Saturday, August 06, 2005

Wah!...Angmoh approves Proton Savvy har...

This might be very lame and long overdued already but I want to make this clear that this is not another Proton Savvy bashing post. Just that if you are observant enough, you might have noticed the advertisements lately in our local media about Proton every 5 minutes now and then, which goes something like this:
*German Angmoh talking something in German*
Then, a translator translating something.
*German Angmoh saying something again and something perfect*
Translator translates again and saying that even you don't understand German, Proton Savvy is quality guaranteed and certified by a foreigner (instituition) named TUV.

Another one goes something like this:
Yadda yadda...strict quality control...blah foreigners yadda yadda...Proton, a brand you can trust...The end.

By what or rather who is TUV?

According to their website:

The TÜV Rheinland Group is a leading international technical service provider, based in Cologne, Germany. Our mission is the long-term development of safety and quality in the interaction between man, technology and the environment. As a neutral and independent group of companies working in a competitive landscape in ever changing markets, the TÜV Rheinland Group acts in a customer and success-oriented manner.

With more than 8,200 employees generate a yearly worldwide turnover of 700 million Euro, working in over 100 concern subsidiaries we are present in 50 different countries.

Our work is animated by the conviction that social and industrial development cannot be achieved without technical progress. Proceeding from 130 years of experience, our market activities are concentrated especially in the five fields of Industrial Services, Mobility and Transport, Product Safety and Quality, Education and Consulting, and IT Sevices and Innovation.

At TÜV Rheinland Group, the three proud initials of TÜV have always stood for independence, neutrality and professional expertise. They are now equally a synonym for innovation. Given the rapid technological developments, in the future even more than until now, our name will stand for a brand you can trust.

So let put this simple as I'm not an automobile critic or expert. Savvy not selling well(hence, explaining the frequency of the adverts; 'hard sell' some call it). Proton pays TUV to get their product certified. Strict quality control was emphasized. TUV certified OK. Proton puts up advertisements using a random German(?)talking German. Xenophilic (or Angmohphilic) Malaysians then think Savvy: "Wah!...So keng chau one har...angmoh approves Savvy har!" People buy Savvy. Proton gets their products sold and makes money. Period.

C'mon. What's a great deal bragging about quality control and tough solid structure? Those are ought to be part of an automobile already. No need to harp on that somemore. Maybe before this they didn't have those features? (Scary, Scary!) There were also numerous posts and even clips about the condemnation of Proton Savvy on a leading automobile programme called Top Gear on British TV. I myself have viewed the clip which was quite short actually. If my synapses are still plastic,it went something like this: First, a bloke said "Proton, a Malaysian car manafacturer who owns Lotus, making 'cheap' (not quite cheap for us Malaysians I guess) in jungles, recently launched their very own Lotus (or very first Lotus or something like that)." And then a picture of Savvy was shown. I'm not sure whether the laughter was infectious or what but suddenly all the audience broke out with laughters. It was indeed an insult to us. But who could blame them? When people mention Lotus, they would imagine something related to a slick sports car, not a mini ketot hatchback like Savvy. Models like this might be something new to Malaysia, but they have been in Europe for 'centuries'. Finally another bloke said "Put that thing away from me now."

Another thing was that the advertisements kept mentioning 'Wholly Made in Malaysia' as their main selling point. I have some questions to ask again. What is the main component of a car? Or what makes a car moves? Where was that from again? Is it still quite Malaysian? Period.

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