Sunday, August 21, 2005

"I have a blog like Jeff Ooi's© / Kenny Sia's©. Period. Now show me the money and give me the job I want"

Just read The Star's Education Section on the employable skills and graduate job hunting thingy. Among the empoyable skills are:

Picture from The Star.Click on pic for larger version.

Hmm...I was just thinking...those skills are just what every decent blogger has! So that makes them the best employees out there. Check out what I mean:

Click on pic for larger version.

So, next time when you apply for a job, just put 'I have a blog and it is www. *so and so*; feel free to visit' in your resume and in the interview, you could say something like this post title above.

And btw, Craig David rulezzzzzzzzz*......!!!!go get his latest album 'The Story Goes...'Current hit: All the way. P.S. He has the best-kept goatee in the world.
*This blogger receives no payment from Warner Music for this promotion.

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