Sunday, August 28, 2005

"Big Issue mate? Big Issue sir? Big Issue ma'am? Big Issue luv'?"

Pertaining to the running of 'Desiderata's Series of Malaysian Dilemma', a contributer Sabrina Tan , a Malaysian dental student (free-of-bond I guess) in New Zealand, was posed this question
"So where are you going to end up after you graduate? Going home? Stay here?”

So, she made me think too of what should I answer if I was posed the same question by my panel of viva examiners. What will be my answer then?

Should it be:

1. " Oh...I'm definitely going back and be a lecturer and earn 300 pounds' equivalent of monthly salary. No, don't you worry about the can still survive in Malaysia. I should sacrifice and dedicate myself for the education of our young generation." or

2. " Of course I'm not going back. What? You want me to earn a salary of a Big Issue seller? And if you happened to read last two month's Nature article, you may have noticed that we have race-based science policies. Blimey! I'm less 'earthly-princed'! Would I even get a job then?"

Sometimes it is not the money that always matters; it is the X factor in Malaysia. I guess you all know what that X factor is if your colour skin and religion is a bit different.

Leaving your comfort zone to another part of the world makes you view and think of your own country differently. My friends were blaming me for being 'unpatriotic' and 'a traitor' when I try to blog something about politics. They do not know that they are in their comfort zones and do not realise how us living overseas, avidly following Malaysian news daily. And after that shaking our heads reading about negative news and silly actions by our MPs, which will eventually lead back to how our government runs our country. We also pay attention on how will the locals here view us Malaysians when the read headlines like "Malaysians told to pray for rain (to conquer haze)" and "Space gourmet for Malaysian space mission".

p.s. If you happened to click the link on "Big Issue", and related to the title above, Big Issue is a magazine exclusively sold by homeless people or at risk of homelessness, read: people dressed shabbily and equivalent to beggars (no offence to them was intended here). So you will see them at strategic public places in UK here; with a badge, holding the magazines and shouting those greetings in the title above to pester people to buy their magazines. And it costs £1.20 each copy. I myself just bought only once of it. So, if they are hardworking enough, they might earn the salary of a public university lecturer here.

"Students, the theory of sales and marketing could be explained by this..."

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