Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Don't Panic...This Is the Rejuvenated Sensintrovert

Wait...don't panic. You're still visiting The Sensintrovert howsy.blogspot.com. This is the rejuvenated version of it. I have removed the old black background which someone thinks it is hard to read.

I will be on the move again, so while I'm away, please let me know what do you think and how do you feel about this rejuvenation. Also, I would like to know who's reading my blog so I would highly appreciate if you could just give a brief intro of yourself. Thank you.


desiderata said...

Hi there:

My nama is ....... who serves thee GOoD tehsi in cyberspace everythime you visit (thanks for the calls, even to just say hello, dear!). Oooops, this pseudo journo misquotes, Hi THERE!

Howsy, You are Re-Juvenated, what with Msian foods, like Nasi lemak with soup kambing topped up with tehtarik+maybe Ha-Lia! BUTT you miss'd the heAvenly Hari-Hari Does It one!

My re-juvenation comes from peeking in at this re-juve-on-the-nile--d, you paas'd there -- not timbuktwo -- on way back to London from Koala Lumpuh?

L'VE mGf, drop by with thy rejuveNATION at spiritedestination, by plane, by sea, bullock cart also can!

PS: and may I ask -what does mkFYykz at WV stand for. I type caps for FY can reAch thee or Knot?

Samm said...

Should have done it long ago lah, fren. Much easier to read now. Post more, k.

zs said...

this is easier to read :)