Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"You tak suka...keluar Malaysia"

Kids (and adults alike), let's have a round of 'Know Your Current Events and MPs' today. The picture of the day is as follows:

Kids, there is this news about this woman who got naked (that is not wearing any clothes) being made to do ear squats (which you would normally do in school) in a police station. And then, one minister said that if you don't like the treatment, you have to leave the country.

Now, kids, who is that minister? His photo is as follows. His name is Noh Omar.

Kids, this is not the first time this statement has been uttered out. Here is another photo of that person who said that. His name is Badruddin, kids.

Now, let me throw in one photo. He is the Chief Minister of Selangor, kids. Yes, the head of the developed state you may be living in (although you still live in a squaters). He is well-known for his famous quote 'Semuanya OK.'

Now, you see kids, there is this thing called the elections every 5 years or less when the citizens vote for the MPs like them. So kids (and amnesiac Malaysians as general), when you grow up and eligible to vote, make sure you know what to do.

That's all for now kids. Make sure you tune in to The Sensintrovert's 'Know Your Currents Events and MPs' soon. Have a nice day!

p.s. could also read BJ's Thoughts on 'A dummies’ guide on how to behave like a Malaysian Politician in time of crisis'

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