Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"You tak suka...keluar Malaysia"

Kids (and adults alike), let's have a round of 'Know Your Current Events and MPs' today. The picture of the day is as follows:

Kids, there is this news about this woman who got naked (that is not wearing any clothes) being made to do ear squats (which you would normally do in school) in a police station. And then, one minister said that if you don't like the treatment, you have to leave the country.

Now, kids, who is that minister? His photo is as follows. His name is Noh Omar.

Kids, this is not the first time this statement has been uttered out. Here is another photo of that person who said that. His name is Badruddin, kids.

Now, let me throw in one photo. He is the Chief Minister of Selangor, kids. Yes, the head of the developed state you may be living in (although you still live in a squaters). He is well-known for his famous quote 'Semuanya OK.'

Now, you see kids, there is this thing called the elections every 5 years or less when the citizens vote for the MPs like them. So kids (and amnesiac Malaysians as general), when you grow up and eligible to vote, make sure you know what to do.

That's all for now kids. Make sure you tune in to The Sensintrovert's 'Know Your Currents Events and MPs' soon. Have a nice day!

p.s. could also read BJ's Thoughts on 'A dummies’ guide on how to behave like a Malaysian Politician in time of crisis'

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Has 'goodman' resurrected?

If you still remember, Peter Tan lodged a police report not too long ago about 'goodman' or 'oversee' leaving malicious comments in his blog. I was a victim at that time too. But since the whole thing has silenced down, it seems that this 'goodman' has resurrected and left the SAME comments in one my blogger friend's blog

And now, with the heat of the 'lokapgirl' case, it seems that there's another impostor and spammer out there posting these comments:

May be we can SUGGEST new WAY HOW TO STOP this DRUG BUSTARD. THEY ALL LIKE “WOLF IN THE SHEEP SUIT”. Can anyone tell me what should we do? We have tried from all generation to all the ways to stop it, even until today we do not know who are really the BUSTARD who supply this drug. SO, for PEOPLE WHO ARE CARE LIKE US, what mechanism that should we use to STOP IT?



The commenter's IP address is : n305er also has the similar comments in his blog.

Any comments what should I do now?

For f***'s sake...not Harry Porter again!!!

I am dumbfounded. Really dumbfounded. After this mistake they made, they still do not learn from it. J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. Pics., would you consider sueing them? Just look at this screenshot:
Hareee Porter was born a porter, turned wizard.

Kids (and adults alike), the word for today is porter. What is the meaning of porter?
por·ter 1 (pĂ´rtr, pr-)
1. A person employed to carry burdens, especially an attendant who carries travelers' baggage at a hotel or transportation station.
2. A railroad employee who waits on passengers in a sleeping car or parlor car.
3. A maintenance worker for a building or institution.

Get your spellings right, kids! Have a nice day.

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Work it! (Ear) Squat It! Flush It!

Disclaimer: The following post contains images of people exercising in exercising outfits and certain parts of human anatomy will be portrayed. Some people may find the images disturbing. Viewing is strictly under own's prerogative. The blogger is not responsible for misinterpreting these moving images as 'porn'. The end part of the post also contains lyrics which some people will find it offensive. Viewing and hence singing of it is also strictly under own's prerogative.

So, IT'S OFFICIAL!!! Ear squats in the nude are legal. So, if it's legal, let's do it the right way, not the half-baked way!

First, let's start off with the infamous squat, minus the ears and the nudity (unless you want to do it at home with nobody around and the carpenter at the petrol station off Kesas Highway's not peeping).

Dumbbell Squats

Then, proceed to using both of your hands (on the dumbbell, not your ears or somewhere else...ahem!!!)

Single Dumbbell Squats

Go on, Squat! Squat! Squat! You can do it!

Barbell Squats

Work it! Work it! Do it to the tune of My Humps by Black Eyed Peas. My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely little lumps.

Barbell Hack Squats

Lastly, let it out with a scream, 'Ya Tuan/Puan!' ('Yes sir/madam!')

Jump Squats

All the images are sourced from Visit their site for more information.

You could always substitute the dumbbells and barbell with almost anything around your house like bricks, pails of water etc.

With that, all those space-mission worthy food that you gobbled up will be burnt out. And even though Azalina said that there's no pressure to win any medal in sports events in future, hell...these exercises may even win us a gold medal in weightlifting!!!

Happy trying them out and Majulah sukan untuk negara.

Now, would you please excuse me while I do some squats and singing this:

My Humps
What you gonna do with all that punk?
All that punk inside your cell?
I’ma get, get, get, get, you work,
Get you love flush off my orifices,
My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump,
My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump,
My hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely little lumps.
(Squat it out)

I drive these latuks crazy,
I do it in the jaily,
They'll treat me really 'nicely',
They film me all these nicelys.
Lokapgirl and Squatgate
Ketuk Ke Tampi
Abu Ghraib they be sharin’
All these 'kautim' money' got me wearin'
zilch gear which I ain’t askin,
They say they love my a** ‘n,
I say no, but they keep filmin’
So I keep on stripin’
And no I ain’t squatin’
We can keep on clothin’
I keep on insistin'.

Support Ori(fice flushing). Buy Black Eyed Peas' original album here.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

"Watchaa....!" Bruce Lee would have been 65 yesterday...

To the words of Jeff Ooi, I am tad disappointed that the Project Petaling Street bloggers have failed to see the obvious, that yesterday was the birth anniversary of martial arts icon, Bruce Lee.' Oopps...I'm not 'the most influential blogger', so sorry, if I have offended you with this statement.

OK...OK...before you start throwing stones at me, I was also caught unaware that 27th November 1940 was the birthdate of Bruce Lee, the legendary martial arts icon. Just happened to turn on Channel 5 and saw the had a medley of Bruce Lee and other martial arts movies. So just Googled it and found that yesterday was actually his 65th birthday.

From Bosnia to HK, Bruce Lee's legacy looms large on his birthday
Both Bosnia and Hong Kong, his hometown, unveiled statues of Bruce Lee to mark the 65th birthday on Sunday of the late movie star credited with introducing kung fu to the world.

Strong winds blew off a cloth covering a bronze likeness of a muscular Lee, torso bared, set in a harborside perch against Hong Kong's stunning skyline, as Lee's trademark howl was played over an audio system and white smoke was released.

Fans from as far away as Africa, Britain and Jamaica attended Sunday's unveiling ceremony in Hong Kong.

On Saturday, another Lee statue was inaugurated in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, a war-ravaged city where Lee has been held up as a symbol of unity for Roman Catholic Croats and Muslim Bosniaks, traditionally enemies.

Addressing the crowd at the Hong Kong unveiling late Sunday, Lee's younger brother, Robert, said, "I think he really deserves this."

Lee soared to stardom in the early 1970s with an intense fighting style and by portraying characters that defended the Chinese and working class against oppressors.

He died of an edema, or swelling of the brain, at age 32 in 1973 in Hong Kong, with just four completed movies under his belt.

Robert Lee said a legacy of his brother is his message of individual expression.

"He always wanted to tell people what a person can do to be able to express himself or herself (to) the fullest," Lee said.

The two-meter (6.6-foot) -tall Lee statue in Hong Kong comes more than three decades after his death. Some believe Lee is underappreciated in his hometown and the place where he first made his name.

Hong Kong's government didn't contribute much to the statue, Bruce Lee Club Chairman Wong Yiu-keung said. Donors included local comedian Stephen Chow of "Kung Fu Hustle" fame and Betty Ting Pei, the actress romantically linked to Lee and in whose home Lee died.

But the Hong Kong Tourism Board is promoting "Bruce Lee Festival," a weeklong program of movie showings and Lee site visits following the statue's inauguration.

Officials also hope the Lee statue will draw more tourists to its location, the Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong's equivalent of Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Wong said the statue and the festival had cost more than 800,000 Hong Kong dollars (US$103,170; euro88,130).

Asked about Hong Kong's belated recognition of Lee, Robert Lee said, "It's never too late."

The new statue of Bruce Lee.

Personally, I'm not a fan of Bruce Lee nor martial arts movies. But let us see some of the influence that this truly legendary icon had in the entertainment business:

1. The resemblance of the costume of 'The Bride' of Kill Bill with Bruce's.

2. The resemblance of Kungfu Hustle actor, Stephen Chow Sing Chi with Bruce Lee.

3. Hell...even Taiwanese hearthrob Jay Chou (and his mumbling of songs) looks like Bruce Lee.

Oh, no !!! Not another Naked Video again...

Don't panic. This time it is from UK. Just wondering why are there so many nekkid videos arising these days...

From BBC News:

Marine 'bullying' video condemned
A film apparently showing a Royal Marine being beaten unconscious has been widely condemned.
The footage obtained by the News of the World appears to show two naked men being forced to fight each other.

One of the men is then kicked in the face, allegedly by one of his superiors in 42 Commando.

Ex-Commander of UK forces in Bosnia, Col Bob Stewart, said it "shocked him to the core". The Ministry of Defence said bullying would not be tolerated.

It said it was "very far from an official training exercise" and that it was trying to establish what lay "behind" the video.

The newspaper said the footage had been filmed covertly by another marine at 42 Commando's base at Bickleigh Barracks, near Plymouth in May.

A former Commander of British forces in Bosnia, Colonel Bob Stewart, said the footage had shocked him and that it would appal 42 Commando.

"It is some form of initiation ceremony. It is clearly booze-fuelled," he said.

"It is absolutely wrong and horrific, simply because this is not what our soldiers should be undergoing."

"Why are they naked, for goodness sake?"

The West if finally looking to Malaysia for some news inspiration, in the contrary way. Did you notice these conversations similar (but quite contrary):

Ex-Commander of UK forces in Bosnia, Col Bob Stewart, said it "shocked him to the core". The Ministry of Defence said bullying would not be tolerated.
The Malaysian PM Badawi and Deputy PM, Najib said "shocked them to the core". The PM said there would be no cover-up in the investigation.

It said it was "very far from an official training exercise" and that it was trying to establish what lay "behind" the video.
It said it was "just a normal routine checkup" and that it was trying to establish what lay "inside" the private parts.

"It is some form of initiation ceremony. It is clearly booze-fuelled," he said.
"It is some form of routine ceremony. It was an effective way to ensure that no foreign object is brought into the police lock-up including cigarettes, pills, matchsticks and razor blades in their private parts," ACP Mazlan said.

"It is absolutely wrong and horrific, simply because this is not what our soldiers should be undergoing."
"It is absolutely correct and righteous, simply because this is what our officers should be undergoing. The video clip should not stop police officers from carrying out their duties."

"Why are they naked, for goodness sake?"
"Why are they NOT SUPPOSED to be naked, for goodness sake?"

It seems that Uncle Ho's business plan has extended to distributing the 'lokapgirl' clip. That's too short. May I add a few more clip suggestion in this post here to make up a whole full-length DVD?

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

PDRM: 'Strip, Squat and Bend Over! Now push your a**hole'...

'Strip! Squat! Bend Over! Now push your a**hole/va***a! Good!' Image

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! So it's a routine now. Do not blame them.

Police to go after person who filmed naked woman

In Kepala Batas, DERRICK VINESH reported that North Seberang Perai OCPD Asst Comm Mazlan Lazim as saying that the police should continue strip-searching suspects.

ACP Mazlan said it was an effective way to ensure that no foreign object is brought into the police lock-up, adding that in the past, some suspects had tried to hide cigarettes, pills, matchsticks and razor blades in their private parts.

“The video clip should not stop police officers from carrying out their duties,” he said at a police DeepaRaya open house at the Taman Bakti children’s home here yesterday.

He added, however, that the strip search must be done in an “appropriately and holistic” manner.

On the ear squats, ACP Mazlan said, in some cases, simple exercise steps and corporal punishment were carried out to ensure the suspects stretched out their arms and legs to ascertain there were no hidden items.

He said women officers usually strip-searched female suspects while the men did the same to male suspects.

For a win-win situation for both parties, I have a few suggestions:

Ladies, may I suggest this to you for your safety (and modesty)?

Men, may I suggest this to you for your safety (and modesty)?

PDRM, may I suggest this to you to take this lesson to open up those devices? You'll never know what's hiding inside those orifices...

UPDATED: case Welding 101 fails or if you get protests from doctors and human rights groups, there's always this:

With those suggestions, everyone's happy and Malaysia will the bestest place on Earth and the whole universe.

Click on the links to learn more about chastity belts and welding.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

'Lokapgal' case: The 9/11 of Malaysia?

Not too sure many people will consider this a black mark in the history of Malaysia. Also not too sure how wide is the readership by foreigners despite the wide international coverage. Not sure also whether this will become a joke for David Letterman's talk show. Not sure this case will be mentioned in the next edition of Lonely Planet's guidebook (but I'm sure that Anwar's case was mentioned there). Not sure also what will be the outcome of the investigation, specifically and the revamp of the police force, generally. But one thing I'll be sure that it will just be 'gone with the wind' too soon. Take for example the haze case, remember? Year in, year out, it has became a routine. So will this police abuse, corruption, price increase, injustice, racism, etc...etc...will just be a routine in Malaysia?

The BBC has another report:

Video puts Malaysia police in dock
By Jonathan Kent
BBC News, Kuala Lumpur

Some Malaysians are comparing the grainy video of a woman being forced to strip and perform squats by a police officer to the abuses perpetrated by coalition forces in Iraq.

According to Jeff Ooi, one of Malaysia's best-known bloggers, "the video clip draws an eerie parallel to the infamous abuse of human rights in Abu Ghraib - the victims were forced to strip, and the tormentors were women in uniform."

To their credit, Malaysia's leaders did not even draw breath before condemning the video, which came to light on Friday.

"It should not have happened," said Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak. "It has dealt a severe blow to our country's image."

IMHO, comparing the clip to Abu Ghraib's photos was a bit unfair. I understand the frustation going out there, but hey! least this was better than the one in Abu Ghraib's. There were no 'naked pyramids', 'girl pulling naked bleeding man' or 'simulating oral sex'. So let's be fair and call this clip as 'Lokapgal' for the moment, although it was not actually filmed at a police lockup (notice the lockers?)

Despite people swarming his blog and leaving comments (and some not nice ones), he commented that he was 'tad disappointed' with his readers for 'failing to see the obvious, that technology can be an effective enabler to forge transparency in public governance.' Yes, even my mom knew that when we chatted just now. But we are living in a state of fear matey...even you have experienced it (hence the banning of commenter of fear of the 'Islam Hadhari' case). Read this piece of news for example and hear what exactly came out from the mouth of the Police Head:

Video clip taken at a PJ police station

PETALING JAYA: The uniformed woman captured on a cellular phone video ordering a naked female Chinese national to do ear squats has been identified as a police constable from the district headquarters here.

It has also been confirmed that the incident occurred at the headquarters.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Musa Hassan said police had recorded the constable’s statement and he had directed a no cover-up investigation into the incident.

“There will not be any cover-up, and anyone involved in any illegal activity, like recording or even using a phone in a restricted area, will be brought to book. We will not hesitate to dismiss them.

Read: There will not be any cover-up, and anyone involved in any illegal activity, like recording or even using a phone in a restricted area, will be brought to book. Trying 'to see the obvious, that technology can be an effective enabler to forge transparency in public governance' will be considered an illegal activity and will be charged. You report corruption, you will be sued back. That's the rule you will have to follow. This proves that my piece of sarcasm was true after all.

Malaysia is actually a very much better-off country among the Third World countries. If people could generally associate Africa (with all due respect) to poverty, corruption, disease and high mortality rate, Malaysia has a better image than that. But sometimes, take a minute and think for yourself. Put yourself in the eyes of a foreigner. After seeing the news, regardless whether it was true or not, will you bother to step a foot in Malaysia?

I know Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore) is a famous stopover for Westerners (read:Caucasians) before proceeding to another 'Westerners' lands' Down Under. Personally, I have colleagues who have been or planning to go Down Under. Many of them gave Malaysia a skip. Singapore is more appealing to them, it seems. I did not bother to be an ambassador to try to promote our tourism to them and convince them to stop by. Why? Put yourself in my own shoes. Headlines like 'Abuse video outrages Malaysia' and 'Malaysians told to pray for rain (during haze)' were explicitly on the newspaper on the coffee table in front of us. How would you feel then? (Oh...and no, I'm not Chinese. I'm Malaysian.)

‘Hell…Singapore hangs people for bringing feather-weight drugs. Blimey! Even chewing gums are banned!’
Fine. You don’t bring drugs and you can’t die without eating chewing gum. Then you go free as a bird in Singapore. But in Malaysia, if your skin colour is a bit different or sound a bit different, you have the possibility of being labeled as a prostitute, being harassed and extorted; even when you have valid travel documents!

' shouldn't be's not your fault!'
O.K. Then how would you explain the hatred against general Muslims due to the rise of terrorist attacks and otherwise, the Muslims against the general Westerners for their policies?

'It is merely their ignorance not to see the big picture.Blame the biased reports.'
Do I have a strong point to defend then? Setting up of NAM News Network or NNN (are we not tired enough of imitating CNN?)to counter biasness of the foreign media? Take this case for example. Read the local news and the BBC website. Do you find any biasness here? Their style of reporting and journalism may be different and the foreign news may tend to incline in a more negative tone, but think for yourself. Are those FACTS or MYTHS?

Or am I just being too sensitive+introvert=sensintrovet?

Friday, November 25, 2005

Azalina: "Lub dub...lub dub....beettttttt...Malaysia Boleh"

Lub dub...lub dub...lub dub...beettttttttttttttttttttttt....................

"Sorry...we've lost it...but we tried our best...Malaysia Boleh.

Tadak apa tadak menang pingat, semangat Malaysia Boleh paling penting...said Azalina.

Azalina Says Fighting Spirit More Important Than Medals

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 25 (Bernama) -- The Youth and Sports Ministry will not blame athletes who give their all but still end up empty-handed at the Manila SEA Games.

"What is more important is excellence through discipline, fighting spirit and mental strength," said Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said while being interviewed on TV3's "Malaysia Hari Ini" programme Friday.

She said the ministry accepts the fact that some opponents are better than Malaysian athletes but national athletes must still put up a fight instead of throwing in the towel before the competition begins.

Azalina said the athletes' performance in Manila would be the benchmark for the Cabinet Committee on Sport, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, to assess the country's preparations for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in March and Doha Asian Games in December next year.

The Manila SEA Games officially opens on Sunday. more stress of getting medals in sports events...we should celebrate this by putting billboards all over Malaysia now:

Read also: Sleeping Dragon and Toothless Tiger

Oh no!!!...Not another 'lokapgirl' post... the WHOLE WIDE WORLD sees the clip...which carries an 'may be offensive to some readers' disclaimer...

I posted some comments over a few sites and this is what I wrote as a sarcasm:

PDRM: ‘How dare you hate us! PM set up Police Commisions already also tarak bising…dia pigi backpacking Malta sikarang…u pigi bising buat apa! Duduk diam dan kasi lui! We are INNOCENT:

Ear squat and strip stark naked: We want to check whether the b***h hide any drugs in her p***** or her ears. We just want to be sure! Dadah musuh negara!

Filming of video: We could sue you for the breach of privacy and secrecy in a police station. We’ll use OSA against you!!!

Distribution of ‘porn’: We will not tolerate this kind of ‘jail fetish porn cum lesbo action’ tape destroy the pure minds of our nation. We are a religious country. We could use ISA for mind poisoning and cultivate hatred against the ROYAL Police Force!!!

Distribution of the video clip without permission: This is a serious infringement of copyrights and intellectual property. We’ll use the help of Shafie Apdal to sue you. We might even shoot you for distributing illegal copies of the video like one of Uncle Ho’s seller.

We are just following procedures while undergoing checks on this b****. You have no right to tell us what is wrong. You should even pay us royalty for the our intellectual property.

Well, this piece of sarcasm was partly confirmed true when I surfed Teresa Kok's blog:

What did Deputy OCPD actually say?

Sin Chew reported today that the deputy OCPD of PJ police station admitted that the policewoman in the MMS clip is their officer, whereas the TV3 news last night (mid night) reported that the OCPD of PJ police station denied that the lady is their officer. Who is correct here?

I just glanced through the headline story of Chinese night papers. Deputy IGP Musa Hassan said that it is normal procedure for police officers to ask detainees to strip and do ear-squat. It is to check whether the detainees consist of any drugs or not.

I then called the former police officer-turned lawyer Sankara Nair for a legal opinion and he said there is no such provision in the Inspector General’s Standing Order (IGSO).

I can only assume the police are feeling very embarrass now and they are looking for excuses to justify an unlawful act.

Validity of the video or choosing to believe it or not is one issue. The 'urban myth police maltreatment' is another issue. But I guess 'living in a state of denial' and 'let the water cold' or 'gone with the wind' sounds to familiar in Bolehland.

carboncopy has a nice piece of the video analysis. Check it out here.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

New Badge Designs for The Royal Malaysian Police

Mmm...I Lurve Badges...

UPDATED: Instruction for instant use: Just add 'N' (to ANTI) and Vola!

Aiyor...charm the image of the Malaysian Police force so sui liao...people got bogel, police lokap kena pukui, police saman girl that report rasuah...How leh???So have to put more badges to improve the image lar...what should we put then?

Saya ANTI Angkat (Lift dress)! Tolak (Push to the wall)! Masuk (Enter/Penetrate ahem! know what)! Picit (Squeeze/Grope ahem! know what)! besides ANTI Rasuah (Corruption), Dera (Abuse) and Bogel (Nudity)!

This will definitely improve the image of the police force besides bringing a whole new meaning to 'Angkat, Tolak, Masuk, Picit'.

May the Bad(ge) force be with you!

Gazillions of apologies...comments now working

Gazallions of apologies...forgotten to approve all your precious comments pending for wonder lar I got no comments these silly! Thanks desiderata2000.blogspot for the pointer.

Drama Minggu Ini: Parliament Monkey Business Bananarama

Disclaimer: The following information and pictures below are not complete. Please view the full clip for the bigger picture. The captions below them were just merely creations and may not be fully accurate. Please read the full hansard when it is out. Choosing to believe the following post is your prerogative. The blogger is not responsible for any misinterpretation of this post. Also, by viewing this post, you agree that you are not taking this blogger to court (or jail). Thank you.

Date: 23rd November 2005
Time: Morning; circa 10am-12 pm
Place: Dewan Rakyat, Parlimen Malaysia (House of Commons, Malaysian Parliament?)
Special guests: 'Members from the European Union Parliament'
Storyline: European parliamentarians today witnessed their Malaysian counterparts go bananas in the Dewan Rakyat after the opposition was chided for behaving like ‘monkeys in a circus’.
Availability: here (credits to Hope they didn't mind)

OST: Gigglings, laughters, shoutings, roarings, yellings...

Prelude: Supposedly, MP Law asked about backlogged civil and criminal cases in court and action(s) to be taken to solve them.

Introduction: 'Justice delayed is justice denied.' Charm loh...Eh, the longest backlogged case in court how long ar?


Entry 1: Oi! 'Justice hurried justice denied!'Njek...ngior...people talk you dun wanna listen. Must have flow of thought! 5, 10, 15, 20 years are isolated cases. Once upon a time, we have a lot of mini-buses...

Entry 2: Just gimme the answer! How long?(no pun intended here) No thought no flow!


Climax 1: People from overseas you like monkey...monkey front monkey back *point* *point*. Another monkey! Monkey there! Another monkey standing! Sit monkey! Sit!


Climax 2: To the rescue... Aiyo...wasting time lar...May the force of the Blue Book be with you...

Climax 3: Oi...why you call us monkey...we humans you know...elected by humans...not nice lar...Blue Book say kenot...Pull back! Pull back!

Climax 4 the Funnyman: To the rescue again...'Like' monkey...not monkey lar...!

Climax 5: To the EU Parliamentarians...welcome to the circus...

Climax 6: *Giggling* Tee...hee...hee...this is funny...I'm lovin' it!

Climax 7: *rolling eyes* R.E.S.P.E.C.T...For the umpteenth time...WE ARE NOT MONKEYS

Climax 8: I'm the most misunderstood man in the world...I said... LIKE monkey...not monkey...Nononono...I will NOT revoke back 'monkey'...

Climax 9: Hmphhh...I DO NOT tolerate this...Revoke! Revoke! Unconditionally! Unqualifiedly!

Climax 10: *flick* *flick* May the force of the Blue Book be with you...


Outtro 1: I KNOW MY JOB!!! Don't tell me how to run business here. Sit! Sit! May peace be on Earth (and Parliament). Don't be liddat...*to the monkey phraser* Please revoke it now.

Conclusion: OK, I revoke it now...although I never said 'monkey'...I only said 'like monkey' :P

To the Hollywood producers: Any takers for this drama?

Quote of the day: "Failed politician! Failed lawyer!"
Phrase of the day: Revoke
Little known fact : We share more than 98% of our DNA and almost all of our genes with our closest living relative, the chimpanzee.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Breaking news: The Foot in Mouth Syndrome Outbreak in Malaysia...

This is my shortest post ever. Further information read here and here.

Picture sourced from p.s. Please don't sue me for using this picture.

Word of the day: En bloc
Rhyme of the day: Mary Mary quite contrary
Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Review...

Ok...this is my second attempt after the one I did for Saw II.

Well, went to see Harry Potter GOF today and luckily got a ticket for it. The movie was virtually all sold-out throughout the weekend although it was frequently shown for half-an-hour between each showings. Just tried my luck and luckily didn't have to queue up long and just a single seat was available for me (which sometimes I think it is quite fruitful to watch movies alone...)

Before I begin the review, I must state that I'm NOT a fan of Harry Potter's series. I don't even quite remember the characters' names except for, of course, Harry. During a random chat, a friend asked me what will I be doing this weekend. And I said "Harry Potter." And he asked " Which is the bad character now in this series?" And I said " Gandaff " (or something like that). You see? I sometimes get confused wtih the characters from LOTR, Harry Potter and maybe in future, Narnia.

One of the reviews sourced from the internet mentioned:
The evil Lord Voldemort finally steps forward to threaten young wizard Harry Potter in the fourth instalment of JK Rowling's saga. Mike Newell directs half of Britain's actors and several gigabytes of CGI

From Daniel Etherington of Channel Four.

All the information in brackets below are sourced from the review above. The others are just my interpretation of the film.

The film began with an Olympic-like stadium, but with mega tall seats. It was what I call an internation 'wizard and witch flying championship'(Quidditch World Championship). They have tents all over the stadium site there, equivalent to Glastonbury (UK's largest music festival) minus the mud. Then some attack happened (Death Eaters, the followers of Voldemort) but the three-Harry, Ron and Hermione were brought back to safety in Hogwarts.

Next, 2 groups of withces and wizards, from France and Bulgaria apparently? visiting Hogwarts to take part in the Triwizard Championship. Only above 18s were only allowed to participate. So, students from three schools cast their own names into the Goblet of Fire, which will then spew out burnt pieces of paper stating the name of the successful nominee. Somehow, Harry's name was spewed out even though he did not nominate himself. So, it actually became a Quadwizard Championship.

Generally, the Triwizard Championship consists of the following three:
1. Getting a golden egg from dragons from all over the world and deciphering the code found inside it.
2. Rescuing people from beneath the sea, with obstacles and minus the oxygen tank, of course.
3. Getting through a gigantic maize to find the final trophy.

Harry, with the help from his friends and professor (which I think sometimes he is a wussy) managed to get through all of them. In the final obstacle, Voldemont was reincarnated with the help with a hand and some of Harry's blood. Bla...bla...yadda yadda...

Most notable scene was the ball before the second challenge, where it was like American Pie, blokes asking chicks to go to the ball with them (but minus the sex of course!!!). Poor Harry. He just killed a dragon but she was rejected by Cho Chang (played by Katie Leung). Hermione was then asked by the jock of all the wizards-Viktor Krum. Ron and Harry finally ended up with the saree-clad Patil twins.

And oh yes...although there were no sex scenes...girls out there need not be disappointed. Harry DID got half naked in the movie.

Overall, the film is recommended for fan and non-fans, CGI-fans or not-fans, 9 years old or 99 years old. But I do not recommend watching it as a midnite show as you will tend to fall asleep in this 150-minutes film. Oh...and see it in cinemas...forget about Uncle Ho's will defintely get just blank scenes throughout the show and maybe get the the title as Harree Porter and teh Gobble of Fyer (hey-I got the first one as Harry Porter and the Dhilosopher's Stone and Pearl Harbour's synopsis!!!)

And for the umpteenth time, Harry Potter is spelt H-A-R-R-Y P-O-T-T-E-R. Remember that!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Learning geography from Nigerian-like scams...

Just checked my gmail spam mailbox and found this:










So now it's not from Nigeria alone. But where the hell is Benin? So I decided to fire-up my Google Earth to find out where it is. Check out the following image from Google Earth

The nation of spam?

Did you notice those red bird-like things on the map? What are they? Perhaps plane-crashes? I see now: more plane crashes=more 'partnerships'...hmmmmm...

So, thanks Mr Ali, you have broadened my geographical knowledge about your country.

To know more about scams and frauds, visit Crimes of Persuasion.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

"Oi...I've been sentenced for jail for 5 years or 10 years?"

The Malaysian media is rather confusing. Well, at least for me. The last time was 'Kejap tudung kejap tak tudung'. Then this time it is about the jail term for Former Rural Development Ministry secretary-general Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Muhamad for cheating and abetment in criminal breach of trust (CBT) of funds for a hardcore poor development project (PPRT).
Utusan Malaysia said: "5 years!"
Bernama said "5 years!"
NST said "5 years!"
The Star?....10 years!!!

So which is which? 5 years or 10 years?

GUILTY NO. 1: Aziz, 61, was found guilty of abetting former Central Terengganu Development Authority (Ketengah) general manager Datuk Alwi Said, 57, in committing criminal breach of trust involving RM2 million.

GUILTY NO. 2: Aziz was also found guilty of cheating Datuk Mustapa Mohamed, who was then the Second Finance Minister, by deceiving him into believing that a Ketengah proposal to invest in an orchid and fish-breeding and recreation project in Tasik Puteri in Bukit Besi, Dungun, Terengganu, was viable.

Aziz received a five-year jail sentence for each of the offences, both to run concurrently.

Sorry I'm not a law expert but I still can do simple maths that 5+5=10. Can I still believe in Malaysian news' headlines?

OMFG!!! I'm so being infected with the Numa-numa song!!! is so infectious...listening non-stop to it now....arghhhh....almost as annoying as the Crazy Frog song.

Just heard a Chinese singer from the land of Dawn Yang over an online radio singing the Chinese version of the Numa-numa song, called 'Don't Be Afraid (Bu-Pa Bu-Pa). Call it Numa-numa, Maiehee, Maiyahi, Mi Yahi or whatsoever, the real name for the song is Dragostea din Tei. While it may take a while to understand what the fuss is all about this song as Chicken Little is STILL NOT showing in the UK, the song was actually quite a hit in the UK and Europe more than a year ago. You can read how it all started by clicking the wikipedia link here.

If you haven't know this, the song is in Romanian and sung by boyband O-zone. The title of the song is loosely translated as Love of the linden tree. What and how does a linden tree look like then? It is know also as the lime tree in Britain but it has nothing to do with the citrus fruit lime.

The linden tree.

Don't understand Romanian? Generally the song is about a bloke named Picasso flirting over his mobile phone to woo a girl. And by the way 'hello' in Romanian is NOT 'alo' as sung in the song but is 'buna', pronounced as 'buner' (not to be confused as 'boner' though). And 'numa-numa' is actually 'don't want don't want' or TAK NAK TAK NAK.

Picture source:
Numa-numa rokok...numa-numa rokok...!!!

Generally I think O-Zone could be a great spokemen for any mobile phones or telecoms company. The song will also be great for any environment-protection campaigns as 'you have to plant more (linden) trees to save the O-Zone.' What the might be great for our 'Tak Nak' campaigns also. So let us sing this song while the KL Tobacco Forum going on now.

Oooh...I so want to go to Romania someday....