Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Is my blog turning into a rotten sleazy slutty good-for-nothing porn/recreational site?

OK...maybe just one quick update...I monitor on who had visited me one you know...not for interrogation or something but just out of guess what when I checked my Sitemeter records:

OMFGBBQ???!!!!! People are searching for 'Meenachi Bogel Having Sex in Bukit Mertajam' and 'MawiFc latest news' was directed to my site??? Just because I have some phrases of 'sex', 'Bukit Mertajam' and 'Mawi' doesn't mean my blog is a porn site!

To the porn-searcher out there: Hey, Macha Tambi-you want to find Tamil girls naked go somewhere else lar...go and click my blog for what? My blog very decent and interesting one. All sex news are scientifically based one. Paham?????!!!!

To the MawiFc searcher out there: Hey, saudara/saudari-Kalo nak cari Mawi, pi teruslah ke Takyah lah pigi 'search-search' lagi kat Yahoo ke atau Ini blog yang canggih tahu-penuh dengan maklumat dan pengetahuan, bukan sekadar Mawi je...Paham????!!!!! And BTW, wait for his album in November?, wait for him being manipulated as politic propagandas, give him 3 or 4 years and he'll be SOOO.... out past his shelf-life already. So move on with your life, OK. Semuanya OK!

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