Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boxing Day Is A Day For...

Taxis to empower the dead-as-dodo streets...

It's not even 7 p.m. damn!

SALE! SALE! and more SALE!

Ladies, please refrain from licking the screen upon seeing these. :P

And a nice laugh-out-loud movie...

No time to review it now, maybe sometime later.



To make Ferguson happy...

and Jose furious...

And to hang Saddam...again...

So, how was your Boxing Day? Did you really box, as in punch and box? Read about the origins of the Anglo-centric Boxing Day from Wikipedia.

Really taking a break tomorrow. Be back after the New Year. Comments will be moderated from tomorrow onwards. Stay tuned for more next year. Have a nice and safe New Year 2007. Ta!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Holiday Greetings

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The Sensintrovert
will be taking a break and be back after New Year. Hope that you've enjoyed the contents in this blog throughout the year.

The Star Pimps NST's Blog

Tis' the season for


After all, their readership is much more ahead of their nearest rival:


And how many actually reads their own group blog, not that it matters that much:

With all the merger going on, someone's feeling very very lonely. You know, sometimes you have to be very charitable. Very very charitable.

After all, birds of a feather flock together. Just ask Wong. How he obediently removed the online news after the kind instruction from 'above'.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Unidentified Track Object (UTO)

Something light for the day, to bring in some Christmas cheer!


Sembahyang Jumaat Turned Lumba Jumaat



Tis' The Season To Score Political Brownie Points

Tis' the season to score brownie


[Source: Berita Harian]

The nation is under water. Can someone tell me where the Prime Minister is now? Having some water fun instead? ;)

Friday, December 22, 2006

More Vietnamese Bride Marriage Woes

Marriage bliss turns worrisome for four who wed Viet women
Maria J.Dass

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 22, 2006): A group of men - some accompanied by parents - turned up at a coffee shop in Muar in December last year to witness a parade of Vietnamese women and to pick their wives.

They found marital bliss but, a year down the road, they found their marriages are not recorded with the National Registration Department (NRD). Thus, their children are considered illegitimate and cannot be registered as Malaysian citizens.

Chew Miang Chee's joy at holding his first born son was shortlived because when he wanted to register his child who was born on on Dec 5, he was told that he could not do so as there were no records of his marriage in the system.

Chew, 41, a plumber was told that there were no records of his March 9 marriage and thus the marriage certificate he held was a fraudulent document. The certificate was seized by the department.

His son is currently stateless and the best that can be done is to register the child as a Vietnamese.

Today, Chew and three of his friends Fong Kok Heng, 38, Tan Kock Hwa, 33, and Tey Ley Hwa, 33, who also picked out and married the foreigners from the same parade may thus face the same dilemma.

They turned up at the MCA public services and complaints department today to highlight their plight.

According to them See, a relative and friend, had introduced them to a Malaysian agent in Vietnam by the name of Raymond Teh whom they each paid RM13,800 as agent fees and for arranging to register their marriages.

See, who had also sought the services of Teh, has two sons from his Vietnamese wife and had no problems with his marriage registration and registration of his children's births.

However, Chew, Fong and Tan were not as lucky. According to them, Teh told them to go to the Muar NRD to get their marriages registered, but later changed the venue to a Chinese Association headquarters.

When they turned up at the association together with their families, they were not met by a marriage registrar but by Teh who himself filled out the forms and conducted the registration exercise on March 9 for Chew and Fong, and on Feb 7 for Tan and Tay.

Although the NRD confirmed that Tay's certificate was authentic, he is still concerned as Tan's certificate has been deemed false.

Both are currently expecting their first born and are worried that they may have to face the same predicament as Chew. Tan's wife is eight months pregnant while Tay's is four months pregnant.

Department head Datuk Michael Chong said the department will assist them to lodge a police report and hoped the police will conduct a serious probe to determine what went wrong.

"We will also seek the help of Deputy Home Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho to assist in this matter," he said.

Chong said the Muar NRD has been very helpful and have agreed to register the marriages of the trio without records. Their children can thus be registered as citizens, he said.

As for Chew, we will try to help him and seek the goodwill of the NRD and the ministry to register his first born, he added.

Have Malaysian men given up hope on finding Malaysian women as wives?

Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Dong Zhi! Here's a recycled post from last year. Did the same thing this year...yeah, the balls burst again.

First, bring the water to boil and throw in some ginger slices:

I bought two packets of them: peanut and red bean fillings, with 10 balls each:

Notice the plastic bag underneath them? Couldn't that be more deragatory enough for its colour? Why? Why all all colours in the world-YELLOW? Royally? NO!

Throw in the frozen balls and bring it to boil from this... this, and add sugar to taste.

Float, float, sticky balls, gently in the pot.

The peanut filling...

Notice the muddy soup? Yeah...a few balls burst...

...and the red bean filling

Mmm...the red bean filling definitely tastes better.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Goooood, Dog!

Goooood, Dog!

Earlier context here.

Perempuan, Isteri, Senator dan ....

Read more here. Also, from The Star for the English version.

Earlier context here.


They swore they are brothers.

He promised to welcome him at the airport. But he never turned up (Awwww....), according to Doc Mave.

He then crashed his party, but he didn't mind at all.

Ah, bliss....<3


Leisure yacht or love boat?

p.s. "Note to self: Must conquer Kelantan next time so that we can go 'happy' discos next time. Dayum, Puny Airhead Simians!"

Minister of Misinformation




[Source: theSun, pg. 14, 20th December]

To borrow a quote from the misinformed man himself:

"The people must remember that at one time, you were the nation's number one enemy"

More from MKini via KTemoc.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The 2007 Omen?

The 10-year cycle jinx is nigh?


That fast? Someone just came (and conquered?) and this?

Idiotic Piece of News of the Day

Coming from the mouth of....?


OMFG! That means when I want to visit any town in Malaysia, I have to kencing tepi jalan before this?

Let's not hope the next headline would be something like these:

"Clean air a necessity in all towns" (kinda happened already)

"Clean water a necessity in all towns" (also kinda happened already)

but most importantly, we need this headline:

"Clean ministers a necessity in all towns"

No 'Happy' Discos in Kelantan After All


[Source: theSun, 19th December]

I wouldn't lend even a sesame length of support to the Puny Air-head Simians, but something's very fishy when two EICs speak the same lingo here and here.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Malaysia's Microgravity Experiments in Space: Nothing Novel About It

Sorry if this came in a bit late.

So you saw it on the front page and thought that we all will have a sigh of relief and the space mission will be worth it after all, eh?

Read more here.

Well, nothing to be surprised about actually. We already heard about the flip-flop-f*ck since last September; just that some smart-ass Parliament Secretary didn't sleep with her boss do her homework by double-checking with her boss and had a verbal diarrheoa in Parliament, confusing us all.

What is something fresh and much anticipated this time is the list of experiments being finally revealed:

And this is what the Jarjis fella claimed:

“The Americans do experiments for their own industries and they do not share their findings. It is the same with the Russians or Japanese; they will not share. This is why it is important for our Angkasawan to carry out these tests,” he said.

And he/The Star believed that he/they could lie to us by saying this:

Unlike other countries that have to pay the Russians to send their astronauts to space, the entire programme is borne by the Russians.

Yeah, our country is the most powderful country in the world, can go flee of charge wan!

Something novel about the experiments? A simple search in Pubmed on 'microgravity cells' or 'microgravity microbes' came out with very interesting results. I let these screenshots and attached links speak for themselves and you'll be the judge.



[Abstract here]

Read the FREE full text here.

Two big questions:
Who is going to pay for the use NASA's centrifuges and bioreactors?
Is the single bugger chap trained to do all those experiments?

Because as far as I know, the 'main batu' space trip only covers for the barter of the Sukhoi fighterplanes with Russia...

Yet Another Lawatan Sambil Belajar To The UK

If you think posh hotel stays in the Klang Valley were already outrageous, wait till you read this:


27 people. Return flight ticket is already at least RM 4000 per person. Accomodation, lodging and 'belajar' expenses excluded. You do the maths.

A Sucker Born Each Day

That goes as a warning to all of us also. Just because someone had a sex change and came out with an album doesn't mean that he/she is all lovey-dovey.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

"Condoms Forbidden- KL, Malaysia"

Our name is mentioned amongst developed countries, for wrong reasons, of course.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Angksawan™ Blog: 4 Months, 5 Posts, Something Very 'Angkasa' About This Blog

I got this pointer about our Bo_ _ hnauts blogging from The Malaysian, and also earlier (a more convincing) parody by Lulu.

So I took the trouble of clicking the link given by The Malaysian and I was disappointed. It was just a website after all (people don't really how to differentiate between blogs and websites nowadays, you know-not The Malaysian's fault by Bernama's fault). It is also so full of flash contents that my computer hang just now and I had to retype this post.

Nevertheless, my face lit up when I saw the part on the scientific experiments only to be disappointed to find out that it is just C&P stuff again, without any real concrete experiments.

But after much perusing, I finally managed to find the blog after all. Yup, just as mentioned in the title, just 5 posts for the past 4 months. Looks like the Angkasa (which rhymes with Raksasa) blog is a serious contender to those lazy busy celeb/femes bloggers!

Here's a very interesting excerpt from the blog:

Cold, alone, far away from home from spouses, marriage delayed, 'needs'...My mind is already running wild!

Try to visit their blog to pose them a very good question like "Are you enjoying with the money which could have made us lessen our burden such as the toll rates, petrol, etc.". See if it gets through. You'll never know. Sometimes racist articles even get posted on the PM's late wife condolences website for months and nobody will even notice it!

Oh, in case you haven't noticed it, the chest-thumping about sending off the Bo_ _ hnaut to the space on the 50th Merdeka celebration is a farce after all. It has been postponed to the 6th of October.