Monday, August 29, 2005

Royal Commision for the revamp of our Malaysian education system? "No thanks,"says Kerisman.

Yeah, no need for that. You want to know why? Let me tell you a story here:

At 12 years old, we have UPSR. 'Deserving ones' go into residential schools while the 'commoners' go to normal schools.

At 15 years old, we have PMR. 'Deserving ones' go into MRSMs while the 'commoners' go to normal schools.

At 17 years old, we have SPM. 'Deserving ones' go for matriculation/JPA-sponsored overseas studies while the 'commoners' go for STPM/expensive A levels.

At 20 years old, 'deserving ones' are ALREADY in degree programmes in IPTAs while the 'commoners' are just barely lucky enough to step into IPTAs.

At 23 years old, 'deserving ones' graduated with mediocre results and with the aid of 'rent-seeking' while the 'commoners' graduated by studying day and night.

At 24 years old, 'deserving ones' already are tutors in IPTA, bound to leave to overseas for fully-sponsored postgrad studies soon, while the 'commoners' had to 'beg' for scholarships around the world for postgrad studies.

At 26 years old, 'deserving ones' are already lecturers, bound for rapid promotion and doing 'mickey mouse' research, while the 'commoners' still suffer from a dilemma whether to return or not.

At 30 years old, 'deserving ones' are already head of departments, while the 'commoners' are still on the postdoc 'threadmill.'

At 40 years old, 'deserving ones' are already Professors while the 'commoners' have just only secured a tenure track position in academia overseas.

The list goes on and on as we age...

Just how can we stand tall side by side each other?

And a message to the Kerisman: Chinese are NEITHER afraid of your weapon, nor bombs and missiles. We had suffered inequality, discrimination and injustice in silence for decades ; what are those physical threats to us?

Just consider this: if MCA wields a sword at their assembly and say 'Loong de chuan ren yoong pu siao si/du yi wu er' (The decendants of the dragon will not vanish/invincible)and if the Malays complain, they rebut that the Malays should not fear the sword and the China superpower. Will that be accepted then? You may want to torch the MCA HQ then!

And mind you. The keris was not cheap. Better put it for better uses like buying water tanks.

A symbol of struggle? If Ayah Pin couldn't have his teapot as his symbol of struggle, why should you have the keris? And idolism is forbidden in Islam, why are you 'worshipping' the keris?

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