Sunday, August 21, 2005

Move over Demi Moore-Malaysia has our own version of toy-boy marriages!

Don't get me wrong. I love Malaysia. Indeed even more now. She is now on par with other developed countries in the world, you know; more and more towards our Vision 2020 to be a fully developed state. Indeed, we now have our very first (to my knowledge) version of toyboy marriage reported just today. Read here for more context.
An excerpt from it:
Cinta tidak mengenal usia

BUKIT MERTAJAM 20 Ogos - Pepatah ada berkata, cinta tidak mengenal usia.

Itulah yang berlaku kepada pasangan Mohd. Riduan Husaini, 27, yang melangsungkan perkahwinan dengan seorang nenek, Hasnah Abdullah, 47, hari ini.

Janda anak lima itu hasil perkahwinannya terdahulu, kini mempunyai seorang cucu berusia 10 bulan.

Sungguhpun usia kedua-duanya berbeza 20 tahun, namun itu bukan penghalang untuk pasangan berkenaan meniti hari-hari bahagia selepas diijabkabulkan.

Aww...such a happy family. The Sensintrovert wishes 'Selamat Pengantin Baru'(Congratulations on your wedding) and 'Semoga bahagia sampai anak cucu..oopss..should be anak cucu selain yang umur 10 bulan tu...'(May happiness be with you from generations to generations).

In case you happen to search for 'Demi Moore' or 'toyboy marriages' but was directed to hear and saw WTF all in wot language????, the article is titled 'Love is age-blind'. It briefly mentioned that the groom is 27 years old and the grandmother-bride,is 47. The bride was actually a spinster and has 5 children from her previous marriage. She just became a grandmother just 10 month ago when her first grandchild was born.

So, there you go. Our very first toyboy marriage. All hail to the Hollywood, which will have Ashton Kutcher, 26 and Demi Moore, 43 marrying in coming this November and Sadie Frost, 40 (Jude Law's ex) with Jackson Scott, 24. Those wasn't too bad, with the age gap of less than 20 years.

Also, somewhere from the internet:
Following in the footsteps of Madonna and Demi Moore, nearly a third of single women in America are stepping out with younger men, a survey showed today.

Middle-aged women across the US are brushing aside the stigma and increasingly opting for toyboys, the study found.

The findings, in a forthcoming edition of AARP The Magazine, comes as part of one of the biggest studies into the love lives of middle-aged singles in the US.


Granny, 60, dumps husband for chatroom toyboy, 22
A British grandmother left her husband after 38 years to marry a 22-year-old Moroccan she met on the Internet.

Sylvia Ouhtit, 60, walked out on her husband Eric Norton, 62, to marry Tarik Ouhtit in Morocco. However, they have been forced to separate after the Home Office refused Mr Ouhtit a visa to live in Britain because officials believe it is a marriage of convenience.

She met Mr Ouhtit, who had been rejected three times in his attempts to come to Britain, after she became hooked on a computer she bought her husband for his 60th birthday in November 2000. She used a chatroom called Grapevine and, calling herself Annabel 229, met Tarik, who went by the name Fortune Teller.

So if we fast reverse 22 years back for the previous case, would we get something like this?:

"Hi my new hubbie."

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