Sunday, December 25, 2005

Famine, Hunger and Stranded in Europe on Christmas Eve...

Can't resist to update my blog since I felt so outrages, hungry and tired but somehow managed to find internet access here which surprisingly is open here!!!

Gah! It's Silent Night now and all the shops are closed! Not even one!!! Zilch! Nil! Nyet! Not even the fcuking I'm Lovin'It or K**uchia* Fried C*ck! Walked miles and miles away and couldn't even find one restaurant or food joints open!!! The underground train has stopped its service. It is like EMERGENCY here.


Luckily I found one convenient shop supposedly to be open 24/7 (hell-some convenient shops mentioned this too but still not open!!!) and managed to grab a few snacks like bread, Snickers bar, chocolates etc. It was really like finding oasis in a desert. Yeah-take THAT as my Christmas Eve's dinner.

This has never happened to me before in other European countries except for this one (which I'm not going to mention its name). There were thousands of tourists in those tourist attraction places that I visited earlier on. I wonder where could they get dinner. Maybe ALL of them are staying in posh hotels, serving caviar and paprika. Unlike me, staying at hostels (What-you think I so rich har!).

Now, I really pray and hope that I could get food for tomorrow and transport to get to my next destination.

p.s. Please give face a bit lar-leave some comments a bit it the holiday season nobody's reading my blog or I am really not that likeable person?

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