Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How does Jessie Chung have sex?

Disclaimer: The following post may contain sexually explicit information (but not images) which may be sensitive to some readers. Viewing of the following post is under own's discretion. It also should not be misinterpreted as an interrogation of Jessie's sex life. All the information below is purely sourced from the internet. The blogger is NOT a urologist nor sex expert. Transgenderphobics are also advised not to view the following post.

While this topic on 'Jessie Chung-transgender-first kind in Malaysia-sex change'is still hot and while other blog readers continue to drool over that Dawn Yang (do I really give a damn about her?) and the allegedly blog wars, I hope the following compilation of information may answer all the doubts and queries you may have about the most famous trangender in Malaysia, Jessie Chung. This post has been inspired by Michael Ooi's post regarding trangender doubts and questions.

First let's start off with this picture:

Nemo: Pa! I wanna be a female when I grow up

Marlin: Good boy...i mean...girl...remember....with great sex change comes great responsibilities.!!! What does these cute little fishies have to do with transgender? You are wrong. Clown fish, like Nemo and his father, are on of the species known to change sex, including reproductive functions, in special circumstances. A school of clownfish is always built into a hierarchy with a female fish at the top. When she dies, the most dominant male changes sex and takes her place.

So, besides fish, humans are also known to undergo sex change, by the operative way or you call it gender reassignment therapy The Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said her ministry would probably launch a study with the collaboration of universities to identify why more men were becoming interested in being women. There goes our precious tax-payers' money again...Just one question Datuk they REALLY have choice what gender they want to be? It's all controlled by the genes,'s all controlled by the genes...just like our beloved Jerai MP and UM VC's hypothesised psychological problems.

To learn more about transgenderism, wikipedia is a good source (as always). Check out the links here:
List of transgender-related topics

Transgender people in the Land of Dawn Yang (heck...the even have detailed pictures of where the famous spots and people are...)

Gender reassignment therapy

And case you don't know about change is not limited to male changing into female (transwomen) but also the other way around (transman). But I guess many would be interested of knowing about transwomen, like Jessie Chung's case.

So, among the surgical procedures she/he might have performed in order for the full transformation and functionality of a woman are:
Sexual reassignment surgery male-to-female
Penile inversion
Breast augmentation
Facial feminization surgery

" many medical term lar!!! Dun understand lar!!!" Try to get hold of the Shocking Asia series while I'll try to explain in layman term's or Manglish :

In order to be a female, of course lar lu have to have p*nt*t or p*ki. How to convert a batang to a p*ki? Can go into 4 stages one:-Potong telur dan terbalikkan kulit, buat tetek, jahit bibir p*ki and suntik hormon.

1. Potong telur dan terbalikkan kulit.
First, they chop of your telur/bola/bollocks/lampa but they still keep part of your batang. What do they do with it? They will buang those daging that will kembang when u get syiok in the batang but will keep the skin so ur blood and urat saraf still there. Then they will terbalikkan those skin and that will become the lobang and the lips for the p*ki lar. Already sunat liao? Never mind...the bola punya kulit they also simpan to make bibir p*ki. The kepala cendawan (mushroom head) of the lanc**ow leh? That will become they big CLIT. Also they buang all the bulu by laser lar...Tadak cukup lubang? They take from usus or bontot and become the lobang lar...

2. Buat tetek
The title explains for itself. Period.

3. Jahit bibir p*ki and lobang stay bukak
FOr the lips to look beau..ti..ful...hafto jahit jahit a bit lar. How to lobang stay bukak? Insert something lar...toy or anything...this stage vely important Jessie's hubby kenot kacau her...THIS IS not a way of bukaing the lobang.

4. Suntik hormon
Suntik estrogen for the lobang to stay bukak and bibir p*ki cantik. Also to enhance the tetek.

All these processes needs $$$. So, hopefully Jessie will still have sensitive body parts and enjoy sex like any other women, according to this news from Utusan.

Menurut Jessie, walaupun dia seorang lelaki yang menjalani pembedahan untuk menjadi wanita, namun semua bahagian badannya sensitif dan berfungsi sebagaimana wanita normal.

``Setiap inci badan saya sensitif kepada rasa dan memberi tindak balas, perasaan dan kasih sayang saya juga sensitif sebagaimana wanita lain,'' katanya.

But what about the 'faking it' issue, eh? What about doing a brain scan for her?


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