Thursday, November 24, 2005

New Badge Designs for The Royal Malaysian Police

Mmm...I Lurve Badges...

UPDATED: Instruction for instant use: Just add 'N' (to ANTI) and Vola!

Aiyor...charm the image of the Malaysian Police force so sui liao...people got bogel, police lokap kena pukui, police saman girl that report rasuah...How leh???So have to put more badges to improve the image lar...what should we put then?

Saya ANTI Angkat (Lift dress)! Tolak (Push to the wall)! Masuk (Enter/Penetrate ahem! know what)! Picit (Squeeze/Grope ahem! know what)! besides ANTI Rasuah (Corruption), Dera (Abuse) and Bogel (Nudity)!

This will definitely improve the image of the police force besides bringing a whole new meaning to 'Angkat, Tolak, Masuk, Picit'.

May the Bad(ge) force be with you!

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