Friday, December 09, 2005

Chinese: The Most Racist Race in Malaysia?

Disclaimer: As mentioned in a reply to one commenter, I did NOT say that the Chinese is the most racist race in Malaysia. Check the title again. It comes with a question mark. It was meant to be a question, not a statement. That was what I'm questioning whether the seditious article was trying to portray Chinese as 'the most racist race in Malaysia'. I guess this is the style of sarcasm of The Sensintrovert.

UPDATED 15/12/05: The article is STILL accessible-in some other ways and means. For example, check out this link.

UPDATED 14/12/05 0130 GMT: After Jeff reported on this, they finally did something:

The website is still accessible.

But the post is not available anymore...

No, not even other 'takziah' (condolences) wishes...

but this...

Hackers anyone?

Just came across a letter in Malaysiakini entitled: Hentikan sebar e-mel isu perkauman Cina

Apparently, there was an e-mail phishing circulating around the internet entitled 'BERSATULAH KAUM CINA', by Dr. Ng Seng, a call for all Malaysian Chinese to pact against the Malays. And guess what? The article was posted on the late First Lady's condolences wishes website managed by the PM's Office (Jabatan Perdana Menteri)!!! Check out the article here.

Not sure whether the article was doctored to appear at a government's website. Not sure also why such racially malicious article is still allowed to be published and still not taken down. Not sure who this 'Dr. Ng Seng' was. But one thing I'm sure that if you're going to post such malicious article, you wouldn't want to post it on a government's website...

A conspiracy maybe?

p.s. Please don't shoot the messenger here. I would be the first one who will strongly oppose such racially malicious article.

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