Friday, November 25, 2005

Oh no!!!...Not another 'lokapgirl' post... the WHOLE WIDE WORLD sees the clip...which carries an 'may be offensive to some readers' disclaimer...

I posted some comments over a few sites and this is what I wrote as a sarcasm:

PDRM: ‘How dare you hate us! PM set up Police Commisions already also tarak bising…dia pigi backpacking Malta sikarang…u pigi bising buat apa! Duduk diam dan kasi lui! We are INNOCENT:

Ear squat and strip stark naked: We want to check whether the b***h hide any drugs in her p***** or her ears. We just want to be sure! Dadah musuh negara!

Filming of video: We could sue you for the breach of privacy and secrecy in a police station. We’ll use OSA against you!!!

Distribution of ‘porn’: We will not tolerate this kind of ‘jail fetish porn cum lesbo action’ tape destroy the pure minds of our nation. We are a religious country. We could use ISA for mind poisoning and cultivate hatred against the ROYAL Police Force!!!

Distribution of the video clip without permission: This is a serious infringement of copyrights and intellectual property. We’ll use the help of Shafie Apdal to sue you. We might even shoot you for distributing illegal copies of the video like one of Uncle Ho’s seller.

We are just following procedures while undergoing checks on this b****. You have no right to tell us what is wrong. You should even pay us royalty for the our intellectual property.

Well, this piece of sarcasm was partly confirmed true when I surfed Teresa Kok's blog:

What did Deputy OCPD actually say?

Sin Chew reported today that the deputy OCPD of PJ police station admitted that the policewoman in the MMS clip is their officer, whereas the TV3 news last night (mid night) reported that the OCPD of PJ police station denied that the lady is their officer. Who is correct here?

I just glanced through the headline story of Chinese night papers. Deputy IGP Musa Hassan said that it is normal procedure for police officers to ask detainees to strip and do ear-squat. It is to check whether the detainees consist of any drugs or not.

I then called the former police officer-turned lawyer Sankara Nair for a legal opinion and he said there is no such provision in the Inspector General’s Standing Order (IGSO).

I can only assume the police are feeling very embarrass now and they are looking for excuses to justify an unlawful act.

Validity of the video or choosing to believe it or not is one issue. The 'urban myth police maltreatment' is another issue. But I guess 'living in a state of denial' and 'let the water cold' or 'gone with the wind' sounds to familiar in Bolehland.

carboncopy has a nice piece of the video analysis. Check it out here.

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