Friday, September 30, 2005

Can you spend the whole day at a shopping complex? I just did...

This is the Part 3 and the final part of my post from the continuation of my travelblog to KL recently. I know its getting boring. So, better keep it short and simple this time.

Day 2
Woke up around 9.30 am, had breakfast served to table but rather disappointing one and then headed to KL Sentral to MidValley. Had the famous JJ asam laksa and rendang ayam nasi lemak(at different times) and also the Turkish herb ice-cream. Literally spent there half a day before proceeding to UPM and then back here again to meet up with some friends again for dinner.

It's better worth it than the RM 5.50 per scoop gelato found here and KLCC.

Met up with a friend in UPM so took the KTM Komuter to Serdang and managed to drop by the Venice of Selangor.

Pretty much the same since I was here more than 2 years ago. They got rid of the ice-skating ring and added more fashion stores for ah-bengs and ah-lians at the topmost floor. The bowling alley remained there.

Toured around UPM to see the changes there (thanks to my friend BH who brought me around and showed me her lab too). Then, went back to MidValley Megamall and waited till 8 pm for dinner with my other friends. Had Yoshinoya's Udon (not the beef rice) and then further went for supper and chat at Steven's Corner OUG. Called it a day after that.

Day 3
Got up again around 10 am this time and even though it has passed the breakfast time, I was still entitled for it. Headed to KL Sentral and took the Putra LRT to Kelana Jaya before taking a feeder bus (which I waited for more than 15 minutes for it to depart) to One Utama. The moment I reached there, I was greeted by Siti Nurhaliza playing some games with participants on stage promoting her CTea.

It is pretty safe for top celebs like her to be on and down the stage like this without surrounded by bodyguards. Bless the safe Malaysia.

Met up with a friend KS at 1 Utama for lunch and then he brought me to the famous Rojak Kader which you can spot it along the way from TTDI? to 1U.

The taste was nothing special compared to Ipoh Greentown's Rojak or Ipoh Padang's Rojak.

He then took me to the Ikano-Ikea-Curve Triangle, in which IMHO, The Curve is full of restaurants, while Ikano and Ikea are furniture centres.

Ikano Power Centre

The Curve


It sounds ridiculuos to walk back from the Triangle area to 1U under the hot sun but it was a not really a big deal to me. Venture around 1U some more before meeting up with another bunch of friends for dinner at Chilis.

Thanks for the treat at Chilis guys!...although somehow get bored by the brouhaha of the Malaysian Idol that night you all were so hyped-about.

Finally, was lucky enough to catch The Myth at the spanking new GSC (thanks EY for getting the tics).
The same old typical Jackie Chan film. Lazy to review this. Read Shaolin Tiger's review here.

Call it a day and spent a night at EY's place, slept for only 3 hours, he took me for a Hainanese coffee and toast breakfast before boarding a bus back to Ipoh.

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