Thursday, November 24, 2005

Drama Minggu Ini: Parliament Monkey Business Bananarama

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Date: 23rd November 2005
Time: Morning; circa 10am-12 pm
Place: Dewan Rakyat, Parlimen Malaysia (House of Commons, Malaysian Parliament?)
Special guests: 'Members from the European Union Parliament'
Storyline: European parliamentarians today witnessed their Malaysian counterparts go bananas in the Dewan Rakyat after the opposition was chided for behaving like ‘monkeys in a circus’.
Availability: here (credits to Hope they didn't mind)

OST: Gigglings, laughters, shoutings, roarings, yellings...

Prelude: Supposedly, MP Law asked about backlogged civil and criminal cases in court and action(s) to be taken to solve them.

Introduction: 'Justice delayed is justice denied.' Charm loh...Eh, the longest backlogged case in court how long ar?


Entry 1: Oi! 'Justice hurried justice denied!'Njek...ngior...people talk you dun wanna listen. Must have flow of thought! 5, 10, 15, 20 years are isolated cases. Once upon a time, we have a lot of mini-buses...

Entry 2: Just gimme the answer! How long?(no pun intended here) No thought no flow!


Climax 1: People from overseas you like monkey...monkey front monkey back *point* *point*. Another monkey! Monkey there! Another monkey standing! Sit monkey! Sit!


Climax 2: To the rescue... Aiyo...wasting time lar...May the force of the Blue Book be with you...

Climax 3: Oi...why you call us monkey...we humans you know...elected by humans...not nice lar...Blue Book say kenot...Pull back! Pull back!

Climax 4 the Funnyman: To the rescue again...'Like' monkey...not monkey lar...!

Climax 5: To the EU Parliamentarians...welcome to the circus...

Climax 6: *Giggling* Tee...hee...hee...this is funny...I'm lovin' it!

Climax 7: *rolling eyes* R.E.S.P.E.C.T...For the umpteenth time...WE ARE NOT MONKEYS

Climax 8: I'm the most misunderstood man in the world...I said... LIKE monkey...not monkey...Nononono...I will NOT revoke back 'monkey'...

Climax 9: Hmphhh...I DO NOT tolerate this...Revoke! Revoke! Unconditionally! Unqualifiedly!

Climax 10: *flick* *flick* May the force of the Blue Book be with you...


Outtro 1: I KNOW MY JOB!!! Don't tell me how to run business here. Sit! Sit! May peace be on Earth (and Parliament). Don't be liddat...*to the monkey phraser* Please revoke it now.

Conclusion: OK, I revoke it now...although I never said 'monkey'...I only said 'like monkey' :P

To the Hollywood producers: Any takers for this drama?

Quote of the day: "Failed politician! Failed lawyer!"
Phrase of the day: Revoke
Little known fact : We share more than 98% of our DNA and almost all of our genes with our closest living relative, the chimpanzee.

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