Monday, December 19, 2005

Squatgate Scandal: Mumble Jumble Rojak in Malaysia

First it was Teresa. EVERYONE was so interested in the clip.

Then everbody thought she was Chinese, including the PM and DPM.

Azmi was summoned to China.

Noh said 'You tak suka, keluar Malaysia!!!'

Then Commission was set up. Girl was Malay. Squats are OK.

All blamed DAP. But actually, Noh was actually in the know.

Azmi call for a press conference but later cancelled it.

And he denied the trip to China was to mend things!

and finally.... today, Big Boss said: Thou shalt not question!!!

Welcome to Bolehland Malaysia, Truly Rojak.

p.s. Just received a card from my ex-lecturer. She said that:
Malaysia is going into recession now. Ringgit is unpegged!

How true is that claim? Anyone mind to enlighten me?

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