Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Beau...ti...flu...I LOVE Bird (flu) (Part 2)

So it's not the parrot's fault now. It was the finches, according to BBC:
Finches 'brought bird flu to UK'
More than 50 finches imported from Taiwan died from the deadly strain of avian flu in a UK quarantine facility, a government probe has found.
Reports a South American parrot in the same Essex centre had the disease seemed to be mistaken, the report said.

Because the tissue samples of the first birds to die were mixed, it was unclear which birds had the H5N1 virus strain.

Later tests showed the Taiwanese birds were the "most likely" virus source, as H5N1 was not found in other species.

So what does a finch look like? Check out the following pictures, sourced from Google Images:

Wah! Beau...ti..flu birds!!!

So, do not take any chances and DO NOT be fooled by beatiful birds...even though it is rare and supposedly 'from heaven' just like this case.
But it seems that one of our beloved minister was still taking chances. Just look at the picture below and spot his mistake.

Caption reads: HOW IT’S DONE: Research officer Suriani Mohd Noor explaining the process of virus isolation to Muhyiddin during his visit to the Veterinary Research Institute in Ipoh yesterday. With them is institute director Dr Sharifah Syed Hassan.

Maybe The Star was wrong by just simply putting 'virus isolation' to show that they are doing something. Who knows that she might be just pipetting water into tube? (OK...I did that when was asked to pose for a picture taken in my lab). But seriously, what happened to the universal precautions (i.e. labcoats, gloves, face masks etc.) that you are suppsoed to follow in a virology lab?

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