Thursday, November 10, 2005

Kejap tudung, kejap tak tudung...

Once you need to cover up, now you don't; reads the title.

Soli har. My England not vely powderful. Sumone can tell me need to cover or not? I lead these two news vely confused liao loh...

First I lead Binama...

From Bernama:
"Tudung" Is Part Of IIUM Convocation Attire For Women, Shafie Says
PUTRAJAYA, Nov 9 (Bernama) -- A "tudung" (headcover) is part of the official dress for International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) female graduates during convocation ceremonies, said Higher Education Minister Datuk Dr Shafie Mohd Salleh, Wednesday.

The dress-code must be adhered to by all graduands, both Muslims and non-Muslims, he said.

"For non-Muslims, they are not required to wear "tudung litup" (a cloth covering the whole head) but scarves will do," he told reporters here when asked to comment on the issue raised by DAP in the Dewan Rakyat two weeks ago.

On the wearing of tudung by non-Muslim IIUM students when attending lectures, Shafie said it was a symbol of respect to the university.

Okayloh...I lead the headline study there hafto cover up loh...but aiks after that ho, I go and lead Star and NST and dey say:

The Star: Non-Muslim IIUM students need not wear tudung
NST: Tudung IS optional

If I lead headline only hor now say no need (but scarves are still needed) somemore NST put capital letters IS woh...

Why they go and pray-pray with words har? Kenot put 'Scarves needed instead for non-Muslim IIUM students' har? So lu dun go and blame that blogger Sensintrovert for playing with words har...tat *&"%$£% go and put Jerai MP Badruddin to be future UM's Vice-Chancellor? wor. Make me heart-attack liao. But tlue also lar him. Maybe he just want to pimp his blog for more visitors lar.

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