Thursday, November 10, 2005

Beau...ti...flu...I LOVE Bird (flu)!

Again, let the news and the pictures talk for themselves.
From NST

Duo finds carcasses of Bird of Paradise
Zainuddin Muhammad


MYTH almost became reality for two friends who stumbled upon four carcasses of what they believed to be Burung Cenderawasih or the legendary phoenix.
Abdul Halim Jusoh, 30, and Adnan Abdullah, 39, were looking for wild plants in a Bukit Murai jungle near Kampung Pulau Serai on Oct 20 when they found the dead birds.

Intrigue by the glossy brown, emerald, white and yellow plumage, the two timber company workers decided to take home the carcasses.

"We were not sure of this species but we thought they had the appearance of the Cenderawasih (phoneix) , which we hear often in local folklores," said Abdul Halim when met by New Straits Times at his house yesterday.

"The fact that the carcasses were in good condition and without foul smell only strengthen our beliefs that it could really be burung Cenderawasih," he said.

Wah...very colourful bird...achoo...bird flu...what bird flu...burung terbang har?

What's with all the sudden surge in birds dying these few days? I heard the papers were reporting some Bidor MP picking up some dead pigeons or something with bare hands and uncovered face.

A myth became reality or probably committing suicide? Judge for yourself.

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