Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Redefining 'Malu Bertanya Sesat Jalan'

Pardon me if you don't like my bragging of the following post.

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In case you may wonder, 'Malu bertanya sesat jalan' is a Malay proverb which literally translates itself to 'You will get lost if you are shy to ask for directions.' But I seriously think that this proverb needs a serious redefining.

I attended a seminar at an obscure hall yesterday which I had great hassle in finding the place. The place was not too far from my uni's main campus, which was reachable by just walking distance. Blame the Monday blues, I overslept and forgotten to take the map to the place along when I rushed out of my house.

I had other colleagues attending the seminar also but all went by their own ways and means. And I just happened to have only one of their's contact number, which unfortunately, couldn't get through. So I was left stranded along the road (where the hideous hall was) with no map nor contacts. So, suddenly, I thought of the proverb and said to myself 'Why not start asking people...you have nothing to lose'...

BUT, I asked about like 10 people but nobody could tell me where it is! And that includes people from the premises around that area. Can you believe it?!! A laundry worker said 'I'm not local so don't ask me' and another one said 'It's *the name of the hall* Road.' I DON'T THINK SO!!! Some even gave me wrong directions.

You see...the problem with these people in the premises if you ask for directions is that they would think that you are 'kau kau chan mou pong chan' (play-play only not doing business) with them. They would somehow reluctant to tell you directions. But what about the people on the street? The would be too afraid that you will cheat them or charm them away!!! You just can't trust any random people nowadays you see.

So, my readers, what do you think? Are you willing to ask for directions (especially when you are a tourist)? Or are you the type of 'sendiri kau tim' or berdikari (independent-type)person ?

I seriously think that it should be renamed 'Gemar bertanya, sesat jalan' or 'Sesat jalan, takyah bertanya'...

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