a grandmother just 10 month ago when her first grandchild was born.

So, there you go. Our very first toyboy marriage. All hail to the Hollywood, which will have Ashton Kutcher, 26 and Demi Moore, 43 marrying in coming this November and Sadie Frost, 40 (Jude Law's ex) with Jackson Scott, 24. Those wasn't too bad, with the age gap of less than 20 years.

Also, somewhere from the internet:
Following in the footsteps of Madonna and Demi Moore, nearly a third of single women in America are stepping out with younger men, a survey showed today.

Middle-aged women across the US are brushing aside the stigma and increasingly opting for toyboys, the study found.

The findings, in a forthcoming edition of AARP The Magazine, comes as part of one of the biggest studies into the love lives of middle-aged singles in the US.


Granny, 60, dumps husband for chatroom toyboy, 22
A British grandmother left her husband after 38 years to marry a 22-year-old Moroccan she met on the Internet.

Sylvia Ouhtit, 60, walked out on her husband Eric Norton, 62, to marry Tarik Ouhtit in Morocco. However, they have been forced to separate after the Home Office refused Mr Ouhtit a visa to live in Britain because officials believe it is a marriage of convenience.

She met Mr Ouhtit, who had been rejected three times in his attempts to come to Britain, after she became hooked on a computer she bought her husband for his 60th birthday in November 2000. She used a chatroom called Grapevine and, calling herself Annabel 229, met Tarik, who went by the name Fortune Teller.

So if we fast reverse 22 years back for the previous case, would we get something like this?:

"Hi my new hubbie."

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai (Unfinished Business): Top 10 ( Possible) Malaysian Book of Records to Counter Haze

Blimey! Not another Top 10 post?!! Sorry...just couldn't think of anything at the moment and I'm so just try my best shot here for another top 10.

As you may know (or not know for those unaware of current affairs-shame on you!), the haze may return on next Monday the 22nd. WTF??!!!! So we have just 3 more days to prepare ourselves for that. So in the spirit of Malaysia Boleh and we are fast getting tired of 'The Biggest Flag' approaching our National Day, wouldn't it be a good idea to break records AND counter haze at the same time?

Picture from The Star.

To quote a famous phrase from a 'custodians of quality' party- Perjuangan yang belum selesai(TM) or Unfinished business (not to be confused with the common mafia term), here's my attempt for
Top 10 (Possible) Malaysian Book of Records to Counter Haze.

10. The Biggest Mass Prayer/Vigil of All Religions
Heading the advice of our beloved PM, over 20 million Malaysian population of all religions/ethnic/age/sex/*insert whatever label you like* should come out from their houses/workplace/wherever and stop whatever they do on SUNDAY, 21st AUGUST 2005 12 NOON (Malaysian time)and PRAY TO GOD for rain. For those lack of religion or do not believe in the existence of God, they should say a little chant: WTF,FYI*!
* Fog You Indonesia (not For Your Information).

9. The Biggest Non-Stop Song Medley Concert
Taken from the inspiration from Bob Geldof and his Live Aid and Live 8, we should have our own version of Life Air. Oh..and sorry...foreign performers are forbidden...the Merdeka concert in Johor Baru, remember?
Quick...we still have a day to go...someone think of a place to suggest. Some song suggestions would be 'Rain, rain, comeback here', 'Listen to the rythm of the pouring rain', 'Breath Easy (by Blue), 'You Took My Breath Away' and any songs related to 'air' and 'rain'.

8. The Largest-Tallest HEPA Filter Ever
Inspired by Ayah Pin's large teapot and umbrella structures and our love for megatowers, we could consider building the largest HEPA filter ever.

It may sound ridiculous,but its never too late to start building that along our coasts as a preparation for our annual celebration of 'Mega Burning Haze Fiesta Carnival'.

7. The Biggest Working Spell Ever Created by Keris Waving
Insipired by 'you-know-who' who likes to wave his keris and Harry Potter's (TM) favourite phrase 'Expecto Petrono'(C), every Malaysian should now start sharpening their knives or any sharp objects and cast a spell 'Expecto Smog-no'.

6. The Most Creative Geneva Award-Worthy Invention Ever
A picture tells a thousand words. Period.

Source: From jymchong/somewhere phishing around the internet. Credits will be given to the original owner if they contact me.

5. The Most Successful Blame Game Ever
Minister Country A 1 : No.
Minister Country B 2 : Yes! 8 of them.
Minister Country A 1 : We will charge them all.
CEOs Country A : We are not involved.
Citizens of Country A and B: WE WANT FRESH AIR!

4. The Most Forgiving/Generous Act Ever
B. Indon : " Takpe, selamat membakar. Bisa dibincang papa."
Cantonese : " Haiya...mou siong kon. Yo!...sai mat pa har...Man si yau siong liong"
Benglish : " NVM, can buln one! Man-man talk har!"
English : " NVM, happy burning. We can talk."
Tamil : Sorry I don't know that...can someone help me out?

and finally...

3. The Greatest Blowjob Ever by Ayah Pin
No...not that figurative blowjob you dirty-minded. I mean the literally one. Creating the greatest ever job of blowing the haze away into another direction. As Ayah Pin was acclaiming that he has 'special powers' and 'able to communicate with God,' everyone will be grateful for him creating the greatest blowjob ever.

The other two I hand over to you all to add in. I'm just too tired now...gotta hit the beds.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Science Update: " Eh..that SMS girl Yau Jia Xin got what disease har?"

Disclaimer: The following post should not be seen as a 'rice-bowl snatching' from medical doctors. The blogger has used his best effort of his biomedical knowledge to provide information that is up-to-date and accurate. However, as medical science is constantly changing and human error is always possible, the blogger do not warrant the information in this article is accurate or complete, nor are they responsible for omissions or errors in the article or for the results of using this information. The reader should confirm the information in this article from other sources prior to use. Always seek further advice from a doctor if you need further information on this. Thank you.

In case you haven't know this due to your laziness reading newspapers and not bothered to click the links in my previous post, let me clarify you on this. She was having atrial myxoma. But the papers said that she kena stroke/angin ahmar/'pau huit koon' woh? Why so young also kena stroke leh?

For further information, check it out here or always do a Google search on 'atrial myxoma' you lazy bump! Some of the excerpts of the article:

Background: Atrial myxomas are the most common primary heart tumors. Symptoms are frequently nonspecific, which makes early diagnosis challenging. Most atrial myxomas are benign and can be removed by surgical resection. Two-dimensional echocardiography is the diagnostic procedure of choice.

Pathophysiology: Myxomas account for 40-50% of primary cardiac tumors. Approximately 90% are solitary and pedunculated, and 75-85% occur in the left atrial cavity. Up to 25% of cases are found in the right atrium. Most cases are sporadic. Approximately 10% are familial and are transmitted in an autosomal dominant mode. Multiple tumors occur in approximately 50% of familial cases and are more frequently located in the ventricle (13% vs 2% in sporadic cases).

Myxomas are polypoid, round, or oval. They are gelatinous with a smooth or lobulated surface and usually are white, yellowish, or brown. The most common site of attachment is at the border of the fossa ovalis in the left atrium, although myxomas can also originate from the posterior atrial wall, the anterior atrial wall, or the atrial appendage. The mobility of the tumor depends upon the extent of attachment to the interatrial septum and the length of the stalk.

Although atrial myxomas are typically benign, local recurrence due to inadequate resection or malignant change has been reported. Occasionally, atrial myxomas recur at a distant site because of intravascular tumor embolization. The risk of recurrence is higher in the familial myxoma syndrome.

Symptoms are produced by mechanical interference with cardiac function or embolization. Because they are intravascular and friable, myxomas account for most cases of tumor embolism. Embolism occurs in about 30-40% of patients. The site of embolism is dependent upon the location (left or right atrium) and the presence of an intracardiac shunt.

So, why was she having a heart tumour and a stroke at the same time? Here, I try to attempt to explain this in laymans term or in Benglish terms.

Haiya...the small girl got heart (jantung, not hati har..the one that goes blup blup blup blup leh in case u dunno leh) cancer loh. But this type of cancer har, is not that cancer that type you see in Healing Hands/ER/*insert your favourite medical drama series*, where peeple lose hair ar, skin all wrinkled ar, bed-ridden ar, peeple crying 'want live want die' ar...Nope. Because this type of cancer is a mainly benign one har (less serious lar or Semuanya OK cancer). So normally do X-X-Ray and scan-scan and operate should be OK liao. But why happened to this poor girl har? Some say exact cause not known woh (But IMHO, every disease except trauma has a genetic origin and could not just simply labelled as 'unknown cause' and it is up to scientists to find them out). Some say genetic loh. You know, appa amma pass to you one leh.

But why stroke leh? I tot only happen to those old-old peeple? Aiya..becuase she got lump in her heart mah. So the lump can fall out from her heart and go into the blood pipe loh. U know...those 'Kum Kuai Fei' ( a herb health product) adverts tell you want ar...ur blood goes round your body one leh...So this lump fall out liao end up in her brain blood pipe blood traffic jam up there, her brain kenot get oxygen, so stroke lar...So, she masuk hospital and doctor operate her lar to clear the lump, you know...operation must use blood one mar...u sembelih of course keluar blood one lar...must haf same type of blood to replace back one mar...Duh!

Hope that you have some rough idea now on what was going on with this poor little girl. Always read the disclaimer again if you have any doubts about my explanation.

So, shame on those again blindly forwarding those SMS; not finding out the real reason behind her hospitalisation and her need for blood before that.

And finally, if any of Jia Xin's family and her friends and relatives happened to read my blog and felt offended by it, I sincerely apologise here. My heart goes out to her and hope that she can get well soon and be a scientist in future, (not a doctor :P) finding out the cause of her 'unknown' disease.

Get well soon, Jia Xin! With best regards, The Sensintrovert

"'re from you're a Malay then?"

Continuing from my previous post, where I was mentioning about the 9-year-old-girl-O-negative chain message, I said that it was a hoax. So, let's check back what's the meaning of 'hoax.' According to, hoax means:
1. An act intended to deceive or trick.
2. Something that has been established or accepted by fraudulent means.

So, yes. I insist that the SMS was a hoax indeed as people who got the SMS with good and sincere intentions will attempt to call the number but finally got into the voicemail. So, somehow the first definition was implied here. Please do not argue further with me. Thank you.

OK. Arguments aside, here was a paper cutting which I came across from the freely-distributed Metro newspaper, which is equivalent to The Sun ( our Malaysian version of course, not the UK version, where you get full breasts exposed on Page 3 in The Sun in UK here). That piece of news was news-worthy enough to get a small mentioning in their news. You may click on the picture for a larger version.

But WTF??? So are all the people from Malaysia are called Malays then? Not that I have anything against them calling us alltogether Malays if we have all the equal rights and opportunities (which does not seem to happen now or in near future), but how can they not differentiate nationality and ethnicity? So, to save space in that small little column, they used 'Malay' as a contraction for Malaysians then?

Another error in the article, if you happened to be observant enough was she had her operation in KL. Nope, it was in PENANG.

I remembered once when I was backpacking around Europe and I still got questions from other fellow backpackers asking where was I from. When I answered Malaysia, I got this sort of conversation:

Person A: Oh...I thought that you are from China. (And they looked puzzled on how on earth a Chinese end up in Malaysia; they expect to see a darker skin bloke.) Duh!


Person B: Oh, then you're a Malay then?
Me: No, no. I'm still Chinese but I'm Malaysian.
...Puzzled look again...

Jeff Ooi's blog, MCA's election and Uncle Lim were heavily discussing about the creating a utopia of a Bangsa Malaysia or just plainly Malaysian, before any ethnicity comes in. The creation about us being proud of our identities as Malaysians.

If South Asian migrants in UK were granted citizenships after staying for less than 10 years ( I do not have the actual facts here but just take it as a relative comparison) are proud and labelled as being British, we as third-fourth generation non-Malays in Malaysia here should be given the due pride and identity as Malaysians in the context of equal rights and opportunities. After all, we were born here and sacrificed our blood and sweat for the development of the country.

I'm not going to bore you further by talking on this creation of Bangsa Malaysia thingy because I think most of us are too lethargic to talk about that anymore. For a bigger picture, you can always visit Jeff Ooi's blog. Cheers.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Aiya...tadak tengki har- pepaid card 5 linggit extra lar!

Registration of pre-paid sim cards and reload cards-A boon or a bane?

I wanted to blog about this yesterday and hopefully this piece of my two cent's worth is not outdated yet. Sorry if there is any regurgitation of second hand news.

Yes, I guess it's final. You and I would have to register when you purchase your SIM cards and also when you reload. Read the original news here.
And this piece of news seemed to be news-worthy for the ever-picky BBC news (they usually like to pick on rather 'small' but still can create kepohci enough news like the one on 'Malaysians told to pray for rain' and 'Malaysian cuisines in space' etc-seemed they like to degrade and undermine us). Check out the piece of news here.

An interesting excerpt of the news:

Though Malaysia has been almost entirely free of the violence that has plagued other countries in South East Asia, the authorities here are also concerned about a number of instances where wild and unfounded rumours have been spread by text message.

In 2002 villagers in the state of Sabah in Malaysian Borneo fled their homes after SMS messages claimed that head-hunters were roaming the area.

Taking the heads of warriors from rival villages as trophies was common in Sabah before the British colonial authorities put a stop to the practice, but the mere mention of head-hunters still has the power to fuel panic.

In January 2005, less than a month after the December tsunami disaster, thousands of people fled their homes around Semporna, also in Sabah, after text messages warned of another killer wave.

In both instances police believe the rumours were started by thieves who wanted to steal into empty villages to rustle water buffalo or ransack homes.

I never knew that piece of news about the 'head-hunting scare' rumours. Thanks BBC for telling me that. But seriously, did you notice on how they would like to pick on the news that would portray us negatively. Any angmoh reading this piece of news would be too fast to make negative assumptions like us Malaysians still living on trees and head-hunting is still practices widely. Check out the post that I wrote about the negative portrayal of us handling the haze situation (in this case, yes, we asked for it). I actually posted this comment in Jeff Ooi's post about the haze. In the conversations section, I got some of the feedback from other readers:

From beagle:
We cannot be held responsible for other people's ingnorance. If the West still thinks that Malaysians are living on trees, we can always pray to God to grant them wisdom and knowledge.

from edmund:
Sorry for being off-topic but in response to howsy, I must say that I was once accosted at a function in London with whether I drive and do I still live in trees. My answer is, "yes, we still live in trees and the British High Coomissioner lives in the tallest tree. Drive? No, we swing from tree to tree and, btw, your High Commissioner and his wife are the greatest swingers."
Another asked whether we still practise head-hunting. My reply is "yes, we do but traditionally we only hunt the brainless ones and I think you're in big trouble if you visit Malaysia."
After that they avoided me like the plague.
They were obviously trying to be funny as emblazoned one wall were the Twin Towers and one picture showed heavy traffic in KL.

Sorry for going off-topic but yes, I agree. Some angmohs really think that we live on trees, literally and figuratively. For example, initially, I was going to the pub with my colleagues and although I did not speak a lot (i'm a sensintrovert-remember?), here were some of the questions/comments I got from them:

Colleague A: Can you get Guiness in Malaysia?
Colleague B: That's a pool or snooker. This is a stick and that is a ball. You hit the ball with the stick.

I really feel like giving them a smack or just shoot them in the head. I really don't know what is going on in their minds. I know Malaysia is blessed with jungles and our biodiversity, but c'mon. Which person in this modern world still lives on a tree-top? Now I know the reason behind Toyo and his 'Semuanya OK' fiasco might be he wanted to prove all these angmohs wrong. " No more trees, we live in BUNGALOWS! Yeah!"

Registration would be a boon only if done smoothly, without any hassle and FOC of course.

There was this SMS circulating around about a girl (some said 4 years old, others said 9 years old)

"Help me sms as much as u can.God bles U.TQ.URGENT! child 4 yrs old Yau Jia Xin need O negative blood @ Nam Hwa Yi Hospital.pls contact 0124275813 or 0124930031."

Other bloggers had blogged about this earlier. Check it out here and here.

To my knowledge, this is the first time a 'rumour' went that big and far away. I'm in UK and I still got this SMS hoax. Yes, it was a hoax because people tried calling the number given and it was directed to a voicebox. Even Jonathan Kent from BBC attempted to call the number and he experienced the same thing. You can hear him talking about this in the podcast here. The Star and NST later clarified this on this piece of news: Check before passing on SMS and Heart girl ‘saved’ by SMS power.

Pic form NST: Yau's mother Teo, showing the SMS where she was also a 'victim' herself.

In addition to the earlier speculations given by blogger tiuniasing like:
- So many calls coming in, network is busy, Malaysia Boleh;
- Out of batteries due to so many calls received today day, Malaysia boleh;
- They don't need it anymore because they have found someone who has the same blood type, Malaysia Boleh;
- Again they don't need it anymore because the child is gone, Malaysia Tak Boleh;
- It's a chain mail from some stupid motherfuckers who has nothing better to do after they pangsai, Malaysia Tak Boleh,

may I add my two cents too-for not bothering to forward the message nor attempted to call the number:

1. First, I am so far away, how to come and donate blood woh? You sponsor my plane ticket har?

2. With all due respect to the girl, how much blood could a girl of 4-9 years old need for the operation. The most is maybe two packets of around 500 ml blood (I may be wrong as I'm not a surgeon). Yes, the blood type is rare but it is findable (I don't have any statistics on the proportion of people in Malaysia having the blood type). Plus, according to the news, her mother already got the help of two Chinese newspapers on Thursday to appeal for the blood. The SMS was sent on last Sunday. Don't tell me that during the four days, you can't even find 2 packets of 0 negative blood in this population of over 20 million people?

So shame on those forwarding the SMS around without thinking twice about the case above. You were too fast to whore out your emotions and feelings by thinking 'What the hell-the girl needs help and I only lose 5 cents of SMS.'

So, yes, registering of SIM and reload cards will be a boon to prevent this kind of SMS hoax or rumours floating around. But I have a series of questions to ask here:

1. Will the registration be done FOC, i.e. without imposing any hidden 'registration fees' in the cost of the prepaid card itself? There were some complaints that those prepaid card-traders were charging extra by giving reasons such as expensive rent and energy lah, petrol price hike lar, they provide the convenience of getting the prepaid card for you lar...etc...So, now they would have an concrete reason for charging you extra then.

2. Does this means the end of the MLM/ 'easy-side income' trade of the pre-paid cards?
I had friends who joined this MLM company somewhere near Pudu in this kind of trade and some others who even became 'petty traders' on campus selling these prepaid-cards. So, next time, do we expect them to bring stacks of registration forms around with them whenever they sell those cards?

3. Will the government be sure there will be no vice or criminal activities related to prepaid-card registration?
Related to the title of this post, traders would be too fast to charge 'extra' for penalising those forgetting their ICs or passports (for foreigners), which will finally end up in their pockets. And what about the illegal selling of those vital information? If the UPU list could be sold that easily, what about this list then? It would be even better as it will contain the phone numbers of the individuals.

4. What about those 'underground' selling of second-hand SIM cards?
How will the government going to trace them then? What about those SIM cards obtained through the black market? Or those from snatch thefts? If the SIM card happened to fall into the wrong hands of a snatch thief and a terrorist at the same time, would the innocent owner be wrongly charged? What sort of alibi and evidence that the innocent owner has to give to the court if ever a case like that happened?

SIM and prepaid cards registration-a boon or a bane in the Malaysian context?

There are many more other issues that need to be addressed such as the enforcement, forgery of personal information, tracking back of the users etc. etc.

The registration is implementable but in Bolehland, anything could turn up wrong and half-baked. I keep my fingers crossed to seeing another headline in BBC news pertaining to this.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Mmm...I like the smells good!

I'm not joking, really. In fact we should fight haze with haze. It neutralizes the odour and refreshens the air. It contains many chemicals which bring out its fragrance.

Well, actually I was visiting the loo and look what I found:

Yes, a nice cannister of Haze (with the capital H of course) was sitting nicely on top of my toilet bowl.

It was all in the front pages of the UK newspapers here (for the World News section) with the headline 'Malaysians told to pray for rain.' Seriously, what would the first impression of a foreigner who came across the title? I have not done any survey asking the locals in UK here but first they will not be very familiar with the term 'haze' (some might even think that we are mass producers of some brand of air-refreshener). But if they read further the two main points of haze-which are 'forest burning' and 'land clearing', certainly they would associate the haze as a man-made disaster.

With all due respect to all the religions in the world and I do NOT disagree having faith in God for helping us to clear the haze, but seriously, isn't haze a man-made phenomenon, only aggravated by weather conditions controlled by God? And the only thing a Malaysian leader could do was to ask people to pray, albeit without any solid concrete action?

Another similar 'hideous' headline was about the bringing of Malaysian cuisines to the space. And another one was about an elderly man who married like 50 times in his life.

It is unfair to blame them for portraying us as still living on tree tops and we are somehow part of the African nation. We somehow deserved to be portrayed like that. Structures like the 'two tall maizes' are not convincing enough.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Huh? Sorry, dear, what were you saying?

Nope, this is not another haze post about a probable difficulty of hearing due to the haze.

I'll try to squeeze in three news related to this topic. And please look away if you are going to accuse my of nothing better to do but just cut and paste news from the internet.

1. Men do have trouble hearing women, scientists find

LONDON (AFP) - Men who are accused of never listening by women now have an excuse -- women's voices are more difficult for men to listen to than other men's, a report said.

The Daily Mail, quoting findings published in the specialist magazine

NeuroImage, said researchers at Sheffield university in northern England discovered startling differences in the way the brain responds to male and female sounds.

Men deciphered female voices using the auditory part of the brain that processes music, while male voices engaged a simpler mechanism, it said.

The Mail quoted researcher Michael Hunter as saying, "The female voice is actually more complex than the male voice, due to differences in the size and shape of the vocal cords and larynx between men and women, and also due to women having greater natural 'melody' in their voices.

"This causes a more complex range of sound frequencies than in a male voice."

The findings may help explain why people suffering hallucinations usually hear male voices, the report added, as the brain may find it much harder to conjure up a false female voice accurately than a false male voice.

Sorry, dear-what were you saying just now? Now, you'll have an excuse the next time your fella nag you!

2. Soothing sounds

The Sun reports that newborn babies in Slovakia are being played classical music through earphones, "to help them communicate."

On doctors' orders, the tiny tots listen to the soothing music, which is believed to "ease the stress of being born". Maybe they should start doling out headphones to the shattered new mums - surely they feel more than a little stressed.

The babies in Kosice, Slovakia, are just one or two days old when the huge adult headphones are put over their ears. And they are 'soothed' by this music five times a day for 20 minutes at a time, reports the paper.

We're not told exactly which classical tunes are chosen to be piped through to the newborns but the Sun helpfully suggests a few tracks which could feature on their "iPoods". If you thought that was bad, you should read their suggestions.

"Don't Worry, Be Nappy" is top of the list.

Wait, it gets worse.

"Wake Me Up Before You Goo Goo" has to be the highlight.


Baby: goo gaa gaa Arsh goo gaa gaa
Mom: Sorry dear, what were you saying? OMFG...I must have wrongly put an Eminem CD or what? Please, dear, don't sue me when you grow up.

3. Short sharp shock for youngsters who can't log off net

ZHU ZHENGHUA thought his parents were taking him to Beijing to go sightseeing.
Instead they checked the 19-year-old into a clinic for internet addicts at the Beijing Military Hospital that claims to be the world’s first. “I used to stay online until I was tired. I don’t know how long. Days?” Zhu said. “So I think maybe this clinic is good for me.”

China’s soaring on-line population recently topped 100 million, but that has brought problems as well as advantages. Such is their obsession with the internet that almost all the clinic’s young patients have dropped out of school or college. They cease to communicate with family or friends. They live huddled in front of a computer screen, drifting through internet chat rooms or playing violent online games.

“These are children with low self-esteem or behavioural problems and going on to the internet boosts their selfconfidence. It makes them feel mature and successful and it gives them a sense of achievement,” said Tao Ran, the director of the clinic and a specialist with 20 years’ experience in treating addictions.

"Sorry dear-what were you saying-I'm braiwashing my brain not to be an internet addict anymore."

Global Appeal for Fresh Air-Please Donate Generously

Will we see this kind of advert appeal to appear in the media someday?

Click here for the original appeal advert. case you are too blurred and too suffocated by the haze to think well, this is just a joke. Do not attempt to call the numbers/visit the website above. Cheers.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fuhlamak...I could read Tun Mahathir's mind!!!

Really...I'm not joking...if you have read my story in my previous post and today's article in Utusan Malaysia: Pelajar Melayu enggan baiki kelemahan ditegur, you will know what I meant. Or had Mahathir read my blog and then got the idea to comment on this? If yes, my respected ex-leader, please leave a comment here. Thanks.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mak bapak, aku nak jadi cam Mawi bilak besak nanti!

Where were we? Hmmm...I ought to go for some anger management lessons but what the hell...this blog IS a form of anger management for me already.

Well, this is my another attempt to blog in Malay, so if you are not interested or not familiar with the Malay language, please look away again. Cheers.

Nun jauh di sebuah rumah di sebuah kampung,
Bapak: Nak, apesal bebuku kat meja tak sentuh? Dah abis ke kerja rumah? Mai, abah tengok. Mashaallah, banyaknya tanda merah melimpah-limpah! Ko tak bace buku ke tak dengak cikgu ajark ko?
Anak: Abah ni bising lar...aku tengah tengok Kedemi Fantosok ni, ganggu je lah. Ish, gentarnya, Mawi akan menagk ke? Abah, keje rumah tu, bole bace nanti.
Bapak: Nak, tosahlah duduk dekat sangat kat TV tu, nanti mate jadi bute kang.
Anak: Ish, patut mai tengok same, bah. Mentri, pimpin, Kak Zalina pun suruh tengok Mawi.
Bapak: Tak leh asyik tengok TV je nak, cikgu nak dah bagi warning nak mesti siap keje rumah. Nanti kena hukum lagi padan muka.
Anak: Kejap je bah, nanti nak buat karange ye-Cita-cita bile besak nanti.Semuanya OK.
Bapak: Anak ni tak dengak nasihat leh-berbuih mulut abah nasihat. Besak nanti tak nak ke masuk univesiti?
Anak: Ape nak takut bah. Kejaan janji nak tambah tempat uni untuk kite orang. Usah nak takut. Entahlah bah. Bile besak nanti, mungkin nak nak jadi cam Mawi. Kalo tak dapat masuk univeSITI, takpe bole jadi macam SITI.
Bapak: Ish, apesal nak jadi artis ni. Ko tau ke nyanyi? Nanti hujan turun.
Anak: Aleh, tau sikit sikit lah (Malu). Tak tau pun takpe. Nanti masuk Kedemi Fantasok, ade orang ajark. Jadi cam Mawi nanti.
Bapak: Wi? Sapo tu Mawi lagi ni? Fames ke dia?
Anak: Fuih-tera betui dia ni. Sekarang dah menang Kedemi, fuih-menak kete, rumah,duit ade, nanti awek pun melimpah-limpah, kahwin empat nanti.
Bapak: Ish. (Mengusik) Kahwin empat nanti isti pertama simbah asid getah. Hai~Sukak hati hang lah. Bile abis nanti, ingat buat karange ye.
Anak: Udah-dah abis dah. I karang nak layar intenet-fuhlamak canggih ICT bah. Nak visit sokong Mawi...Bah, kejap bah. Er...bole mintak duit saku lagi tak...
Bapak: Buat ape? Baru je 2 hari lepas dah bagi 50 puluk.
Anak: He...he...nak beli kad pepaid isi duit hepone...duit dah abis SMS sokong Mawi.
Bapak: Ish...ade ade je budak ni...Nah!

Moral of the story? Something for you to ponder upon. Cheers.

Sunday, August 07, 2005 hard to remember ministers' names lar!!!

Huh? Who huh? Minister of High Study har? Nope? Ohhhhhh...Minister of Higher Education har? Ehrmmmmmmm...her name dunno lar! What that minister is a he? Sorry menyiasuikan (embarassing)...So can get the job or not?

Sounds familiar? First, on Fri 29th July, Jeff Ooi highlighted that the Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis trying to nose into someone else's affairs by looking into setting a guideline to filter porn but he has no business whatsoever in ISPs. Then, two days later, on Sun 31st July, he highlighted again on the mixed up cabinet minister's names and getting the facts incorrect.

Then on today, Berita Harian's column highlighted that the Higher Education Minister, Datuk Dr Shafie Salleh wasn't too happy about graduates not familiar with general knowledge, including minister's name. According to him again, graduates now only knows reality show participant's names such as Mawi and Felix. IRONICALLY, in its main story, about the UPU list for sale fiasco, a picture of Datuk Mohd. Shafie Apdal, Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs was put up instead of Mohd. Shafie Salleh. The name of the caption below the picture was correct but when I tried to search in the article whether his name was mentioned or not, nope....nil, zero, elek. Another confusion over minister's name and face, I guess, even by the mainstream media?

"The million ringgit question of the day*:This could be a tricky one-Which one above is the Minister of Higher Education?"
*Price is subjected to the mentioning of the full name of the minister also.

Is it really hard to remember minister's names or even officer's names? Yes, I guess so. First, we have to remember their honourific titles in order not to offend them. First, comes Yang Berhormat, Yang Amat Berhormat, Yang Besar, Tun, Tunku, Yang Mulia, Yang Teramat Mulia, Yang Dijunjung Kasih, Yang Dll. And then comes any academic honourific titles such as Prof, Associate Prof, Ir. And then comes Dr. which could be a medical doctor or a PhD doctor. Then finally comes his/her first name, middle name and last name or surname. Then if for more official occasions, all those royal honourific titles has to be included, e.g. PJK, AMN, etc etc.

With the love of contractions nowadays, for example 'glokal', 'infortainment' and even Asmawi Ani coming out with 'Mawi' and with me myself included- The Sensintrovert...hehe, with all due respect to ministers , could I suggest these following contractions for their names to avoid further confusion?:
PM=Pak Lah (but some lady wasn't to happy with that name, I guess)
DPM=Najib will be fine I guess
Higher Edu=Shafleh
Works=Samvue or no need for that as I guess who doesn't know him
Local Gomen=KTOng (not to be confused with Katong)
MITI=Kak Dah
Water=Uncle Lim
Info=AK Bowtie?
Human Resources=CoFong a.k.a Mr. Thrifty
The Keris Man=Sham
Parliament=Ri or er...*insert the famous word uttered by him 42 times in parliament*
FT Minister=Isa (not to be confused with ISA)-is he still holding the post?

That's it, I guess. Kids and adults alike, for further information on the full list of the ministries and their ministers (with pictures included), please check it out here.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Wah!...Angmoh approves Proton Savvy har...

This might be very lame and long overdued already but I want to make this clear that this is not another Proton Savvy bashing post. Just that if you are observant enough, you might have noticed the advertisements lately in our local media about Proton every 5 minutes now and then, which goes something like this:
*German Angmoh talking something in German*
Then, a translator translating something.
*German Angmoh saying something again and something perfect*
Translator translates again and saying that even you don't understand German, Proton Savvy is quality guaranteed and certified by a foreigner (instituition) named TUV.

Another one goes something like this:
Yadda yadda...strict quality control...blah foreigners yadda yadda...Proton, a brand you can trust...The end.

By what or rather who is TUV?

According to their website:

The TÜV Rheinland Group is a leading international technical service provider, based in Cologne, Germany. Our mission is the long-term development of safety and quality in the interaction between man, technology and the environment. As a neutral and independent group of companies working in a competitive landscape in ever changing markets, the TÜV Rheinland Group acts in a customer and success-oriented manner.

With more than 8,200 employees generate a yearly worldwide turnover of 700 million Euro, working in over 100 concern subsidiaries we are present in 50 different countries.

Our work is animated by the conviction that social and industrial development cannot be achieved without technical progress. Proceeding from 130 years of experience, our market activities are concentrated especially in the five fields of Industrial Services, Mobility and Transport, Product Safety and Quality, Education and Consulting, and IT Sevices and Innovation.

At TÜV Rheinland Group, the three proud initials of TÜV have always stood for independence, neutrality and professional expertise. They are now equally a synonym for innovation. Given the rapid technological developments, in the future even more than until now, our name will stand for a brand you can trust.

So let put this simple as I'm not an automobile critic or expert. Savvy not selling well(hence, explaining the frequency of the adverts; 'hard sell' some call it). Proton pays TUV to get their product certified. Strict quality control was emphasized. TUV certified OK. Proton puts up advertisements using a random German(?)talking German. Xenophilic (or Angmohphilic) Malaysians then think Savvy: "Wah!...So keng chau one har...angmoh approves Savvy har!" People buy Savvy. Proton gets their products sold and makes money. Period.

C'mon. What's a great deal bragging about quality control and tough solid structure? Those are ought to be part of an automobile already. No need to harp on that somemore. Maybe before this they didn't have those features? (Scary, Scary!) There were also numerous posts and even clips about the condemnation of Proton Savvy on a leading automobile programme called Top Gear on British TV. I myself have viewed the clip which was quite short actually. If my synapses are still plastic,it went something like this: First, a bloke said "Proton, a Malaysian car manafacturer who owns Lotus, making 'cheap' (not quite cheap for us Malaysians I guess) in jungles, recently launched their very own Lotus (or very first Lotus or something like that)." And then a picture of Savvy was shown. I'm not sure whether the laughter was infectious or what but suddenly all the audience broke out with laughters. It was indeed an insult to us. But who could blame them? When people mention Lotus, they would imagine something related to a slick sports car, not a mini ketot hatchback like Savvy. Models like this might be something new to Malaysia, but they have been in Europe for 'centuries'. Finally another bloke said "Put that thing away from me now."

Another thing was that the advertisements kept mentioning 'Wholly Made in Malaysia' as their main selling point. I have some questions to ask again. What is the main component of a car? Or what makes a car moves? Where was that from again? Is it still quite Malaysian? Period.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The lightning stroke twice (and indeed more) on a day...

I guess this is quite lame already and is a second-hand news material but OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two plane mishaps in a day???!!! i.e. the MAS plane mishap in Perth, Australia and the Toronto plane inferno.

And not worse enough, there was the sudden haze in Klang Valley and supposedly in Ipoh and other areas also(called my parents but they claimed that there was no haze in Ipoh).

And related to the plane mishaps, there was a selfish idiotic girl from Oz who cried wolf way too far and she is tried in court now. Padan muka. Selfish and idiotic people playing jokes like this ought to be shot.

A flying experience could be both nervous and exciting for first timers and even frequent flyers. It is every flyer's hope that the take-off is as pucntual and ASAP, the time spent on the plane is as minimal as possible and also the destination is reached ASAP; safe and sound of course. Playing jokes like that is not funny and having mishaps like those above could cause a 'fear of flying' psychological trauma.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Top 10 Clips I Would Like To See: 10. Paris Hilton, 9. Colin Ferrel...

Hmm...Paris Hilton and Colin Ferrel...what do they have in common? Nope, you dirty-minded, those clips or rather movies are not on my must-see list.

As usual, my lame 'top 10' list again. This time is about the video clips I would like to see which I had missed during my stay in UK here. I'm not sure whether they are circulating around the internet but you Malaysians still in Malaysia were very lucky enough indeed to have witnessed these momentous clips. Cherish them.

Of note, the 'My Daily Eye Food', i.e the link to ntv7's broadband so-called 'live' news was removed as you need to subscribe in order to watch them now. It's not worth it, I tell you, because the news contents are biased and for self-glorification and the other 'news' were actually repetition after repetition of their in-house programmes if not news imported from CNN.

And here's the list:
10. The ever-famous 'racist' LRT courtesy advert.

9. Hishammuddin waving his keris in the air during the UMNO assembly. I want to measure the decibles of his shout.

8. Kak Dah breaking into tears, swearing in the name of God /the Quran and her Oscar-worthy act of denial.

7. Nazri shouting 42 times 'racist/perkauman' in Parliament (I know it is found in Malaysiakini but couldn't get the clip to work somehow).

6. P.Daddy or Ayah Pin (I always wonder if Puff Daddy was his follower) saying that he could make someone dancing on TV fell down while watching TV? or something like that-you know...those supernatural powers.

5. And related to no.6, the 'before and after' Sky Kingdom. You know those nice teapot, umbrella etc. (before) and the aftermath (after demolition; if someone managed to sneak in some spy cams). I would love to see if it had any similarity to the demolishing of Saddam statue's in Iraq.

4. Semi Value saying '...tak nak orang India jadi doktor...' (did he say that on national TV?). And keeping quiet after that.

3. National Space Agency (NSA) director-general Prof Dr Mazlan Othman saying 'satay, nasi lemak, Nasi Kandar and *insert your faovurite Malaysian food here*. And 'space'.

2. Joint snippets of our beloved PM saying 'Don't believe rumours' and the 'petrol naik lagi' announcement few days ago.

and finally,

1. Khir Toyo saying the ever-famous phrase 'Semuanya OK' during the Bukit Cahaya saga. I am curious to find out how he rose to fame with this 'Malaysian Phrase of the Year.'

I would be grateful if someone would be creative enough to make a compilation of these clips and make them into a full-length DVD. Enough already of those amateur porn 'Pramugara' and 'Student Sex Romps' circulating around (size does matter and I only prefer professional ones or at least ala Paris Hilton ones...hehe...). Let's have something new circulating in our market, yeh? Latuk Loktor Ho would be thanking me for this brilliant idea.

If not, I guess I'll have to wait until Jendela Dunia to be aired on 31st of December instead then, which again I wouldn't be able to see that. Sigh.