Sunday, December 11, 2005

Prof. Dr. Jessie Chung Fakes It? No...not orgasm!

I always had doubts whether the lavish wedding by Jessie Chung was merely for 'pure love' or for the publicity of her Natural Health Farm company. Not that I oppose that kind of marriages. Just that I felt irked when she pleaded all to 'leave her alone' for all the publicity that was created.

You don't want publicity, you INVITE all the press for your wedding for what? Go have your wedding somewhere else lar!!!

What caught my attention on her website was her figures 36C, 25, 35 enormous list of qualifications. I simply did a Google search on 'St. Andrew College USA' where she got her 'Doctorate Degree in Complementary Medicine' and the closest 'hit' was St. Andrews Presbyterian College and a residential/day school for boys grade 6-12

Luckily, My Daily Nuggets came out with a very important pointer, that a blogger named Quack Buster has done extensive questioning on her qualifications and the medicinal properties of her products. It is a MUST to check out the blog. Keep your fingers crossed for more juicy exposures on this 'Dr. Quack'.

I pass the baton to Quack Buster to expose the naked (figuratively, not literally!) truth behind this Prof. Dr. Jessie Chung. If the blogger's claims were true, then she will be a great disgrace to the medical and scientific community.

If you're not interested about her qualifications and products, you may want to check my other post entitled 'How Does Jessie Chung Have Sex'.

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