Wednesday, December 21, 2005

MAS' RM 1.25 Million Paintings Were Titled 'Squatgate Girl'?

UPDATED: The Star has a piece of story on this.

MAS bought Botero’s Still Life With Violin and Still Life With Lobster and Vari’s Coeur de L’Impenetrable at RM1.14mil, RM342,000 and RM75,000 respectively.

No bloated up portraits of Rafidah for MAS? Not sure these three paintings were shown in the print edition, but here they are:

Still Life With Violin; Image source-

Still Life with Lobster; Picture source-

Is MAS obsessed with milk and lobster that this whole brouhaha is now called 'Flying MAS Buffet'(no, no lettuce was involved)?

You may wonder why we never get to see these famous paintings. They are in the GLC's Manager's room!

More details on the MAS sponsorship in Singapore here.

Hope it's not too late to blog about this.

Yes. So, what can you do with a one-off RM 1.5 million? Buy 3 paintings to 'maintain the stature of your place'? And what if you are given a salary of RM7,525 a day? Hmmm...just wondering what those paintings were. Picasso? Or maybe da Vinci's? Or a local one? It won't be too long Rais Yatim will come out into defence saying that those paintings were worth it because 'they support the local art'. Just wondering whether he would say the same for those pramugara/Squatgate-like artsy films.... Just read Malayskini. It was Fernando Botero's ones. Here are some examples of his paintings:

Title: Mona Lisa, 1977. Mona Lisa has gobbled up our Malaysian space-mission worthy food?

Title: Head of Christ, 1976; Picture source-

Personally, although I don't aprreciate art that much, Picasso is one of my fave artist.

The painting here is Girl in front of Mirror (1932). Picture source:

Here's more about Fernando Botero:

Fernando Botero (born 1932) is a Colombian artist who by his own admission is "the most Colombian of Colombian artists." He strives in all his work to capture an essential part of himself and his subjects through color and form. His work includes still-life and landscapes, but Botero tends to primarily focus on situational portraiture. His paintings and sculptures are, on first examination, noted for their exaggerated proportions and the corpulence of the human figures and animal figures. The "fat people" are often thought by critics to satirize the subjects and situations that Botero chooses to paint. Botero explains his use of obese figures and forms as such: "An artist is attracted to certain kinds of form without knowing why. You adopt a position intuitively; only later do you attempt to rationalize or even justify it." He is an abstract artist in the most fundamental sense of the word, choosing what colors, shapes, and proportions to use based on intuitive aesthetic thinking. This being said, his works are informed by a Colombian upbringing and social commentary is woven all throughout his work.

Oh...he likes FAT people...

Another interesting fact about him:

In early 2005, Botero revealed a series of 50 paintings that graphically represent the controversial Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse scandal, expressing the rage and shock that the incident provoked in the artist. The works will be initially presented in expositions throughout Europe. Botero doesn't plan to sell the paintings, but instead intends to donate them to museums as a reminder of the events depicted within.

Could the RM 1.5 million was used to paint the 'Squatgate Girl'?

If you are not amnesiac, you may still remember sometime in May this year, after the Royal Police Commission report was revealed, there was a RM 34 million-cop on the loose. I wonder what happened to that 'investigation'. Since nude-squats are to be continued for now, this millionaire cop will just get away scot-free. And yar, what about the outgoing Customs DG Million-Ringgit Farewell Party Bash? No news liao? Gone with the wind?

So, what could you actually do with those amount of money? Have you start figuring it out? If not, you may want to be inspired by visiting TV Smith's 'Going Gaga' in which he calculated the list of things which you could get for RM 34 million.

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