Saturday, August 13, 2005

Mmm...I like the smells good!

I'm not joking, really. In fact we should fight haze with haze. It neutralizes the odour and refreshens the air. It contains many chemicals which bring out its fragrance.

Well, actually I was visiting the loo and look what I found:

Yes, a nice cannister of Haze (with the capital H of course) was sitting nicely on top of my toilet bowl.

It was all in the front pages of the UK newspapers here (for the World News section) with the headline 'Malaysians told to pray for rain.' Seriously, what would the first impression of a foreigner who came across the title? I have not done any survey asking the locals in UK here but first they will not be very familiar with the term 'haze' (some might even think that we are mass producers of some brand of air-refreshener). But if they read further the two main points of haze-which are 'forest burning' and 'land clearing', certainly they would associate the haze as a man-made disaster.

With all due respect to all the religions in the world and I do NOT disagree having faith in God for helping us to clear the haze, but seriously, isn't haze a man-made phenomenon, only aggravated by weather conditions controlled by God? And the only thing a Malaysian leader could do was to ask people to pray, albeit without any solid concrete action?

Another similar 'hideous' headline was about the bringing of Malaysian cuisines to the space. And another one was about an elderly man who married like 50 times in his life.

It is unfair to blame them for portraying us as still living on tree tops and we are somehow part of the African nation. We somehow deserved to be portrayed like that. Structures like the 'two tall maizes' are not convincing enough.

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