Monday, August 29, 2005

The Malaysian Spam

"Dear *insert your e-mail user name here*,
Greetings! My name is Maryam Obocha and I have inherited *insert your favourite amount of US dollar here* but....die in crash....want you to a partner....transfer certain amount of deposit first...."

Sounds familiar...yup..that's the Nigerian scam phising in our e-mails. Guess what? Now we also have our own Malaysian version of the Nigerian scam. Check this screenshot of the e-mail I got:

Jeff Ooi did a coverage on this about 2 months ago on 6th July titled "VoIP via MLM: MCMC will 'wait-and-see'". I wonder what is the latest development on this.

If someone has received the similar e-mail, please leave a comment here. Better still, I would like to hear from those ACTUALLY going to the seminar at the Palace of Golden Horses and tell me more about that.

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