Sunday, August 28, 2005

"Judge...that man wanted me to eat his bird bird..."

Ok...maybe this news is a bit lame already but I don't know why I have missed it yesterday.
Girl victims drew picture of male sex organ during testimony
Deputy Public Prosecutor Hazril Harun said the sisters made the drawings during testimony in camera here last month when they were asked what the man had forced them to “eat.”

He was submitting at the end of the prosecution case at the trial of a 33-year-old stableman charged with two counts of forcing the girls to perform oral sex on him.

Defence counsel Chua Keng Hock submitted that the younger girl had testified that she was blindfolded and given bird-bird to “eat”.

“She did not actually see what it was.

“Was she given ice-cream? We don't know,” he said, adding that it was mere hearsay and imagination.

and a related case here.

Probably the sketch of the 'male organ'?

And I wonder what 'cream' were they being fed. Could be a white one but definitely not a cold and a very sweet one.

Hmm...whom shall be my bashing target now? Our education system? The censorship policy? Flourishing of pornography?

One thing you may notice that these rape articles didn't even mention the terms like 'paedophile', 'felatio' and 'cunnilingus'. Generalisations of 'sex abuse' and 'oral sex' are not good enough. But then we are not even supposed to report these 'sensuous' cases, remember? MPs were saying that there were too many negative reports and 'spicy' news in our papers. And also about Astro having too many programmes like this.

I remembered once when I was in Form 6, a female classmate was asking another male classmate what is 'oral sex'. Imagine that! 18-year olds didn't even had the slightest knowledge of that, then what about 5-6 years olds like them?

I hate comparing us to other countries, but our crackdown on religious cults and celebrity e-mail defamation seemed to be more efficient than the crackdown on paedophiles like these.

Another task for readers out there: Astro no-sex policy, National Biotech Policy, Tongkat Ali, aphrodisiac, rape, incest. Kindly make sentences out of these words to explain the double-standard in our government's policy. Thank you.

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