Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Banning of Orgacare Unik Plus-1: A National Biotech Policy Cock-up?

First things first. Pun not intended in the title.

UPDATED: Why act after Hong Kong told you to do so?

More today:

He said the situation was not bad if MLM companies were selling vitamins and supplements.

With all due respect Datuk, what about Dr. Quacks with false credentials, having lavish marriages as their marketing tool?

With this recent banning Orgacare Unik Plus-1 made me ponder:
Are majority of Malaysian men limp-dickers and premature ejaculators?

This question maybe harsh. But just look at the products in the market and those infamous post-its that we get on lamp posts- 'Obat Tahan Kuat Lelaki'.

Mineway: "Take this-all limp-dickers and premature ejaculators! It's even more cost-efficient than Viagra, Cialis and Levitra all combined!"

Just a simple Google search of the product revealed these:

1. The product was manafactured by:
Mineway (M) Sdn Bhd
2-1&2-2 Jln 10/116B
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park
Off Jln Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-79879588
Fax: +603-79878588

The company's website is now defunct. But its product's website is still there. Try giving them a call and see if someone answers the phone...

2. Apparently, it is also available on sale online by our favourite telecommuncations provider.
Here's a screenshot of that product:

Change your dick! Open up your erection possibilities!

3. Some forum was also recruiting some form of MLM and claiming that the product was a 'scientific breakthrough' by an Australian-UPM collaboration.

Some interesting quotes:

Orgacare Unik Plus 1 diekstrak daripada bahagian akar Eurycoma longifolia yang segar di mana ia merupakan harta kekayaan kebangsaan. Sejak beberapa ribu tahun yang lalu, ia digunakan untuk peningkatan tenaga dan kesihatan kaum lelaki.

Malangnya komponen aktif Eurycoma longifolia seperti enzim anti-oksidan SOD, asid organik lakton, mineral dan asid amino tersingkir semasa pemprosesan dan penyimpanan produk biasa. Ini mengakibatkan keberkesanan dan kualiti produk turut berkurangan.

Oleh demikian kumpulan saintis syarikat telah bekerjasama dengan ahli sains di Australia dan makmal ujikaji Universiti Putra Malaysia berjaya menghasilkan siri produk Orgacare Unik Plus 1.

Orgacare Unik Plus 1 difermentasi dengan menggunakan bakteria asid laktik terpilih khas berasal daripada tumbuh-tumbuhan dengan bioteknologi untuk menceraikan molekul kompleks bahagian akar Eurycoma longifolia iaitu fitosteroid kepada bentuk ringkas yang mudah diserap. Ini menjadikan Orgacare Unik Plus 110 kali ganda lebih berkesan daripada produk lain di pasaran. Orgacare Unik Plus 1 bukan saja mudah diserap oleh tubuh badan, malah komponen aktif dalam tumbuhan juga dikekalkan dengan pemprosesan secara bioteknologi.

Now wait a sec. Isn't that product we want as part of our National Biotechnology Policy? I thought that we wanted to 'bet big on home-grown Viagra', even news-worthy for a mentioning by David Cyranoski in Nature Medicine.
Tongkat Ali hard sell? Photo sourced from and copyrighted to Nature Medicine.

So, is this what our National Biotechnology Policy is heading to? The Bio-Valley of Ghosts in the making? SwindleTake tax-payers money. Do some research on some natural products. Call for press conferences and appear on front page of our mainstream media. Never mind the publications. As long as you get some Geneva medals. Then come out with commercial products. Not potent enough? Never mind. Add some 'Western' chemicals (like this case-tadalafil and sildenafil) to enhance its potency. Recruit a MLM-scheme. Earn big bucks. Live happily ever after.

And just the very few hours ago, the same group who claimed that 'more Malaysians are quitting smoking' claimed that 'Hypertension is on the rise'. With all due respect, where is the publication, Prof?

Here, I re-pose the question again:
Are Malaysians really that shallow? Are we too prone and vulberable to scams and frauds? And obsessed of getting rich (as in millions) quickly? Or getting extra-healthy/extra-slim/miracle cure/super-potent?

I sincerely urge all Malaysians to have zero-tolerance on health products with no scientific publication records. Just because some smart-ass Professor claiming that this product can cure this and that and some transsexual crying on national TV oh-so-you-have to-buy-her-products aren't enough. Check one researcher's credentials and credibility by simply have to do a PubMed search (You are most welcomed to do for mine if I do ever appear in the media-fat chance!). Do Google searches for any health or medical product that you're not sure of. There are just too many Prof. and Dr. Quacks out there.

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