Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Jessie Chung Ph.D.: St. Andrew('s) College and Goat's Milk Anyone?

Blogger Quack Buster, which I mentioned in my previous post: Prof. Dr. Jessie Chung Fakes It? No...not orgasm!, has shed some light on the list of possibilities of St. Andrew('s) College where she got her Ph.D. He has also insights of different doctorate categories in North America. Check it out here.

May I re-emphasise here that I am not against people practising complimentary medicine/ nutrition or doing that kind of business. But I am strongly against people who use fake their qualifications (and not just a couple, but a whole long list!) to sell similar products AND claimed that they are miracle drugs, curing cancer and what-not.

God-knows how many times fold those products are compared to their original form. You want Vitamin C? Eat oranges. You want goat's milk? I squeeze some for you, fresh from the 'natural farm'. 'Organic Enzymes Soya Protein Milk (SPM)'? Get real! I could get that from my favourite local store for RM 1.20 per packet, with or without sugar.

Mmm...goat's milk. I like it. NOT! Photo source: www.wfu.org.uk

Mmm...milk! Gimme more milk!!!

It is important to educate people about nutrition and what effect they actually have. Personally, I had an experience with a friend of mine visiting pharmacy 'G'. He was searching for an mouth ulcer cream 'B' and asked for the salesperson. Guess what? She told my friend that he might be experiencing some stress and suggested that there is a 'drug' to help him 'cure' that. No prize for guessing correct. It was some Vitamin B Complex products by a direct sales company (Can it even be allowed in a chain pharmacy like 'G'?). I can't believe it. Some people just like to claim some regular vitamins (pills, to be precise) to be miracle drugs curing this and that. Oh, and they are not cheap.

For me, I only know Vitamin M can solve a lot things...

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