Thursday, December 29, 2005

Let it snow, let it snow, NOT!!!

Here's some quick updates:

1. Arghhh...snow-love it when it is scarce (like Malaysia), hate it when it starts to annoy you with that cold and frustrating flakes dropping on your head.

2. Visited two UNESCO Heritage sites, which includes a place for genocide, where they tricked people to take a 'bath' and then gassed them alive in chambers.

3. Anticipated Pak Lah to revamp his dirty cabinet soon before the fresh start of a new year but was disappointed with more GLC failures, and more of his 'cakap tak serupa bikin' with the headline 'Free to voice opinion-NOT' on NST's main page.

4. Tasted gastronomic cuisines finally whuich includes a 'wantan'-inspired dish (it's not Chinese, in case you asked) after famine hunger on New Year's eve.

That's all for now and keep your fingers-crossed for more updates in Year 2006!

p.s. Wishing you a very happy New Year 2006 in case there is no more updates in this blog till 2006!

Monday, December 26, 2005

King Kong in Malaysia, erhmm...minus the cannibals...

O.k...still got time for ONE more update to get into the festive spirit.

Whilst almost every other pings in PPS was about 'Christmas', Boxing Day', 'Tsunami' and later 'New Year', has anyone read about the sightings of King Kong Big Foot in Bentong, Pahang? It was reportedly four-storey's tall and beats his chest like Kong.

Saya pernah lihat Bigfoot - Pegawai polis

BENTONG 25 Dis. - ``Gorila besar yang tingginya hampir paras bangunan empat tingkat itu tegap berdiri dari jarak kira-kira 10 meter sambil merenung ke arah kami.

``Keadaan ketika itu agak berkabus tapi kami nampak dengan jelas Bigfoot sedang bercekak pinggang dan memerhati kami.

``Selepas 10 minit dia mula menjerit dengan kuat sambil kedua-dua tangannya menepuk dada,'' kata Timbalan Ketua Polis Daerah Bentong, Deputi Supritendan (DSP) Mohd. Fakri Che Sulaiman.

Walaupun peristiwa menakutkan bertemu Bigfoot di kawasan sempadan Malaysia-Thailand itu berlaku 26 tahun lalu, beliau masih dapat mengingati detik-detik cemas berhadapan dengan makhluk luar biasa itu.

Katanya, ia berlaku pada 1979 ketika beliau menjadi Ketua Komander Platun 15 Kompeni D, Batalion 11 Pasukan Polis Hutan (PPH) - kini Pasukan Gerakan Am (PGA), Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan.

Ketika itu, beliau ditugaskan menjalankan kerja-kerja mengukur di kawasan Hutan Belum di Kelantan dan Perak, berhampiran sempadan Malaysia-Thailand.

``Kami semua mulai panik, bayangkan betapa kuatnya jeritan Bigfoot itu sehingga menggegarkan peralatan yang kami bawa termasuk mesingan,'' katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia hari ini.

Peter Jackson, have you considered making this 'true story'? Oh...KLCC is a good location for shooting also...Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery climbed there before btw.

Boxing Day Updates: Food's available now, museums all closed and more...

Food's back to normal now and indeed just visited a kinda-posh restaurant serving local cuisines. Just lurve the exchange rate!!! People DO speak English here. No pressure to learn local language. Internet connection's o.k. Musuems' all Closed! Closed! Closed! Which indeed helped me to save money as I don't fancy museums that much. Local TV here was showing 60's movie and Dr. Dolittle I (with Eddie Murphy speaking extra weirdly) on Christmas Day. Any local film makers mind donating some movies for them?

Get the comments coming in. I will have internet access fingers-crossed.

p.s. Wishing you all a safe and sound Boxing Day...

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Famine, Hunger and Stranded in Europe on Christmas Eve...

Can't resist to update my blog since I felt so outrages, hungry and tired but somehow managed to find internet access here which surprisingly is open here!!!

Gah! It's Silent Night now and all the shops are closed! Not even one!!! Zilch! Nil! Nyet! Not even the fcuking I'm Lovin'It or K**uchia* Fried C*ck! Walked miles and miles away and couldn't even find one restaurant or food joints open!!! The underground train has stopped its service. It is like EMERGENCY here.


Luckily I found one convenient shop supposedly to be open 24/7 (hell-some convenient shops mentioned this too but still not open!!!) and managed to grab a few snacks like bread, Snickers bar, chocolates etc. It was really like finding oasis in a desert. Yeah-take THAT as my Christmas Eve's dinner.

This has never happened to me before in other European countries except for this one (which I'm not going to mention its name). There were thousands of tourists in those tourist attraction places that I visited earlier on. I wonder where could they get dinner. Maybe ALL of them are staying in posh hotels, serving caviar and paprika. Unlike me, staying at hostels (What-you think I so rich har!).

Now, I really pray and hope that I could get food for tomorrow and transport to get to my next destination.

p.s. Please give face a bit lar-leave some comments a bit it the holiday season nobody's reading my blog or I am really not that likeable person?

Friday, December 23, 2005

The Sensintrovert Is Going On A Christmas/New Year World Tour...

World Tour? What for? I'm not that famous am I?...getting just pathetic under-100 visits per day...

Boldog Karácsonyt! Boldog új évet! (Not to be confused with Bulldog see vet!)

Wesołych Świąt! Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!

Frohe Weihnachten! Ein Gutes Neues Jahr!

Glædelig Jul! Godt Nytår

All the above are Merry Christmas and New Year Greetings in the languages of the 4 countries that I would be visiting during Christmas and New Year. Google them if you are interested of finding out those locations. So, The Sensintrovert will be on a hiatus until at least the 4th of January 2006.

Meanwhile, check out these pictures and other favourite posts in The Sensintrovert.

Crazy Frog wishes you a very Merry Christmas!!!. All images are sourced and copyrighted to

Happy New Year 2006!!!

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Wah!...Angmoh approves Proton Savvy har...

"'re from you're a Malay then?"

Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai (Unfinished Business): Top 10 ( Possible) Malaysian Book of Records to Counter Haze

Latest Scientific Update: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and one Malaysian MP...

How does Jessie Chung have sex?

Drama Minggu Ini: Parliament Monkey Business Bananarama

Oh, no !!! Not another Naked Video again...

Work it! (Ear) Squat It! Flush It!

Can you hide drugs up in your rectum and vagina?

and the post which was actually being 'endorsed' by just a mere link 'here' by a celebrity blogger which boosts the site traffic to up to 10 fold (if only it happens everyday)...

Chinese: The Most Racist Race in Malaysia?

Top 10 Things All Children Must NOT Learn from Narnia.

Most of the posts above were sarcastic and satirical. I hope for a better Malaysia in future so that I can blog more positive things about her next year.

The Sensintrovert is online for about half a year now. Although the site traffic is not impressive, I am happy and satisfied enough with a handful of regulars and supporters for bearing with my extreme sarcasm. Here I would like to thank (in no particular order) Desiderata, Maverick, MommaSamm Ipoh, Andrew in Bristol, UK and other anonymous regulars 'KL, Wilayah Persekutan', 'Pantai Valley, Wilayah Persekutuan', 'Damansara, KL', 'Kuang, Selangor', 'Klang, Selangor', 'Pahang, Kuantan', 'Labuan, Sabah' and more recently from Manchester, UK, Canada, US etc. etc.(sorry if I have missed out anyone of you).

Feel free to leave any comments-to introduce yourself or just to say 'Hi'. Comments will be moderated though, to prevent malicious contents. It will be approved once I get internet access while on tour. See you in 2006!.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ever wondered why reindeers go round the world with Santa Claus without jet-lags?

First things first. Reindeers DO exist. Unlike the doubtful Santa Claus.

Oi! I DO exist in this world, you know!

The latest edition of Nature, the prestigious scientific journal may have an answer for the question: 'Ever wondered why reindeers go round the world with Santa Claus without jet-lags?'. A group of researchers from Normay reported on this in the Nature's 22nd December's Edition in Brief Communcations have this to say :

Animals and plants have developed an internal biological clock that uses the light/dark cycle of day and night to synchronize daily rhythms in behaviour and physiological function. Is this circadian rhythm simply an adaptation to make good use of light and dark, or is a daily cycle of activity important to the proper function of an organism? The behaviour of reindeer living at high latitudes above the Arctic Circle provides an answer. Here the Sun neither sets in summer nor rises in winter. In these conditions reindeer lose daily rhythmic activity completely. For herbivores in polar regions at least, there is little selective advantage in maintaining circadian organization.

In laymans' term, all animals and plants have body clocks to tell us when it should be morning and when it should be time to shag night. But due to the habitat of these reindeer in the Arctic where the Sun goes awkward in summer and winter, they do not have these body clocks. So, supposedly on Christmas night, they could travel all around the world with Santa to nab those police forcing people to do nude squats to distribute gifts for all obedient children.

Winter Solstice and Sticky Balls in the UK.

Today, 22nd December is the shortest day and the longest night of the year. This is what wikipedia has to say on winter solstice:

In astronomy, the winter solstice is the moment when the earth is at a point in its orbit where one hemisphere is most inclined away from the Sun. This causes the Sun to appear at its farthest below the celestial equator when viewed from the northern hemisphere. Solstice is a Latin borrowing and means "sun stand", referring to the appearance that the Sun's noontime elevation change stops its progress, either northerly or southerly. The day of the winter solstice is the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

In the Chinese calendar, the winter solstice too marks midwinter and is called dōng zhì (冬至, "winter's extreme"). It is traditionally regarded as one of the year's most important jiéqìs (solar terms), comparable to Chinese New Year.

Personally, I never really appreciate and observe this occasion back in Malaysia. Would even skip eating those calorie-rich sticky balls. But now, leaving the comfort zone, I am craving for the sticky balls! Yeah...just what you need- steamy heart-warming and sweet balls in the midst of a cold winter.

So, I made a trip to the Chinese supermarket here to search for those nasty calorie-rich sticky balls or tang yuen. To my surprise, I found that it was extensively refurbished and relocated since I made a visit to there quite sometime ago (coz I have luggage loads of food from Malaysia already mah-why waste money?). It was very impressive and spacious, with a modern and lively environment (sori, no pics here). Headed straight away to the frozen food section and found what I wanted-sticky balls.

Bought back home and cooked them:

First, bring the water to boil and throw in some ginger slices:

I bought two packets of them: peanut and red bean fillings, with 10 balls each:

Notice the plastic bag underneath them? Couldn't that be more deragatory enough for its colour? Why? Why all all colours in the world-YELLOW? Royally? NO!

Throw in the frozen balls and bring it to boil from this... this, and add sugar to taste.

Float, float, sticky balls, gently in the pot.

The peanut filling...

Notice the muddy soup? Yeah...a few balls burst...

...and the red bean filling

Mmm...the red bean filling definitely tastes better.

Now, I still have a pot-full of those sticky balls. Anyone mind taking some of them?

Oh, btw, have you seen Life Made Simple a.k.a. Ah Wong's Story? Yeah...those sticky balls were featured in this latest TVB series and they even have the mango filling with mango soup! Mmmmm....

Haven't illegally downloaded rented them? Don't worry. Appearing soon on Astro WLT- a year from now and on 8TV-two years from now.

p.s. Check out my other related post-Ushering the Summer Solstice. Happy Dong Zhi!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

MAS' RM 1.25 Million Paintings Were Titled 'Squatgate Girl'?

UPDATED: The Star has a piece of story on this.

MAS bought Botero’s Still Life With Violin and Still Life With Lobster and Vari’s Coeur de L’Impenetrable at RM1.14mil, RM342,000 and RM75,000 respectively.

No bloated up portraits of Rafidah for MAS? Not sure these three paintings were shown in the print edition, but here they are:

Still Life With Violin; Image source-

Still Life with Lobster; Picture source-

Is MAS obsessed with milk and lobster that this whole brouhaha is now called 'Flying MAS Buffet'(no, no lettuce was involved)?

You may wonder why we never get to see these famous paintings. They are in the GLC's Manager's room!

More details on the MAS sponsorship in Singapore here.

Hope it's not too late to blog about this.

Yes. So, what can you do with a one-off RM 1.5 million? Buy 3 paintings to 'maintain the stature of your place'? And what if you are given a salary of RM7,525 a day? Hmmm...just wondering what those paintings were. Picasso? Or maybe da Vinci's? Or a local one? It won't be too long Rais Yatim will come out into defence saying that those paintings were worth it because 'they support the local art'. Just wondering whether he would say the same for those pramugara/Squatgate-like artsy films.... Just read Malayskini. It was Fernando Botero's ones. Here are some examples of his paintings:

Title: Mona Lisa, 1977. Mona Lisa has gobbled up our Malaysian space-mission worthy food?

Title: Head of Christ, 1976; Picture source-

Personally, although I don't aprreciate art that much, Picasso is one of my fave artist.

The painting here is Girl in front of Mirror (1932). Picture source:

Here's more about Fernando Botero:

Fernando Botero (born 1932) is a Colombian artist who by his own admission is "the most Colombian of Colombian artists." He strives in all his work to capture an essential part of himself and his subjects through color and form. His work includes still-life and landscapes, but Botero tends to primarily focus on situational portraiture. His paintings and sculptures are, on first examination, noted for their exaggerated proportions and the corpulence of the human figures and animal figures. The "fat people" are often thought by critics to satirize the subjects and situations that Botero chooses to paint. Botero explains his use of obese figures and forms as such: "An artist is attracted to certain kinds of form without knowing why. You adopt a position intuitively; only later do you attempt to rationalize or even justify it." He is an abstract artist in the most fundamental sense of the word, choosing what colors, shapes, and proportions to use based on intuitive aesthetic thinking. This being said, his works are informed by a Colombian upbringing and social commentary is woven all throughout his work.

Oh...he likes FAT people...

Another interesting fact about him:

In early 2005, Botero revealed a series of 50 paintings that graphically represent the controversial Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse scandal, expressing the rage and shock that the incident provoked in the artist. The works will be initially presented in expositions throughout Europe. Botero doesn't plan to sell the paintings, but instead intends to donate them to museums as a reminder of the events depicted within.

Could the RM 1.5 million was used to paint the 'Squatgate Girl'?

If you are not amnesiac, you may still remember sometime in May this year, after the Royal Police Commission report was revealed, there was a RM 34 million-cop on the loose. I wonder what happened to that 'investigation'. Since nude-squats are to be continued for now, this millionaire cop will just get away scot-free. And yar, what about the outgoing Customs DG Million-Ringgit Farewell Party Bash? No news liao? Gone with the wind?

So, what could you actually do with those amount of money? Have you start figuring it out? If not, you may want to be inspired by visiting TV Smith's 'Going Gaga' in which he calculated the list of things which you could get for RM 34 million.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The next time you throw away a toy car, think again...

Speaking of this Squatgate Scandal, it seemed that the gomen is like a two-headed snake-telling one story to the Chinese government and denying and owing apologies to all Malaysians (who voted for them). And Big Boss yesterday slammed: "Thou shalt not question!!!"

So, is China really the economy superpower now? We seemed to be very apologetic to the Chinese government and you can feel the chain reaction of literally 'covering up our a**' and begging tourists from there to come and visit this 'most peaceful and beautiful country on Earth'. "Never mind the brouhaha from its own people. As long as tourists arrive, who the hell cares! Tourists=$$$".

BBC ran a 'Toy Story' picture-story of how a simple toy car (labelled 'Made In China' of course ) could end up in your children's hands. It is worthwhile to check it out.

Millions of toys will be eagerly unwrapped on Christmas morning. But few of those who give or receive will stop to consider how the toy came to be under the tree.
Like other industries, toy manufacturing has gone through a profound transformation as the global economy evolves. Many companies and countries may play a part in the making of a toy. China has a central role.

We follow one toy – a racing car - from conception through production to distribution and marketing.

What's your general perception of Chinese goods? I just got a remote control toy car from my Secret Santa (basically just people exchanging gifts anonymously). And it was malfunctioned and now in my dustbin.

And an interesting fact from the picture-story:

Employees work five or six days a week from 0800 to 1700, including 90 minutes off for lunch. Many work an extra three hours’ overtime each day, bringing their monthly salary to about 1,000 yuan ($124; £70).

So the next time you throw away a toy car, you may want to think again...

Jessie Chung Ph.D.: St. Andrew('s) College and Goat's Milk Anyone?

Blogger Quack Buster, which I mentioned in my previous post: Prof. Dr. Jessie Chung Fakes It? No...not orgasm!, has shed some light on the list of possibilities of St. Andrew('s) College where she got her Ph.D. He has also insights of different doctorate categories in North America. Check it out here.

May I re-emphasise here that I am not against people practising complimentary medicine/ nutrition or doing that kind of business. But I am strongly against people who use fake their qualifications (and not just a couple, but a whole long list!) to sell similar products AND claimed that they are miracle drugs, curing cancer and what-not.

God-knows how many times fold those products are compared to their original form. You want Vitamin C? Eat oranges. You want goat's milk? I squeeze some for you, fresh from the 'natural farm'. 'Organic Enzymes Soya Protein Milk (SPM)'? Get real! I could get that from my favourite local store for RM 1.20 per packet, with or without sugar.

Mmm...goat's milk. I like it. NOT! Photo source:

Mmm...milk! Gimme more milk!!!

It is important to educate people about nutrition and what effect they actually have. Personally, I had an experience with a friend of mine visiting pharmacy 'G'. He was searching for an mouth ulcer cream 'B' and asked for the salesperson. Guess what? She told my friend that he might be experiencing some stress and suggested that there is a 'drug' to help him 'cure' that. No prize for guessing correct. It was some Vitamin B Complex products by a direct sales company (Can it even be allowed in a chain pharmacy like 'G'?). I can't believe it. Some people just like to claim some regular vitamins (pills, to be precise) to be miracle drugs curing this and that. Oh, and they are not cheap.

For me, I only know Vitamin M can solve a lot things...

There's Christmas after all from Utusan Malaysia...

Exactly two weeks ago, I questioned whether Utusan Malaysia has any Christian readers that they ignored putting 'Merry Christmas' greetings and straight away skipping to 'Happy New Year 2006'. But now, they seemed to quickly put up one, less than a week before Christmas. Check out this screenshot:

There's Christmas after all from Utusan Malaysia...

Credit given when credit is due. Thank you Utusan for being thoughtful for all your readers.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Squatgate Scandal: Mumble Jumble Rojak in Malaysia

First it was Teresa. EVERYONE was so interested in the clip.

Then everbody thought she was Chinese, including the PM and DPM.

Azmi was summoned to China.

Noh said 'You tak suka, keluar Malaysia!!!'

Then Commission was set up. Girl was Malay. Squats are OK.

All blamed DAP. But actually, Noh was actually in the know.

Azmi call for a press conference but later cancelled it.

And he denied the trip to China was to mend things!

and finally.... today, Big Boss said: Thou shalt not question!!!

Welcome to Bolehland Malaysia, Truly Rojak.

p.s. Just received a card from my ex-lecturer. She said that:
Malaysia is going into recession now. Ringgit is unpegged!

How true is that claim? Anyone mind to enlighten me?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Alpha Male Squatting Kong: "Get Your Hands Off My Woman!"

Warning: This post contains plot spoilers.

Went to see Kong today and it was 3 hours long!!! Seemed like a Peter Jackson tradition to have all his films at least 3 hours long. So, like Porter Potter, don't go and be pandai-pandai watch at midnight. Nanti everybody cry cry u alone go and fall asleep one, I garangtee! (Yes, I admit it was a tear-jerker)

I have a vague memory when did I actually watch it as it was sometime before I even grow pubes teeth or something. The only memory I got is that the King Kong is very protective for a hot chick, courting her up to New York, where it was finally shot down after unsuccessful attempts by the hot chick to stop them from doing so. And oh yeah...those infamous shouts.

Quite anticipated the remake of the film to be out this year as there had been hypes of the filming of it, largely due to the 'Peter Jackson LOTR' withdrawal symptoms . Also kinda skeptical of how the remake would be, as with the boom of CGI, you really can't stop imagining those green screens and robotic movements. I was proven wrong though, so here's my attempt for the film's review.

Fake! All faking green!!!

First of all, 5 words to decribe the film are:
Desperate Ape Seeking Desperate Woman.

Gah! Everyone seemed to be soooo desperate in the film:

Kong was desperate for a hot toygirl.
(He seriously needs to get laid already!)

Lil' girl, will you play with Daddy Monkey? There's no other monkeys in this island...and I don't mind a distant relative to play with...

Ann Darrow was desperate for a job as an entertainer. Or a shouter.

Poor me. I can't even afford an apple that I'm considering to be strip show girl! Or shouter.

Carl Denham was desperate for a blockbuster movie (and money).

I'm going to shoot a movie in Skull Island (some island off Malaysia Indonesia wohoo!!!)

Jack Driscol was desperate for a blockbuster playwrite. And Kong's jealous of him.

"I wrote a comedy playwrite for you. Isn't that obvious?" Aww...c'mon man...just f*****g say 'I lurve you' already!!!

Generally, I would say the film ingredients consist of:

20% of Titanic (for the lovey-dovey, tear-jerking factor and the length of the film!)

20% of Shrek (for the human-beast love relationship)

20% of Jurassic Park

Get lost Spielberg, Jackson's here!!!

15% of Superman/Spiderman (Hunky hero saves the day! Hero climbs New York buildings! Girl falls for the hero!)

15% of Incredible Hulk (I'll be nasty when I'm horny angry!)

5% of Alien vs. Predator (Beast wars. Kong vs. Dinos, Bats, Insects)

and finally...
5% of Narnia (ANIMALS again!!! And the wicked lamp post amongst the snow!!!)

Overall, I would rate the film as 9/10. Maybe because of the 'monster film' drought we're suffering. The 1 point less from being perfect was for the anti-climax 'while-I'm-f**king-crying-you-go-and-show-airplane-

All images were sourced from Kong Is King. All copyrights are held by their respective owners.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Greatest Joke of the Day...

"...government has never ruled on the basis of race. I do not know if other parties have such intentions but the government does not adopt such an approach," he said.

For more context, read here.

Sorry for the short post. More posts later when free.

p.s. Going for Kong tonight!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Have A Break, Have A Cop Apologist

Jeff's 'best friend's' media has another cop apologist in its column. Check out the article here.

It has now been established that the woman is a Malay, and the incident happened nearly six months ago. But there is already a suggestion that the woman who appeared before the commission yesterday may not be the woman in the video clip at all, as the police are involved in a massive cover-up over this diplomatic mess. My answer to that is that conspiracy theorists should get a life.

Now, who was the one covering up the real fact in the first place-Noh or the conspiracy theorist?

And part of the 'scripted' testimony...

“After the test, I was taken to a room with many lockers and was told to strip. Then I was told to do ear squats to make sure that nothing was hidden on my body. I did that facing the policewoman who was standing at the closed door.

“I did less than 10 squats. I felt shamed and angry. Then I was told to put on my clothes. My hair was tied up in a ponytail,” she said.

She said that while putting on her clothes, she faced away from the policewoman and was not aware if there was a window nearby.

Asked by Dzaiddin when she had started wearing the tudung, the woman replied: “Today.”

Dzaiddin: “At the time you were arrested until today, were you wearing it?”

Woman: “No.”

Dzaiddin: “Did you cut your hair?”

Woman: “Yes, a little bit.”

Dzaiddin: “I want to see your hair, if possible. It’s all covered in black.”

The woman then unveiled her head, revealing shoulder-length straight hair held up by a ponytail.

In addition to the detailed analysis by another possible above-mentioned 'conspiracy theorist' which includes a 'lie' such as the number of squats, may I add these following:

1. Why was the video being zoomed at time-frame 00:20? And it just happened immediately after Puan 'X' finished the 10 squats.

From this...

to this....

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to make this deduction: You want to see something clearer, you definitely will try to zoom in, in which this case, the filmer wants a better view of Puan 'X''s mammary glands (in addition to the 'no crossing hands' directive when performing the ear squats).

2. Immediately after the zoom and the finishing of squats, at time frame 00:22, I am very sure that Puan Wan Zawati said something. And then Puan 'X' peeped into the direction of the filmer. And then she continued to release her hair band.

The actual thing said has not been ascertained. It could be a permission to allow Puan 'X' to release her hair back; probably after a previous directive to tie her hair for 'better viewing'. This made me ponder: Isn't it should be the other way around if you intend to search for any hiding contraband?

Carbon Copy has a brilliant analysis of the video posted not too long ago. Check it out here.

If it is wrong to put in place a procedure that is not sanctioned by the law, then we must demand a solution. Either we change the way we investigate suspects or we change the law to accommodate the current practice. There is no option of doing nothing. At the end of the day, it is the integrity of the police force — the men and women who are charged with upholding the law — that is at stake.

Someone asked me why I have kind words for the force in the face of allegations of police abuse in detention centres or corruption. To me, these are separate issues and need to be addressed accordingly. We should not tolerate them. Punish the guilty, but do not tar and feather all with the broad stroke of our righteousness. As the Malay proverb goes "do not burn the mosquito net just because a few mosquitoes sneaked in".

Hmm...'separate issues and need to be addressed accordingly', huh? Correct me if I'm wrong (as my England is not powderful) but just look at the 'Drug bust jails 22 innocents' Quite separated, huh? Oh, and have you heard of another Peribahasa: Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga? (A drop of blue ink? spoils the whole pot of milk)

I still value the contributions of the police and what their members have done to keep the country safe — from the unseen to the obvious. I have been to places where going out at night is a high-stakes gamble, and a trip to the bank could be the last one you ever make, where the police are helpless in the face of a rising tide of crime.

I have heard enough of these claims like above and 'police are working 24 hours a day protecting our citizens' (in the Noh 'Keluar Malaysia statement), portraying them as Superman or Spiderman. Get real, matey. Ask any Malaysians out there. Correct me if I'm wrong, do you really see police patrols around your friendly neighbourhood? Or even if you do see cops in the middle of the night at secluded areas (like traffic junctions), frankly lar, are they protecting us know, I know enough lar...

Give 'em a break? We had given ample of breaks before the Royal Police Commission and even after that...

So, does 'giving 'em a break' means continue giving 'em 'K*t K*ts'? If you know what I mean...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A modest but gay opening...

Mardi Gras/Pride Day in Manila?'s the Third ASEAN Paragames...

Opening? What opening?

Consider twice before putting words like 'gay' and 'opening' together...

Children, they are many meanings of the word gay, you know...:

adj. gay·er, gay·est
1. Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex.
2. Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry.
3. Bright or lively, especially in color: a gay, sunny room.
4. Given to social pleasures.
5. Dissolute; licentious.
1. A person whose sexual orientation is to persons of the same sex.
2. A man whose sexual orientation is to men: an alliance of gays and lesbians.

So my hypothesis to nullify the 'orifice-flushing' theory is correct then?

On the very 1st of this month, which coincides with the World AIDS Day, I posted my point of view whether ear-squats could flush out any foreign objects in orifices or not. My claim was substantiated when one of the medical experts testifying for the Commission of Inquiry said this:

Medical Expert Says No Need For Ear Squats To Remove Items

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 14 (Bernama) -- A medical expert Wednesday told the Commission of Inquiry probing a video clip of a woman forced to do ear squats in the nude at the Petaling Jaya police station that there was no need to do ear squats to discharge foreign items inserted in the vagina or rectum.

Dr Zainab Samsuddin, an obstetrics and gynaecology specialist with the Kuala Lumpur Hospital, said that squatting alone was sufficient to eject foreign objects from the rectum and vagina and that ear squats in fact had a high probability of retaining these items.

"This is because in a squatting position the pelvic muscles relax, allowing any foreign object to be ejected. When a person stands these muscles contract, so when a ear squat is performed the muscle contracts and relaxes so this is not much use for ejecting the object. With squatting alone, the objects are easier to come out," she said.

She was testifying before the commission headed by former chief justice Tun Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah and comprising former MCA deputy president Tan Sri Lim Ah Lek, former Bar Council president Kuthubul Zaman Bukhari, Wanita Umno legal bureau chief Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim and Datuk Hamzah Mohamed Rus, who serves as secretary.

Dr Zainab said that a person with good pelvic muscle control could retain a foreign object in the rectum or vagina but if the person was made to squat for a longer period the inserted object would eventually come out.

"Not only is the position important but most important is the strength of the pelvic muscle of the person. But chances are higher (that a foreign object could be expelled from the body) if the person was squatting. Ear squat would only nullify the effects of squatting," she added.

She said that while the number of ear squats done by a person was not a matter of concern, the duration in which a person squats played a major role in retrieving objects hidden in the orifices.

She said doing ear squats did not mean that foreign objects hidden in the rectum or vagina would be expelled from the body but in reverse, objects could be retained.

Holding the ear while doing ear squats did not have any bearing on expelling foreign objects hidden in the vagina or rectum as holding the ear was just to stabilise the person while doing the ear squats.

"Ear squats have a sound basis. I won't say that it is not effective at all but squatting is a faster and easier way to get foreign objects hidden in the rectum or vagina out of the body," she added.

She said that to improve the procedure of removing hidden foreign objects from the rectum or vagina, one had only to squat and cough as the pressure of the cough would help eject the foreign object.

I addition to the 'experiment' that I have suggested, for women, you could also try that with tampons if you want...

To any ear-squats defenders and apologists out there: take this 'foot' up into your mouths.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Are ear-squats good for pregnant mothers?

Disclaimer: This post is meant to be a satire or sarcasm, whichever you want to call it (as always with some other posts in this blog). It is not meant to encourage pregnant mothers to perform ear squats as a form of a Lamaze exercise in order for easy labor as I do not have any information on this. Reading the following post is at your own discretion. It should not be misinterpreted as a post to jeopardise any pregnant mothers' community (if any).

So, now it seems that both Cik Puan Wan Zawati and Miss Puan 'X' are preggers. Both are married, you see.

Cik Puan Wan Zawati; picture from NST Online

Miss Puan 'X'

The Sensintrovert wishes them:
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Thus, came the question: Are ear-squats good for pregnant mothers? I mean, I'm not too sure if they are included in Lamaze exercises.

[deleted-seemed offensive to someone]

The Lamaze Technique is a natural childbirth technique developed in the 1940s by French obstetrician Dr. Fernand Lamaze as an alternative to the use of medical intervention during labor. Dr. Lamaze was influenced by Soviet childbirth practices, which involved breathing and relaxation techniques under the supervision of a "monitrice" or midwife. The Lamaze method gained popularity in the United States after Marjorie Karmel wrote about her experiences in her 1959 book Thank You, Dr. Lamaze.

Get your hands on this video if you're interested. (No, not that nude squat; this is a lamaze video!)

Redefining 'Malu Bertanya Sesat Jalan'

Pardon me if you don't like my bragging of the following post.

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In case you may wonder, 'Malu bertanya sesat jalan' is a Malay proverb which literally translates itself to 'You will get lost if you are shy to ask for directions.' But I seriously think that this proverb needs a serious redefining.

I attended a seminar at an obscure hall yesterday which I had great hassle in finding the place. The place was not too far from my uni's main campus, which was reachable by just walking distance. Blame the Monday blues, I overslept and forgotten to take the map to the place along when I rushed out of my house.

I had other colleagues attending the seminar also but all went by their own ways and means. And I just happened to have only one of their's contact number, which unfortunately, couldn't get through. So I was left stranded along the road (where the hideous hall was) with no map nor contacts. So, suddenly, I thought of the proverb and said to myself 'Why not start asking have nothing to lose'...

BUT, I asked about like 10 people but nobody could tell me where it is! And that includes people from the premises around that area. Can you believe it?!! A laundry worker said 'I'm not local so don't ask me' and another one said 'It's *the name of the hall* Road.' I DON'T THINK SO!!! Some even gave me wrong directions.

You see...the problem with these people in the premises if you ask for directions is that they would think that you are 'kau kau chan mou pong chan' (play-play only not doing business) with them. They would somehow reluctant to tell you directions. But what about the people on the street? The would be too afraid that you will cheat them or charm them away!!! You just can't trust any random people nowadays you see.

So, my readers, what do you think? Are you willing to ask for directions (especially when you are a tourist)? Or are you the type of 'sendiri kau tim' or berdikari (independent-type)person ?

I seriously think that it should be renamed 'Gemar bertanya, sesat jalan' or 'Sesat jalan, takyah bertanya'...

I had a royal visitor to my blog...guess who?

Presenting Visitor No. 7214...

Am I in trouble now?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Prof. Dr. Jessie Chung Fakes It? No...not orgasm!

I always had doubts whether the lavish wedding by Jessie Chung was merely for 'pure love' or for the publicity of her Natural Health Farm company. Not that I oppose that kind of marriages. Just that I felt irked when she pleaded all to 'leave her alone' for all the publicity that was created.

You don't want publicity, you INVITE all the press for your wedding for what? Go have your wedding somewhere else lar!!!

What caught my attention on her website was her figures 36C, 25, 35 enormous list of qualifications. I simply did a Google search on 'St. Andrew College USA' where she got her 'Doctorate Degree in Complementary Medicine' and the closest 'hit' was St. Andrews Presbyterian College and a residential/day school for boys grade 6-12

Luckily, My Daily Nuggets came out with a very important pointer, that a blogger named Quack Buster has done extensive questioning on her qualifications and the medicinal properties of her products. It is a MUST to check out the blog. Keep your fingers crossed for more juicy exposures on this 'Dr. Quack'.

I pass the baton to Quack Buster to expose the naked (figuratively, not literally!) truth behind this Prof. Dr. Jessie Chung. If the blogger's claims were true, then she will be a great disgrace to the medical and scientific community.

If you're not interested about her qualifications and products, you may want to check my other post entitled 'How Does Jessie Chung Have Sex'.

Top 10 Things All Children Must NOT Learn from Narnia.

Warning: This post contains plot spoilers.

Went to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe last Thursday but no time to blog about it till now...

Overall, the film is more for kids, to be frank. If you have seen the LOTR or Harry Porter series, you may be disappointed (This is just my opinion).

If I am given 5 words to describe Narnia LWW, I would describe it as
Manimals in Winter/Spring Wonderland

If you have watched the movie, you may notice that there are things that all children must NOT learn from Narnia. Here, The Sensintrovert brings you 'Top 10 Things All Children Must NOT Learn from Narnia':

1.Not all Iraqi/Palestinian war kids nowadays are fortunate enough to board trains to go to another safe place for asylum.

2. Sadly speaking, you can't really go through a wardrobe and find yourself in a winter wonderland most of the time...

3. Children really must not talk to any half naked, half man/half beast stranger, twice or thrice their age, even if they seem friendly too you. You don't really know whether they are paedophiles or not.

4. This is a well-known advice. Children must not take sweets from strangers. Not even the very sweet Turkish Delight. Not even from the Queen.

5. Children when you grow up and become naughty, you will NOT be put in an ice-cold prison. Although you may be offered stale bread and frozen drinks in the prison (as in the movie), you still may not escape the nude ear squats if you are in Malaysia.

6. Seasons do not change drastically within a few hours from this...

7. At most times, animals (and manimals) COULD NOT TALK. Not even beavers. Parrots maybe, but not beavers. Lion? No...lions only roar, not talk. Satisfied now?

8. Even if you believe in the existence of Father Christmas, he will be wearing a red furry hat most of the time, and not like this...

9. Children must be kind to animals. Do not kill them. Not even if they could be reincarnated like Jesus. (This is not my claim; check out the claim here.)

And last but not least...

10. Even you are a sufferer of a war victim, you should not retaliate with another war. War is not always the solution for any conflict...

Even if you get bombed...

Never try to do this...

Oh! Silly Howsy...It's just a movie. Can you NOT be so sarcastic even for one time?

Yeah...that's me...If only life is a good as in the movies...

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