Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Top 10 Clips I Would Like To See: 10. Paris Hilton, 9. Colin Ferrel...

Hmm...Paris Hilton and Colin Ferrel...what do they have in common? Nope, you dirty-minded, those clips or rather movies are not on my must-see list.

As usual, my lame 'top 10' list again. This time is about the video clips I would like to see which I had missed during my stay in UK here. I'm not sure whether they are circulating around the internet but you Malaysians still in Malaysia were very lucky enough indeed to have witnessed these momentous clips. Cherish them.

Of note, the 'My Daily Eye Food', i.e the link to ntv7's broadband so-called 'live' news was removed as you need to subscribe in order to watch them now. It's not worth it, I tell you, because the news contents are biased and for self-glorification and the other 'news' were actually repetition after repetition of their in-house programmes if not news imported from CNN.

And here's the list:
10. The ever-famous 'racist' LRT courtesy advert.

9. Hishammuddin waving his keris in the air during the UMNO assembly. I want to measure the decibles of his shout.

8. Kak Dah breaking into tears, swearing in the name of God /the Quran and her Oscar-worthy act of denial.

7. Nazri shouting 42 times 'racist/perkauman' in Parliament (I know it is found in Malaysiakini but couldn't get the clip to work somehow).

6. P.Daddy or Ayah Pin (I always wonder if Puff Daddy was his follower) saying that he could make someone dancing on TV fell down while watching TV? or something like that-you know...those supernatural powers.

5. And related to no.6, the 'before and after' Sky Kingdom. You know those nice teapot, umbrella etc. (before) and the aftermath (after demolition; if someone managed to sneak in some spy cams). I would love to see if it had any similarity to the demolishing of Saddam statue's in Iraq.

4. Semi Value saying '...tak nak orang India jadi doktor...' (did he say that on national TV?). And keeping quiet after that.

3. National Space Agency (NSA) director-general Prof Dr Mazlan Othman saying 'satay, nasi lemak, Nasi Kandar and *insert your faovurite Malaysian food here*. And 'space'.

2. Joint snippets of our beloved PM saying 'Don't believe rumours' and the 'petrol naik lagi' announcement few days ago.

and finally,

1. Khir Toyo saying the ever-famous phrase 'Semuanya OK' during the Bukit Cahaya saga. I am curious to find out how he rose to fame with this 'Malaysian Phrase of the Year.'

I would be grateful if someone would be creative enough to make a compilation of these clips and make them into a full-length DVD. Enough already of those amateur porn 'Pramugara' and 'Student Sex Romps' circulating around (size does matter and I only prefer professional ones or at least ala Paris Hilton ones...hehe...). Let's have something new circulating in our market, yeh? Latuk Loktor Ho would be thanking me for this brilliant idea.

If not, I guess I'll have to wait until Jendela Dunia to be aired on 31st of December instead then, which again I wouldn't be able to see that. Sigh.

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