Monday, November 21, 2005

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Review...

Ok...this is my second attempt after the one I did for Saw II.

Well, went to see Harry Potter GOF today and luckily got a ticket for it. The movie was virtually all sold-out throughout the weekend although it was frequently shown for half-an-hour between each showings. Just tried my luck and luckily didn't have to queue up long and just a single seat was available for me (which sometimes I think it is quite fruitful to watch movies alone...)

Before I begin the review, I must state that I'm NOT a fan of Harry Potter's series. I don't even quite remember the characters' names except for, of course, Harry. During a random chat, a friend asked me what will I be doing this weekend. And I said "Harry Potter." And he asked " Which is the bad character now in this series?" And I said " Gandaff " (or something like that). You see? I sometimes get confused wtih the characters from LOTR, Harry Potter and maybe in future, Narnia.

One of the reviews sourced from the internet mentioned:
The evil Lord Voldemort finally steps forward to threaten young wizard Harry Potter in the fourth instalment of JK Rowling's saga. Mike Newell directs half of Britain's actors and several gigabytes of CGI

From Daniel Etherington of Channel Four.

All the information in brackets below are sourced from the review above. The others are just my interpretation of the film.

The film began with an Olympic-like stadium, but with mega tall seats. It was what I call an internation 'wizard and witch flying championship'(Quidditch World Championship). They have tents all over the stadium site there, equivalent to Glastonbury (UK's largest music festival) minus the mud. Then some attack happened (Death Eaters, the followers of Voldemort) but the three-Harry, Ron and Hermione were brought back to safety in Hogwarts.

Next, 2 groups of withces and wizards, from France and Bulgaria apparently? visiting Hogwarts to take part in the Triwizard Championship. Only above 18s were only allowed to participate. So, students from three schools cast their own names into the Goblet of Fire, which will then spew out burnt pieces of paper stating the name of the successful nominee. Somehow, Harry's name was spewed out even though he did not nominate himself. So, it actually became a Quadwizard Championship.

Generally, the Triwizard Championship consists of the following three:
1. Getting a golden egg from dragons from all over the world and deciphering the code found inside it.
2. Rescuing people from beneath the sea, with obstacles and minus the oxygen tank, of course.
3. Getting through a gigantic maize to find the final trophy.

Harry, with the help from his friends and professor (which I think sometimes he is a wussy) managed to get through all of them. In the final obstacle, Voldemont was reincarnated with the help with a hand and some of Harry's blood. Bla...bla...yadda yadda...

Most notable scene was the ball before the second challenge, where it was like American Pie, blokes asking chicks to go to the ball with them (but minus the sex of course!!!). Poor Harry. He just killed a dragon but she was rejected by Cho Chang (played by Katie Leung). Hermione was then asked by the jock of all the wizards-Viktor Krum. Ron and Harry finally ended up with the saree-clad Patil twins.

And oh yes...although there were no sex scenes...girls out there need not be disappointed. Harry DID got half naked in the movie.

Overall, the film is recommended for fan and non-fans, CGI-fans or not-fans, 9 years old or 99 years old. But I do not recommend watching it as a midnite show as you will tend to fall asleep in this 150-minutes film. Oh...and see it in cinemas...forget about Uncle Ho's will defintely get just blank scenes throughout the show and maybe get the the title as Harree Porter and teh Gobble of Fyer (hey-I got the first one as Harry Porter and the Dhilosopher's Stone and Pearl Harbour's synopsis!!!)

And for the umpteenth time, Harry Potter is spelt H-A-R-R-Y P-O-T-T-E-R. Remember that!!!

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