Sunday, November 27, 2005

PDRM: 'Strip, Squat and Bend Over! Now push your a**hole'...

'Strip! Squat! Bend Over! Now push your a**hole/va***a! Good!' Image

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! So it's a routine now. Do not blame them.

Police to go after person who filmed naked woman

In Kepala Batas, DERRICK VINESH reported that North Seberang Perai OCPD Asst Comm Mazlan Lazim as saying that the police should continue strip-searching suspects.

ACP Mazlan said it was an effective way to ensure that no foreign object is brought into the police lock-up, adding that in the past, some suspects had tried to hide cigarettes, pills, matchsticks and razor blades in their private parts.

“The video clip should not stop police officers from carrying out their duties,” he said at a police DeepaRaya open house at the Taman Bakti children’s home here yesterday.

He added, however, that the strip search must be done in an “appropriately and holistic” manner.

On the ear squats, ACP Mazlan said, in some cases, simple exercise steps and corporal punishment were carried out to ensure the suspects stretched out their arms and legs to ascertain there were no hidden items.

He said women officers usually strip-searched female suspects while the men did the same to male suspects.

For a win-win situation for both parties, I have a few suggestions:

Ladies, may I suggest this to you for your safety (and modesty)?

Men, may I suggest this to you for your safety (and modesty)?

PDRM, may I suggest this to you to take this lesson to open up those devices? You'll never know what's hiding inside those orifices...

UPDATED: case Welding 101 fails or if you get protests from doctors and human rights groups, there's always this:

With those suggestions, everyone's happy and Malaysia will the bestest place on Earth and the whole universe.

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