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Can you hide drugs up in your rectum and vagina?

With all these controversy about the 'Squatgate Affair' going on, two questions which came to my mind were:

1. Is it possible to hide drugs in orifices such as the mouth, rectum and vagina and how is it done?

2. Will performing squats actually flush out drugs from these orifices?

In case you have no idea what a squat and those orifices look like, here are some pictures:
The rectum.

The vagina.

The nasal/oral cavity.

A squat. is World AIDS Day. So, play safe with these orifices and squats.

So, I fired up Google and did searches on 'Hiding drugs rectum', 'Hiding drugs vagina' and 'strip search naked' and this is the compilation of results which I found:

Hiding drugs in rectum
Suprisingly, the first result which came out was about the case of a relative the Porter descendant (not to be confused with Harry Potter for the umpteenth time!!!), named Stephen Porter who was reportedly brutaly abused by New York City cops.

The Stephen Porter case is a prism. Tilt it one way, you can see the refracted image of Abner Louima, the Haitian immigrant whose name became national shorthand for police brutality when a New York City cop rammed a broom handle up his anus in a Brooklyn station house in 1997.

And about the procedure of doing body strip and searching orifices for drugs:

Police Procedure
That Porter had a history of hiding drugs in his rectum--and, more importantly, that police knew it--adds a measure of credibility to Fourth Precinct Commander Tim Dolan's claim last week that Porter's alleged injury was related to "hiding dope up his butt." On the other hand, does it mean that cops didn't "[take] a toilet plunger and [ram] it all the way up his ass," as one source bluntly explained last week? No. But it does suggest a motive for an invasive search.

Even if the alleged assault did not occur exactly as Porter says, any field cavity search by police beyond peering into mouths with flashlights would likely constitute a significant breach of civil rights. Most metro police departments, and the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department, have policies explicitly prohibiting body cavity searches by officers in the field. The Minneapolis Police Department policy and procedure manual does not address the issue explicitly, but according to MPD Sgt. Ron Bellendier, it is not regarded as permissible. "Most of the time, if you're going to do an invasive search, you would need a warrant and it would be done at a medical facility or by a medical person at the jail," Bellendier says. "Cavity searches don't happen in the field, with the exception of the mouth, where people hide drugs."

Also, there is a 6thseal-like website (Hang on there and all the best matey, from blogger to blogger) 'advocating people on drug use' but minus the images, named 'Heroin Helper'. Interestingly, there is a section on insights of 'how to hide drugs'. This is the 'tip' on drug-hiding in orifices:
Nose, Ears, and Mouth
If you are trying to conceal a small quantity of drugs, you may use your mouth, nose or ears. The mouth has the same issues we already discussed. The nose and ears have the advantage that they are not common hiding places. They have the disadvantage that if a cop decides to search in these places, there is nothing that you can do. The nose is less likely to be noticed, but it is possible to accidentally blow it out of its hiding place should you sneeze or just breath hard. It could also just fall out due to gravity. In using the ears, you must make sure that you can still hear or this will call attention to the ears.

The Anus and Vagina
For those smuggling large amounts of drugs, the anus is the typical location. There is no reason that it cannot be used for smaller amounts on a day to day basis. The reason is that in order to do a cavity search, the officer must take you into custody. This means that under normal circumstances, the anus is a very safe place to hide drugs for a short period of time.

Women have the advantage that they can use their vagina as a hiding place. For the purposes of this discussion, the vagina and the anus are equivalent. In either case, the drugs should be placed inside of a condom. A lubricated condom not only protects the drugs, it also makes sticking it inside yourself easier and less painful. If the package is small, the condom also "bulks it up" and makes it less likely to get lost inside of you (this is surprisingly easy to do).

The Anus is Best
Although it is probably easier and less revolting for women to use their vaginas instead of their anuses, the anus is the preferred location. Most cops are men, and some are not ethical. They are much more likely to do an illegal search of a woman's vagina than of her anus. Even though such a search should not result in a conviction, you still lose the drugs you bought, spend a certain amount of time in jail, and are effectively raped.

So, yes, it IS possible to hide drugs up your mouth, nose, rectum and vagina but not quite the urethra (for males).

Apparently, not to long ago, there was a controversy about a US Supreme Court nominee, Alito, nicknamed 'Strip Search Sammy' who sided with the cops when they performed a strip search with a really weak excuse. There are even a few blogs mentioning this case. Visit the post by and there are a few links there. Check it out.

Now the final question is: "Will performing squats actually flush out drugs from these orifices?"
Well, you got to try this yourself (especially Noh). It may be gross.
Try not defecating for a few days. Wait until your big intestine and rectum is full (you could actually feel it as the faeces will be pushing towards your anus. And then...try squating putting your both hands beside your ears. To re-enanct the infamous squat more realistically, try getting NEKKID. Now, do you get faeces falling out from your rectum?

UPDATED: Just tried that myself and thank God, my anal sphincter is still working well and no faeces fell out. Have you tried it yourself?

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Zain Zaidi said...

Lol entertaining post

A- K4Y said...

How do i get a ball of paper with drugs in it out of my ass i should squat over the toilet?

A- K4Y said...

How do i get a ball of paper with drugs in it out of my ass i should squat over the toilet?