Thursday, November 17, 2005

OMFG!!! I'm so being infected with the Numa-numa song!!! is so infectious...listening non-stop to it now....arghhhh....almost as annoying as the Crazy Frog song.

Just heard a Chinese singer from the land of Dawn Yang over an online radio singing the Chinese version of the Numa-numa song, called 'Don't Be Afraid (Bu-Pa Bu-Pa). Call it Numa-numa, Maiehee, Maiyahi, Mi Yahi or whatsoever, the real name for the song is Dragostea din Tei. While it may take a while to understand what the fuss is all about this song as Chicken Little is STILL NOT showing in the UK, the song was actually quite a hit in the UK and Europe more than a year ago. You can read how it all started by clicking the wikipedia link here.

If you haven't know this, the song is in Romanian and sung by boyband O-zone. The title of the song is loosely translated as Love of the linden tree. What and how does a linden tree look like then? It is know also as the lime tree in Britain but it has nothing to do with the citrus fruit lime.

The linden tree.

Don't understand Romanian? Generally the song is about a bloke named Picasso flirting over his mobile phone to woo a girl. And by the way 'hello' in Romanian is NOT 'alo' as sung in the song but is 'buna', pronounced as 'buner' (not to be confused as 'boner' though). And 'numa-numa' is actually 'don't want don't want' or TAK NAK TAK NAK.

Picture source:
Numa-numa rokok...numa-numa rokok...!!!

Generally I think O-Zone could be a great spokemen for any mobile phones or telecoms company. The song will also be great for any environment-protection campaigns as 'you have to plant more (linden) trees to save the O-Zone.' What the might be great for our 'Tak Nak' campaigns also. So let us sing this song while the KL Tobacco Forum going on now.

Oooh...I so want to go to Romania someday....

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